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1952 Bentley Mk VI Saloon

Classics  /   /  By Jim Pickering

It is one thing to keep records of a vehicle’s service history, but it’s entirely another case when that history spans 58 years and 123,000 miles. That is just what this Bentley Mk VI is said to have: every service record since 1952. This southern California car is quite rare in that it features left-hand drive and a factory sunroof. It’s said to be a one-family car from new.

The Mk VI was the first post-war vehicle offered by Bentley. This one’s black and French Gray paint helps highlight its very proper English body. Its interior wood appears to be highly polished, and the seats show hardly any wear. The brakes, clutch, and engine are said to have been recently gone through, but the rear chassis shot shows some seepage of oil from the differential, so a mechanical inspection would be prudent.

Not many vintage Bentleys sell on eBay Motors, but among those that have, examples in good to excellent condition have been fetching from $24k to over $36k. Follow this one’s progress here.

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