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1964 Imperial Crown convertible

Classics  /   /  By Chad Tyson

The seller of this triple black 1964 Imperial Crown convertible says a Mafioso or politician would be an appropriate owner. I think it’s perfect for a main character in a Tarantino movie, or anyone with territorial domination plans. Cruising the boulevard and checking on your ‘enterprises’ would be easy with that 340-hp 413-ci V8.

The car looks to be in remarkable condition. “Rust free,” is always a phrase you want to read when buying old cars. Some wear is evident on the leather seats, but not nearly the usual amount for a 48-year-old vehicle. According to the seller, the only shift from original condition was a repaint about 15 years ago.

As the premium make under the Chrysler company umbrella from 1954–75, Imperials often came with many luxury appointments. Power steering, brakes and windows were standard, while power locks and power driver’s seat were optioned for this car. Air-conditioning was an expensive option—nearly 8% of the base price—but the seller doesn’t say if it blows cold or has been updated to R-134A.

Only 25 1964 Crown convertibles have sold the last two years on eBay Motors. The best examples averaged nearly $17k. This car’s originality, and maybe an interested underboss, could push beyond that price range. Click here to see the auction listing.

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1 Comment on "1964 Imperial Crown convertible"

5 years 3 months ago

So many folks call these cars “Chrysler” Imperials. It’s nice to see you label it correctly as an Imperial. Imperial was it’s own marque from ’55 to ’70. Did not share an assembly line with any other Mopar product during those years.