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1948 Studebaker Pickup

Classics, SUVs  /   /  By Chad Tyson

This old Stude has a great weathered patina on top of a solid chassis, and it looks like it wouldn’t take much to get it back on the road.

It’s an M15-20 1-ton that’s described by the seller as a “left behind restoration.”  It features a cleaned and painted frame, a new muffler, and is said to have virtually no rust. The engine is claimed to run smoothly and shows acceptable oil pressure, and the seller found several internal engine overhaul boxes inside the cab, suggesting there was a rebuild in the past. Other mechanical work still needed includes a brake service, as well as a gas tank and fuel line clean-out, as it’s been sitting for over 20 years.

There aren’t many heavy-duty Studebaker pickups around anymore, and since this one runs OK, has just one visible dent, and has only minor flat glass breakage, it could be a great starting point for a complete restoration or low-buck work truck. Take your pick.

Good examples of lighter-duty M5s have been fetching between $8k and $14k on eBay Motors over the past few years, depending on overall condition. See how this one is doing here.

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