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Lexus of North Miami
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Jan 31, 2014 06:45:52 PST
US $219.00
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Miami, Florida, United States


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Lexus of North Miami

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Enhance your Tundra’s cornering capabilities with this TRD rear sway bar. Its high-quality spring steel construction adds stiffness and durability, while a corrosion-resistant, gloss-red powder-coat finish helps protect it from the elements and from road damage.

  • Engineer:
    • Tundra TRD Rear Sway Bar is NOT applicable for vehicles equipped with the either of the following Genuine Accessory Hitches:
      • PT228-34073 (Resin Bumper Hitch)
      • PT228-34074 (Steel Bumper Hitch)

    • Rear Sway Bar IS applicable to all vehicles equipped with the Factory Tundra Hitch
    • This sway bar is NOTcompatible with aftermarket axle flip kits
    • High-quality spring steel sway bar, ensuring strength, stiffness and durability.
    • Reduces understeer, providing greater control while preserving the secure handling of the original steering and suspension system.
    • Provides a flatter, more stable cornering stance.
    • Durable, gloss red power coat finish resists corrosion and protects against road damage, while improving appearance and durability; painted or raw finished parts can’t offer as high a level of corrosion resistance.
    • TRD badging adds prestige.
    • Simple, bolt-on installation, with no modifications required; all hardware included.

    Backed by Toyota's 3-year/36,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty, valid at any Toyota dealership nationwide.


Tundra 2007 8324-TUN/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT


Tundra 2008 8324-TUN/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8324-TUN/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8324-TUN/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8324-TUN/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8324-TUN/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8324-TUN/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8204-SR/REG/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2008 8204-SR/REG/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2009 8204-SR/REG/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2010 8204-SR/REG/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2011 8204-SR/REG/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2012 8204-SR/REG/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2013 8204-SR/REG/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2014 8204-SR/REG/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2007 8326-TUN/REG/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8326-TUN/REG/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8326-TUN/REG/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8326-TUN/REG/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8216-SR5/DBL/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2008 8216-SR5/DBL/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2009 8216-SR5/DBL/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2007 8372-LTD/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8372-LTD/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8372-LTD/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8372-LTD/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8372-LTD/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8372-LTD/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8372-LTD/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8372-LTD/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8362-SR5/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8362-SR5/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8362-SR5/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8250-LTD/EXT/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8250-LTD/EXT/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8250-LTD/EXT/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8250-LTD/EXT/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8224-TUN/REG/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8224-TUN/REG/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8224-TUN/REG/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8224-TUN/REG/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8222-TUN/REG/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8222-TUN/REG/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8222-TUN/REG/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8222-TUN/REG/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8222-TUN/REG/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8222-TUN/REG/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8222-TUN/REG/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8260-SR5/CREW/V8/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2008 8260-SR5/CREW/V8/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2009 8260-SR5/CREW/V8/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2007 8272-LTD/CREW/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8272-LTD/CREW/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8272-LTD/CREW/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8272-LTD/CREW/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8272-LTD/CREW/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8272-LTD/CREW/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8272-LTD/CREW/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8272-LTD/CREW/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8360-SR5/CREW/V8/4WD/5AT

Tundra 2008 8360-SR5/CREW/V8/4WD/5AT

Tundra 2009 8360-SR5/CREW/V8/4WD/5AT

Tundra 2007 8228-SR/REG/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8228-SR/REG/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8228-SR/REG/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8228-SR/REG/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8228-SR/REG/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8228-SR/REG/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8228-SR/REG/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8228-SR/REG/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8328-SR/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8328-SR/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8328-SR/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8328-SR/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8328-SR/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8328-SR/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8328-SR/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8328-SR/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8244-SR5/DBL/V8/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2008 8244-SR5/DBL/V8/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2009 8244-SR5/DBL/V8/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2007 8350-LTD/EXT/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8350-LTD/EXT/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8350-LTD/EXT/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8350-LTD/EXT/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8202-TUN/REG/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2008 8202-TUN/REG/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2009 8202-TUN/REG/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2010 8202-TUN/REG/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2011 8202-TUN/REG/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2012 8202-TUN/REG/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2013 8202-TUN/REG/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2007 8342-SR/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8342-SR/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8342-SR/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8342-SR/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8340-SR5/EXT/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8340-SR5/EXT/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8340-SR5/EXT/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8340-SR5/EXT/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8252-LTD/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8252-LTD/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8252-LTD/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8252-LTD/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8252-LTD/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8252-LTD/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8252-LTD/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8252-LTD/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8346-SR5/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8346-SR5/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8346-SR5/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8346-SR5/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8344-SR5/DBL/V8/4WD/5AT

