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1947 Crosley pickup

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If you want to haul your groceries in a vintage microcar that somehow defies all aesthetic appeal, this flesh-colored Crosley “round-side” might be just the thing. Crosley pickups were designed for the needs of 1940s urban shopkeepers, florists, and the like, which is about the only mental context in which one makes sense. This one isn’t mint but “runs good,” and is offered without reserve. At the opening bid, it looks like a possible bargain.

The truck rolls on new twelve-inch wheels and has been fitted with modern turn signals. It is described as generally rust-free, although it does not sound like the seller has done a very thorough inspection, so it would be smart to have one done. Notable flaws include one fair-sized dent on the front fender along with the “usual other dings” for a 64-year-old vehicle, non-functional gas gauge, and a cracked passenger’s-side windshield. A replacement pane is included.

See the listing here.

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