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1959 Toyota FJ25

Asian, Classics, SUVs  /   /  By Tony Piff

This 1959 Land Cruiser is an extremely rare FJ25, predecessor to the more familiar FJ40. It wears an unfortunate shiny repaint in a non-stock color, but we are blown away by the intact original mechanicals, not to mention the stock wheels, hubcaps and uncut fenders.

Check out the photos of the glass cup fuel filter and original carb with fuel level window–so cool! The transmission, chassis and undercarriage are described as “completely original,” and the stock F engine is very nice to see (especially since a small-block Chevy is kind of a standard upgrade), although the valve cover definitely looks like a modern piece. The seller says it runs “strong as ever” and is “very reliable.”

The FJ40 would become Toyota’s best seller by 1965 and would remain in production into the 1980s, but only a handful of 25s ever made it stateside.  This one is probably too rare and valuable to take off-road, but we’d love to show up at an FJ club meet in this and count the number of double-takes.

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