Tundra 2008 8344-SR5/DBL/V8/4WD/5AT

Tundra 2009 8344-SR5/DBL/V8/4WD/5AT

Tundra 2007 8242-SR/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8242-SR/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8242-SR/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8242-SR/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8262-SR5/CREW/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8262-SR5/CREW/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8262-SR5/CREW/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8370-LTD/CREW/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8370-LTD/CREW/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8370-LTD/CREW/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8370-LTD/CREW/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8246-SR5/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8246-SR5/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8246-SR5/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8246-SR5/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8226-TUN/REG/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8226-TUN/REG/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8226-TUN/REG/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8226-TUN/REG/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8240-SR5/EXT/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8240-SR5/EXT/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8240-SR5/EXT/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8240-SR5/EXT/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8352-LTD/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8352-LTD/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8352-LTD/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8352-LTD/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8352-LTD/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8352-LTD/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8352-LTD/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8352-LTD/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8270-LTD/CREW/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8270-LTD/CREW/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8270-LTD/CREW/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8270-LTD/CREW/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2007 8322-TUN/REG/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8322-TUN/REG/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8322-TUN/REG/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8322-TUN/REG/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8215-SR/EXT/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2009 8215-SR/EXT/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2010 8215-SR/EXT/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2011 8215-SR/EXT/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2012 8215-SR/EXT/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2013 8215-SR/EXT/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2014 8215-SR/EXT/V6/2WD/5AT

Tundra 2008 8361-SR5/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8361-SR5/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8361-SR5/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8361-SR5/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8361-SR5/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8361-SR5/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8361-SR5/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8359-SR5/CREW/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8359-SR5/CREW/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8359-SR5/CREW/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8359-SR5/CREW/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8359-SR5/CREW/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8359-SR5/CREW/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8359-SR5/CREW/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8341-SR5/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8341-SR5/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8341-SR5/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8341-SR5/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8341-SR5/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8341-SR5/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8341-SR5/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8243-TUN/EXT/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8243-TUN/EXT/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8243-TUN/EXT/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8241-SR5/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8241-SR5/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8241-SR5/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8241-SR5/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8241-SR5/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8241-SR5/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8241-SR5/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8261-SR5/CREW/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8261-SR5/CREW/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8261-SR5/CREW/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8261-SR5/CREW/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8261-SR5/CREW/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8261-SR5/CREW/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8261-SR5/CREW/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8343-TUN/EXT/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8343-TUN/EXT/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8343-TUN/EXT/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8245-SR/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8245-SR/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8245-SR/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8245-SR/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8245-SR/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8245-SR/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8245-SR/EXT/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8239-SR/EXT/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8239-SR/EXT/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8239-SR/EXT/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8239-SR/EXT/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8239-SR/EXT/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8239-SR/EXT/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8239-SR/EXT/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8345-SR/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8345-SR/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8345-SR/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8345-SR/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8345-SR/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8345-SR/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8345-SR/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8339-SR/EXT/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8339-SR/EXT/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8339-SR/EXT/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8339-SR/EXT/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8339-SR/EXT/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8339-SR/EXT/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8339-SR/EXT/V8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2008 8259-SR5/CREW/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8259-SR5/CREW/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8259-SR5/CREW/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8259-SR5/CREW/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8259-SR5/CREW/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8259-SR5/CREW/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8259-SR5/CREW/V8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8335-SR/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8335-SR/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8335-SR/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8335-SR/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8335-SR/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8335-SR/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8364-SR5/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8363-SR5/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8363-SR5/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8363-SR5/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8363-SR5/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8363-SR5/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8363-SR5/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8336-SR5/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8336-SR5/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8332-SR/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8332-SR/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8323-TUN/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8323-TUN/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8323-TUN/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8323-TUN/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8323-TUN/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8374-LTD/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8374-LTD/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8374-LTD/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8374-LTD/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8374-LTD/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8374-LTD/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8331-SR5/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8331-SR5/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8331-SR5/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8331-SR5/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8331-SR5/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8331-SR5/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8327-SR/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8327-SR/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8327-SR/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8327-SR/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8327-SR/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8327-SR/REG/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2009 8354-LTD/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2010 8354-LTD/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2011 8354-LTD/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2012 8354-LTD/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8354-LTD/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8354-LTD/EXT/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8377-PLAT/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8377-PLAT/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8275-PLAT/CREW/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8275-PLAT/CREW/LV8/2WD/6AT

Tundra 2013 8375-PLAT/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8375-PLAT/CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8376-CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8378-CREW/LV8/4WD/6AT

Tundra 2014 8276-CREW/LV8/2WD/6AT

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