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1967 Chevrolet Camaro coupe

Classics  /   /  By Jim Pickering

First-gen Camaros have been a dragstrip staple across the U.S. for years. Finding outdated ex-racers in need of restoration is relatively common today. What makes this one so special? The seller says it’s serial number 100001—the first production 1967 Camaro built at GM’s Norwood plant.

According to the seller, this car, S/N 123377N100001, was born as a six-cylinder Powerglide-equipped basic model and was originally finished in gold. It was reportedly used as a show car at the GM factory for several months before being sold to its first owner. But with Z/28s and big-block RS/SS cars taking the spotlight as the collectible Camaros to have, this little gold six-banger was lost in the shuffle, eventually getting turned into drag racer in the late ’70s. It currently needs a complete restoration, but its original gold paint is still peeking through in places.

Clearly, the value here is in the #1 status, not some fancy engine / gearbox combination. Early-production cars tend to bring a premium when they sell, and as the seller points out, there’s only one first. See the listing here.

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