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1965 Pontiac GTO

Classics  /   /  By Chad Tyson

From Ronnie and the Daytona’s and The Beachboys “Little GTO” to the Ramones “Rock-n-Roll High School”, Pontiac’s intermediate muscle car has inspired song and legend from the streets and strips.  The third owner of this ‘65 ‘Goat’ wants to recoup his investment and retire to the beach.

This second year Pontiac GTO reportedly has the blessing of the Pontiac Historical Society.  All numbers match according to documentation.  The 389-ci V8 engine appears to be the correct light blue hue, aftermarket touches being a modern-style alternator and an Edelbrock 4-bbl carburetor.  Braking was never a strong point for these cars, so allow plenty of drag strip left as there are no power brakes here.

The body and interior are said to have received some upgrades and replacement over the years.  Weatherstripping, seat covers, and carpet are all recently new.  The seller says, “The condition of this car will sell it to you on sight I am sure.”  A rust spot was patched in the trunk notes the seller in the Q&A section, though no picture of the repair is provided.

64 1965 Pontiac GTOs have sold on eBay Motors in the last year.  Good to excellent examples of those cars have averaged $23k to $40k.  Click here to see the car’s listing.

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