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1933 Willys F Troop Gasser

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Interested in a piece of drag race history?  How about a blown big-block with zoomies that makes enough noise to wake the dead?  Offered for sale here is the 1933 Willys F Troop gasser used in the Outlaw AA/GS series in the late ’60s by Jay Howell and Tom Prock. The car has been featured in many publications; a clipping of one of the magazine photos of the car in action is included in the photo section of the listing.

Original parts and pieces include the body, chassis, magnesium wheels, seat upholstery, Ford 9-inch rear, and drag chute. The drivetrain has been reconverted to its 1968 configuration of a supercharged Chevy 427 big-block with Hilborn fuel injection.  And the third member has been upgraded to a nodular piece for added strength.

This set up has approximately 20 “easy” runs on it, according to the seller.  And if easy means a best ET of 9.07 seconds at 140mph, sign me up anytime.  “It is race or Cackle ready!”

There isn’t much of an established market for ex-racing heroes—there tends to be not much left at the end of the career—so pegging a value to a vintage racer like this is difficult.  But if you’re looking to turn some heads at your local dragstrip, then this is the car for you.  Click here to see the listing.

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2 Comments on "1933 Willys F Troop Gasser"

4 years 7 months ago

Do you have car to sell? If so, wha will you take for it? Thanks

4 years 7 months ago

@Mark – this post refers to an old listing and is no longer available to see who was selling the vehicle.