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Tips and tricks to breaking the rust seal without causing other damage.

Any car can at least look like it will go faster with a rear spoiler.

Douglas Clink turns cargo vans into ATV-haulers, mobile Ferris Wheels, and traveling bleachers.


NASCAR Star Fell in Love with a Movie Car, and Restored It

When Jeff Gordon's crew chief had a chance to buy the Impala from American Graffiti, it was an easy decision.

By Mark Bach


Perfect Combo: A Manual 3-Series Wagon with a Chevy V-8

Enthusiasts dream about a manual-equipped rear-wheel-drive V-8 station.

By Daniel Gray

There’s no longer a need to use a computer as an intermediate device. Download right to your car.

Porsche boldly breaks from 911 tradition by moving the engine from the rear to the middle of the chassis.

Each new era of hood ornament design reflected its period.

The dealership’s crazy customs followed one rule: the wilder the better.

Check out our suggestions for some of the best and most affordable automotive-themed gifts.

A quick tug on the release pin allows the frame to slide off, making the base plate barely visible.