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1961 Nash Metropolitan Custom

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Are you looking for a knock-you-back, wild ride that is sure to scare the pants off anyone brave enough to get behind the wheel? This hot-rodded 1961 Nash Metropolitan ticks all the right boxes. It comes with a small-block Chevy, Mustang II front end and Ford 9-inch diff. That’s all the right stuff for a modern performance machine that’s as tough as nails, and it’ll be cheap to fix if you break it.

There is no doubt the 2,400 miles since completion were probably eye-opening. With an estimated 650 horsepower and that tiny wheel base, anything but total concentration could make you see your own taillights. The builder punched out that Chevy small block to 435 cubic inches and mated it to a TH350. For safety’s sake, the brakes are four-wheel power discs.
The body is just as impressive as the powertrain. The Torch Red paint and tan interior match well. The only negative mentioned in the text is the guesstimated 10 miles per gallon. Filling it up will get expensive, but hey, what’s a little fun worth to you?

In the last year 18 1961 Metropolitans sold on eBay Motors. Good examples averaged $9k, while excellent ones averaged closer to $15k. None listed were as extreme as this monster. The seller listed a Buy It Now for $45k. Is it worth it?

Click the link to see how it’s doing: 1961 Nash Metropolitan

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