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1957 Ford F-350 4×4

Classics, SUVs  /   /  By Jim Pickering

NAPCO four-wheel-drive truck conversions from the 1950s aren’t particularly common these days, but even less common is a NAPCO 1957 Ford F-350. If you’re looking for an interesting restoration project, this could be your truck.

It’s an ex-fire company truck from Mount Lodge Fire Co in New York, according to the seller. Why is it rare? Apparently, in the 1950s, Ford built most of its light-duty 4x4s with Marmon-Herrington as the 4×4 supplier. NAPCO was used more often with GM applications, but they did  a few heavy-duty 1-ton and larger Fords in 1957. And as most of those led hard lives, finding one in generally original condition is relatively tough.

But this truck looks like it’s mostly complete, and the seller says that despite the rust and years of apparent weathering, the truck only has about 10k miles showing on the odometer. And judging by the amount of down time fire rigs tend to have, that reading could very well be correct.

The truck features a 272 Y-block V8, 4-speed manual, 5.14 gears, mechanical PTO, front-mounted winch, 9-foot bed (unique to the F-350), newer tires, and rebuilt brakes. It apparently runs and drives, and the seller says everything is in working order, including the PTO. You won’t be first to the party with that 4-speed and those 5.14s, but this thing will likely go anywhere.

Obviously, some restoration work is needed, but it’ll be a very cool vintage rig when it’s done. See the listing here.

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1 Comment on "1957 Ford F-350 4×4"

jim hanly
5 years 1 month ago

that is one of the baddest trucks ive seen in a long time (coming from a chevy guy). awesome truck though