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1961 Opel Rekord project

Classics  /   /  By Chad Tyson

This 1961 Opel Rekord arrives on eBay Motors just in time for those of you seeking something obscure to work on over the coming winter months. Despite a disconnected generator and starter, the seller says, “It is guaranteed to run.” The clutch is “good,” the brakes are “great” and the tires are “decent.” Some plastic filler is noted in the bodywork, as well as the need for more, and rust is mentioned on the frame’s cross rails, but the seller describes it all as repairable. It’s said to be a 40k-mile car.

Most of the unobtainium trim pieces is are still with the car, and all glass is clear and without cracks. The fuel system is in good shape as well, and the engine bay looks remarkably tidy.

Opel production in 1961 hit 289,486 total cars between the Rekord 2-dr sedan and Caravan 2-dr wagon. Three Rekords sold on eBay Motors in recent years, and just one of them was reported running at the time of sale. It sold for $2,550 and the other two averaged almost $1,800 each. With a whopping 64 horsepower produced by the 1.7-liter inline 4-cylinder when new, the lucky restorer of this one won’t be buying it for brute performance, but you’d be hard pressed to get more quirk for your money. Click here to see the auction listing.

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