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1939 Graham Model 97 Supercharger

Classics  /   /  By Chad Tyson

This 1939 Graham Model 97 sedan will stand out anywhere you take it. Blinding Glacier White paint and a unique cut-back grille should ensure that. The styling was dubbed “Spirit of Motion,” but became simply nicknamed “Shark-nose.” The supercharged 218-ci straight six pumps out 116 horsepower—26 more than the unblown variant, and enough to keep up with modern traffic – although that column-shifted manual might take some getting used to.

In 2000, after being bought from a museum, the car’s body was taken apart, then repainted and rechromed. Then in 2005, it was given a mechanical makeover. This included an engine overhaul, supercharger rebuild and brake work. In total the claimed cost of the restoration exceeded $50k.

It also served as a wedding limousine, sauntering newlyweds from courthouse to steeple in the Atlanta area. With that regular use, the seller says “It needs nothing to be driven and enjoyed.”

Only eight 1938–40 shark-nosed Grahams have sold on eBay Motors since 2005. The best of them averaged $29k. Production of the 1939 models was only 5,392. Click here to see this one’s listing.

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