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1954 Ford Crestline Skyliner

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A single pane of green-tinted Plexiglas makes up the entire forward roof section of this ’54 Ford Crestline (hence the “Skyliner” name), but the car features another window where you wouldn’t expect to find one: in the hood. Of the 13,144 Crestline Skyliners built for 1954, a handful of dealer demonstrators were so equipped, to showcase the new 239-ci overhead-cam V8. There was even an under-hood lighting system for night test drives, although the seller here does not mention whether that feature is operational.

The car is described as “in original condition with a freshen up where needed,” including a “total repaint several years ago over a solid steel body.” It’s said to be a “good driver” that “runs good,” having had recent service to its carburetor and brakes. The accompanying YouTube video shows the car being driven without a problem.

The Plexiglas roof section is intact but badly spidered. Sourcing a replacement would be worth the effort and expense and would make for a fantastic driving experience (and potential financial upside), but the car is ready to drive right now. Collector Car Price Tracker lists 130 Crestliners have sold on eBay in the past two years, with price for a decent example ranging from $10k to $30k, depending on condition.

See the listing here.

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