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Imagine an alternative reality where the world is only populated by well-heeled car fanatics.

Admission tickets for key Monterey events can be pricey. But there are also great venues for gearheads on a budget.

In 1934, Hupp hired Raymond Loewy, the legendary designer, to pen what it called the Aerodynamic Series.


The Tiny 1970 Subaru 360: So Ugly, It’s Beautiful

A San Diego car enthusiast takes a small car known for its ugly appearance, and makes it beautiful.

By Mark Bach


The Pennsylvania-Built Classic Cartoon Car Waiting to Be Discovered

American Bantam is a rare and under-appreciated car.

By Daniel Gray

The term “flashing,” refers to a kind of reboot of your car’s computer settings—either to fix a bug or boost performance.

It’s rare for an authentic street-worthy star to hit the auction block with such extreme performance potential.

When is a Nissan not a Nissan? What looks like a Zimmer but isn't a Zimmer?

Owning a V12 might not not be as difficult as you think.

The first thing you see is color. For a 1970 Dodge Challenger, the choices included Plum Purple, Go Mango, or Hemi Orange.

If the engine control module is a sealed unit, what can the mechanically-inclined car enthusiast do to boost horsepower?