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1939 Mercury Series 99A

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This first year Mercury is in remarkable, uncut condition. Even the interior is said to be original, and at 73 years old, it still looks great. The gauges, radio and lights all function, and the body appears very straight and without damage. The chrome trim and moldings show well in all of the photos.

Mercury shoehorned a 239-ci flathead V8 into their models, and it was rated 10-hp over the standard 221-ci Ford flatheads. The car was reportedly capable of 20 mpg, and Ford advertised “few cars of any size can equal such economy.” The car proved an instant hit, bridging the price gap between entry-level Fords and top-end Lincolns. Over 69,000 models were built that first year, more than 230,000 in the first three.

In the past year, 11 Pre-War Mercurys have sold on eBay Motors. Good examples averaged almost $18k and excellent ones nearly $31k. Compare that to the original factory price of $957 in 1939. Click here to see the auction listing.

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