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1960 Cruella De Ville, GM Design Award Winner

American, Classics  /   /  By Neil J. Helfgot

eBay Listing: 1960 Cadillac De Ville

“Beyond words,” is a phrase that comes to mind when you view something that has been transformed from the merely ordinary to the extraordinary. It is common these days to customize a Cadillac. Some people might see it as sacrilege to do so, but this car with its ground scraping stance, the mile deep black paint, on a blood red interior, with chrome utilized in all the right places, makes this car not only sinister, but stellar. It’s the kind of car that could justify astronomically high prices to the right buyer. And at almost any price this car would be hard to recreate, due to the craftsmanship that went into this vehicle’s transformation.

1960 cadillac de ville

Current Cadillac concept cars almost echo the long low look personified by this vehicle. The Ciel concept from a few years back had this car’s similar long low look. This car was built seemingly with the best of what GM and the aftermarket had to offer, making this car the pinnacle of automotive customization excellence. It features a 454 Big Block engine, air suspension, billet wheels, custom metal work and a stunning red interior. Elvis himself was a Cadillac man. We couldn’t think of anything cooler or crueler than either bidding on or missing out on this Cruella DeVille.

Abbreviated list of custom mods for this 2011 GM Design award winner:


  • 454 big block Chevrolet
  • Sanderson headers
  • Billet pulleys
  • Custom air cleaner


  • Custom powdercoated chassis
  • AccuAir air suspension
  • 22-inch Raceline Static wheels
  • CPP disc brakes


  • Molded fenders
  • Custom hood
  • Roadster windshield
  • Custom fins


  • 1957 Bel Air dash
  • Red ultra leather seats
  • Custom console
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  1. Mike Stephenson January 21, 2014 at 9:36 am Reply

    I’m getting too old! I don’t get the cockpit seating thing. When I grew up cars were for making out or making babies. Looks dumb to me.

  2. petey4334 January 22, 2014 at 2:48 pm Reply

    HI MIKE, we are getting old,and when we leave this fine earth,the man who did the caddy, deserves every drop of praise,on that car ,why,, remember the nights we sat in the garage putting that trans in an ole 49 ford,or dropping a 392 hemi in a 53 study baker,aaaah,we went to the drive in,,in the ford and made babies in the ole girl,, and went to the strip with the studdie,and pulled the wheels off the ground, pulled into the pitts,they were all around that car,,i felt like a ing ,,smile from ear to ear,,i had a 60 caddy black 2dr metallic silver roof skirts,bought it for 75.00 dollars,it was a nice car for the road, again I was king,give credit where credits due,i thin it,s badass,,,lol that car looks rich;;; I,m 70 yrs old and I,m going to slide thru the gates ruffled up,i,ll never grow up,cause I,m peter —

  3. Rick January 22, 2014 at 10:21 pm Reply

    Wasn’t this the same car that was at Barrett Jackson this last week

    • Derek Mau January 24, 2014 at 10:33 am Reply

      Yup, exact same car. The seller was hedging his bets and listed here on eBay in addition to the B-J auction.

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