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1964 Batmobile Commissioned by DC Comics

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The $4.6 million, first-time-ever auction of the world-famous television Batmobile at this year’s Barrett-Jackson event was thrilling for Dynamic Duo fans of all ages. George Barris’ Batmobile is an icon not only of Batman lore, but of television history. One has to wonder: if TV’s Batmobile can bring in nearly $5 million at auction, what about a restored version of the first Batmobile built? What’s that you say—there was a Batmobile built before George Barris’ classic? Indeed there was, Boys and Girls Wonder — and eBay Motors is here to tell you all about this hard to find treasure.
Built in New England between 1961-1963, the Batmobile currently available for auction was used to promote All Star Dairies Batman and Robin line of milk, ice cream, fruit drink products that were made at the time under license from DC Comics. Starting from a mid-50s Oldsmobile rolling chassis, the builder custom-designed and made his own fiberglass mold from which this one-of-a-kind body came. The car wasn’t built specifically as a Batmobile, but when the builder and his wife were traveling in it, some executives from All Star Dairies noticed the resemblance and approached him with an offer to lease the car over a two-year period. During that time it was painted and badged as the All Star Dairy Batmobile. After the lease was up, the original owner held it for some years before it began passing through a succession of owners, leading to the current owner who has it up for auction now.
While never licensed directly by DC Comics, this original Batmobile does draw from elements of the early, pre-TV Batmobiles. The rear fins and jutting ‘shark fin’ in the back suggest the Studebaker, Cadillac, and Cord of the mid-40s/50s Dick Sprang-drawn Batman comics while the low, wide body brings to mind the early 60s Porsche-356 Batmobile. With a full restoration needed, a new owner could add some elements (a Batman-faced fascia, perhaps?) to bring this old-school Batmobile to life in a way it never was even in its day.

Click on the link to Bid on this hard to find item before the auction ends on Feb 08, 201313:50:52 PST: 1964 Batmobile

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8 Comments on "1964 Batmobile Commissioned by DC Comics"

4 years 14 days ago


The Penguin
4 years 14 days ago

Nice to see the current owner is taking such good care of the car.

4 years 13 days ago

Please Please don’t compare that creation to a BATMOBILE much less to a collector CAR

4 years 9 days ago

What a piece of crap

The Cat Woman
4 years 3 days ago

Meow !

Anton Chigurh
3 years 10 months ago

I think I just threw up in my mouth…..

3 years 7 days ago

Maybe some of you should read the explanation above about the car, was the true first Batmobile used as an advertising tool. No other grand claims were made. Anyone notice the styling cues taken by Barris for the 66 from the front and rear? Read my blog and read the truth about Barris and the Batmobile. A guy in New Hampshire just made a fiberglass body which was very common back then for his own project and it was spotted by the dairy. This car has been restored and I like it the way it was restored.