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1965 - 1977 Porsche 911s

1965 - 1977 Porsche 911
911s of the mid-1960s hold a purist's appeal for their early place in the car's long history, as well as some short-lived appointments, such as the teak-trimmed dash and wheel. A coveted high-output 911S was available in the U.S. for 1967, before being blocked from import due to 1968 emission regulations. 1969 saw a permanent lengthening of the wheelbase—a performance compromise for the sake of comfort. The vaunted 911 S returned in 1969 with 170-hp, although emissions regulations hampered performance and reliability by ‘73.

911s from 1964 to 1989 are referred to as the 911 Classics. The original body style remained largely preserved for two and a half decades, even as performance was continually and aggressively refined.
Pricing Details by Keith Martin
Generation Info Rating
Years Made 1965-1977 Reliability Reliability
Number Made 139,439 Maintenance Costs Maintenance Costs
Max Power 88 hp to 234 hp Parts and Support Parts and Support
Max Speed 109 mph to 156 mph Market Appeal Market Appeal
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