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The VIN reveals a breakdown of the Mustang’s origins, including the plant where it was built and its original engine specs.

The Peel is 54 inches long and 39 wide. The car’s ability to fit in an elevator was tested in 1963.

Bigger vehicles have enough room to set up sleeping bags. Also consider a tent-trailer or rooftop tent.


It’s a 1967 Volvo Amazon with a Roaring BMW V-8

The Volvo is being offered on eBay with a more street-worthy tune of merely 747 horsepower.

By Jim Motavalli


Shine That Chrome: July 14 is Collector Car Appreciation Day

Enthusiasts are planning open houses, car cruises, club gatherings and educational events to commemorate the day.

By Jim Motavalli

The van was commissioned by the feds to accommodate extended stretches of stakeout work.

The 1951 Ford two-door chop-top coupe can hit 150 miles per hour.

The brothers have been obsessed with Broncos since the late 1980s.

The team’s goal is to have the car running for its appearance at the Woodward Dream Cruise in Michigan on Aug. 19.

Not many carmakers have retained the same nameplate for more than 40 years.

In the late 1980s, the K1 was a Buck Rogers futuristic machine.