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Every August, the world's most expensive supercars are shown off in Monterey, Calif. So what was I doing in an ancient Datsun econobox?

The acquisition of an old truck brought my appreciation of cars to a brand new level.

We were lucky enough to be among a group of journalists invited by Mazda to drive the new MX-5 race cars.


1956 Chevys: Still Hot, 60 Years Later

The 1955 Chevrolet was a tough act to follow, but the 1956 Chevy kept the magic alive.

By Bruce Caldwell


Radical 1939 Lincoln Zephyr Converted to All-Electric

Given the wide range of high-end automotive projects Steve’s Auto Restoration completed over the years, there’s only one word to describe Steve Frisbie and his restoration shop in...

By eBay Motors

Enhancing the performance of a car’s suspension is an easy way to improve your ride’s handling.

What are the best car movies of all time? See our favorites.

Nothing heats up tires like stuffing a honking V8 into an engine bay designed for a puny powerplant.

Any task can be a breeze, or a headache, depending on the tools at hand.

Buying someone else's spec racecar is more cost-effective than building one, but pre-built cars come with their own set of anxieties.

With the eBay Motors “10 Days of #MotorLife” contest concluded, meet four more of our winners.