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1948 MG TC, eBay Giving Works

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Normally we here at eBay Motors like to feature especially cool vehicles for sale for the fun of it. Today, however, we’re casting the spotlight on a very cool car being auctioned for a very good cause. This beautiful 1948 MG TC convertible is being auctioned on eBay for the Blind Center of Nevada’s second annual Imagine fundraising gala.

This ’48 MG TC comes from the collection of Jim Rodgers, who, along with his wife Beverly, owns the local NBC affiliate in Las Vegas. As a not-so-small side note, Jim also owns the largest collection of convertible automobiles in the world, and very generously donated the MG for this fundraiser. The MG’s classic green finish immediately harkens back to a lost era of British roadsters, along with the Spartan interior and spoke wheels. The ’48 MG TC is no garage queen, either – it’s a super clean driver that will give the lucky winner years of enjoyment along with the satisfaction of a donation to a worthy cause.

The auction of the MG is scheduled to culminate during the gala itself on October 13 at the World Market Center in Las Vegas. Around 500 guests are slated to attend, with Honorees including Beverly and Jim Rogers and special guest of the Black Eyed Peas, who is himself legally blind and will perform during the evening. Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman will be in attendance along with her husband (the former Mayor of Las Vegas himself), Oscar Goodman and many other local celebrities, which in Vegas could mean just about anyone.

Mr. Rogers’ 1948 MG TC is expected to bring in roughly $35,000-$50,000, but Las Vegas is a gambling town, and with such a great cause standing to benefit we can’t wait to see how the high-rollers in attendance and the eBay Motors community respond! Be sure to keep an eye out on October 13th to see what happens!

Click the link to follow the auction: 1948 MG TC Roadster

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