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Car-mounted cameras can produce a record of a traffic accident or create a vacation travelogue.

The first day of the course culminates with hot laps with the driving pros.

Mopar chose the Challenger because it’s the most customized of all Fiat-Chrysler vehicles.


1967 Camaro Restomod: Muscle-Car Styling Meets Serious Track Power

The builders of this ’67 Camaro RS/SS pro-touring ragtop did everything right.

By Nina Russin


The American Influence on the British Humber Super Snipe

Over the course of three decades, Britain's Super Snipe was repeatedly impacted by American car design.

By Bradley Berman

In the latest installment of our guide to getting started on the track, we discuss the critical issue of safety.

Need a precise color match? it’s time to grab that old trusty metal feeler gauge.

Every Loewy design displays a striking sense of proportion, flowing aerodynamic lines, and bold shapes—particularly in the grille work.

The Bearcat II was intended for a production run of 100 cars, but only 13 were actually built.

This year's auction included unique vehicles owned by John Lennon and Steven Tyler.

Technology to jumpstart a car or truck has made dramatic improvements.