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A damp car or a puddle in the trunk is unnecessary. It’s easy to replace your weather stripping.

It's 13 feet high and 48 feet long—with a 200-gallon fuel tank, eight air conditioners, and a rear observation deck

A fresh set of plugs can be installed in less than an hour.


The Thrilling 2018 Dodge SRT Demon and Its Muscle-Car Roots

The Demon has deep roots, going back to the 1971 Demon 340 based on the Dart hardtop.

By Nina Russin


Ford Bronco Fanatic Lands the First One Ever Made, Modified Personally by Carroll Shelby

The Bronco fanatic stumbled upon the ultimate find: the first Bronco to emerge from the factory in 1966.

By Mark Bach

A California car builder took the body off the C5 Vette and replaced it with the Jeepster.

With a few mods and a safety inspection, you can participate in a local RallyCross club race.

Wagons with fake wood paneling were as essential to the suburban experience as backyard barbecues.

Stanton envisioned a “barn find,” stripped down and dilapidated. But he discovered a suite of cool options.

O.E.M. (original equipment manufacturer) parts are exactly what came on the vehicle. What does aftermarket really mean?

Tourists complained that the bright yellow car was ruining picture-perfect postcard motif.