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1963 Mercury Comet S-22 convertible

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Mercury’s Comet was among the first cars to try to cash in on the sporty compact trend of the early ’60s. The S-22 trim level featured adjustable front bucket seats and plusher carpeting, and cars with the package were easily identified from other Comets thanks to six protruding taillamps.

The seller of this 1963 S-22 convertible doesn’t mention whether the engine is the original or not, but the VIN dictates it is the optional 170-ci 101-hp block. 101 ponies don’t seem very sporty, especially for a 2,825 lb car, but it is an upgrade from the standard 144-ci 85-hp powerplant. The bay is tidy and lacking any obvious modifications. The tires, air shocks, and battery are all said to be recently replaced. The red paint and chrome trim are also said to be new.

This car has been babied over the past decade—less than 50 miles each year has been put on it during that time. While that mileage might lay waste to a more exotic engine and drivetrain due to lack of use, these cars were built to be simple and robust. If you do have any concerns, the seller invites any and all questions.

A total of 14 1960-1964 Mercury Comet S-22 convertibles have sold on eBay Motors in the past three years. Good examples have averaged $10k and excellent ones have averaged $15k. The seller is starting this auction higher than that point probably on account of its limited use in recent years and only 5,757 S-22 convertibles were made in 1963. Click here to see this one’s listing.

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2 Comments on "1963 Mercury Comet S-22 convertible"

4 years 3 months ago

is this car for sale at this time if so respond by email,thanks

4 years 3 months ago

@nicholas – you are looking at an eBay listing that is several months old. Unfortunately, our system does not archive old listings and contacting the original poster is rather difficult.