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1960 Porsche 356 B Coupe

Classics  /   /  By Jim Pickering

The seller of this numbers-matching 1960 356 reports that the car has been completely restored both mechanically and cosmetically. It features a “fresh motor, transaxle, four-corner suspension, and brakes,” as well as an “all new proper interior, with carpet, seats, headliner, and door panels.” The bare metal repaint is heartening, since rust is the number-one enemy of these vintage sports cars. The floors are said to be solid, and it also has a full, brand new weatherstripping kit installed.

The car reportedly “runs and drives smooth.” Porsche engines are generally durable but need to be periodically rebuilt by an expert, so the fact that it’s already been done, and that the seller says “a professional Porsche restorer did all the work” is another big plus, adding to the turn-key value.

The Porsche certificate of authenticity makes clear that the engine and chassis were born together, and that the repaint and interior are in original factory color. The new interior looks properly installed, and the wood wheel is gorgeous.

These cars have held their value as collectibles, and when properly maintained, can be driven and enjoyed without diminishing resale value. 539 1960-1963 Porsche 356s have sold on eBay Motors since October 2009, with average prices for decent examples ranging from $31k to $51k. See this one’s listing here.

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