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Chevrolet Impala
Originally conceived as a prestige trim package for the 1957 Bel Air, and released as its own model the next year, the Chevrolet Impala found immediate success as a fun, stylish, full-size car at a practical price point. Over the next five decades, the model would stand as America's all-time best-seller, continually revamped in line with America's evolving values.

From the exuberant batwing fins of the late 1950s, to the "409" V8 of the 1964 SS, and through the malaise-era 1970s and 1980s, the Impala has changed to meet consumer's demands. New examples are still available on Chevrolet lots, and early models continue to be among the most popular full-size cars in the collector market.
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The world was introduced to the Impala in 1958, as a high-performance, high-luxury trim option for the Bel... Learn more
Cat eye tail lamps, dummy scoops, acres of chrome, and bigger-than-ever fins were the trademarks of the... Learn more
1961 marked the debut of the "Bubbletop" Impala, with its curved windshield, large backlight, and small... Learn more
Impala sales broke one million for the year in 1965, a record that still stands today. The car was fully... Learn more
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The 1977 Impala was drastically downsized in length, width, weight, and engine output (though headroom,... Learn more
The muscle car that started it all—the Impala SS—was briefly revived in the mid-1990s, to critical acclaim.... Learn more
The Impala returned in the new millennium as a midsize front-wheel-drive V6 (204-ci, 180-hp or 231-ci... Learn more
The ninth generation Impala followed directly on the heels of the eighth, as a modern, fun, stylish, and... Learn more

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