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Details about   TEARDROP Tear Drop RV Camper Camp Trailer PLANS #1

TEARDROP Tear Drop RV Camper Camp Trailer PLANS #1 See original listing
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Complete Step By Step Detailed instructions with drawing, demensions and phone numbers.


This is NOT old plans from OLD Magazines that tell you to build the trailer from a 1937 Ford car frame.


My finished 5 ft by 8 ft  Teardrop Camper costs me about $600. and weighs about 500 lbs.





You are bidding on PLANS and INSTRUCTIONS to build the TEARDROP camper trailer that you see in the pictures.  You get everything you need to build a complete camp trailer, including phone numbers and suppliers.  Light weight only weighs about 500 lbs. easy to pull with just about any vehicle.  Pulls easy on winding mountain roads and 70 mph on the Interstate.  There is no noticable difference in gas mileage.  It pulls so easy you don't know its there.   Plans are 20 pages 8.5" x 11" with 3 pages of instruction on paper.  This is NOT a CD.




Traditional Teardrop Trailers measures 4’ tall 4’ wide 8’ long, .  I built my trailer 4' tall  5' wide  8' long, interior sleeping area is 78" to 94" long and wide enough for a Coleman Queen Size Air mattress, which is exactly the same size as a real queen size mattress.  It will sleep 2 adults and 1 medium size child or 2 very small children.  You also have the option to build a bunkbed that can be used as a baby bed or a bed for a small child.   The kitchen is held in with screws and can be taken out and put back in again in about 10 minutes.  You can remove the kitchen to put in your bedroom mattress or to haul bicycles, motorcycle, go-cart, lawn mowers, tools, etc.  I built my doors square but you can build your door curved like the traditional teardrop trailers if you want.  I also built my trailer with 2 doors instead of the traditional 1 door because I don't want to crawl over someone to get in or out.  You might want to install a crank type roof vent with a fan they sell on ebay all the time.  Save some money and use $7.50 doorknobs instead of $35.00 trail door latches. The trailer tongue weight is about 40 lbs.  You can put paneling, wall paper, paint, varnish the inside, build it the way you like.  Build shelves, cabnets, TV stand, fans, sky light, fold down table, full size screen door, if you want.  Wood is a very good insulator, if you feel the need to insulate your camper you can stick 1" styrofoam board to the walls with contract cement in less than an hour.  I personally feel that insulation is a waste of time and money.   An electric space heater or electric blanket will keep you toastie warm but so will several warm blankets or quilts.   We went trailer camping in the mountains Thanksgiving weekend and there was 4" of snow on the ground the next morning and we never got cold.  Build your own Teardrop camper as nice or as primitive as you like.  The PLANS show all the dimensions, cut out all the pieces, then assemble the teardrop camper.   If you are creative you can build a very nice trailer. 




This is a very easy project to build.  I bought everything new and built this trailer in 16 hours work and you probably can too.  I worked 6 hours on Saturday then I worked on it for about 2 hours ever day when I got home from work and had it finished in 7 days.   I bought a $29.00 hand held jig saw and a $100.00 table top band saw at Home Depot and found out the $29.00 hand held jig saw works the best for this project.  I also have an electric drill, electric screw driver, electric sander, caulking gun and 6 clamps.   I used the floor of the trailer as a work table to cut the radius for the sides and cut outs for the doors and windows.  I used the sides as a template to cut the curved ribs.  Straight ribs from one side to the other side works just as well as curved ribs and are a little quicker to build because there is no cutting required.  You can buy 1"x 2" boards at Home Depot for 98 cents each for straight ribs.




Picture #5 shows the trailer after 6 hours of work.  I cut the sides and attached them to the floor.  I cut the ribs and attached them to the sides.  I put hinges on the doors and installed the doorknobs.  I attached the axle and tongue to the floor of the trailer.  The Second day I put on the plywood covering with screws and glue in about 2 hours.  All the screws are covered with wood putty.  The Third day I built the kitchen area, counter top, back above and below the counter top.  I also attached the hatch trunk lid hinge and door latch, another 2 hours of work.  The Fourth day I installed shelves and doors inside the sleeping area and painted the trailer with the first coat of exterior varnish, not quite 2 hours work.  The Fifth day I sanded the trailer and varnished it again, less than 2 hours work.  The Sixth day I installed both windows, rain guard, door gaskets, fenders and lights.  I put Christmas tree lights inside the sleeping area and inside the back hatch kitchen area.  Christmas tree lights make a very nice soft light that is not blinding.  I also installed a small fluorescent light in the sleeping area and kitchen area.   The lights can be run off of 120 volts AC at any campground that has electricity.  I also have a car battery and a 12-volt DC to AC inverter that will power the lights for 5 days including 4 other strings of Christmas tree lights around the camp area.  A 300-watt DC to AC inverter is $30.00 on ebay.  National Parks do not have electricity.  If you want a small refrigerator in your trailer it will run on an 1000 watt DC to AC inverter with a car battery or a small portable generator.



MATERIAL COSTS.  I bought everything brand new.  Tires $34.00 each, axle with springs $110.00, plywood $95.00, 1"x 2" boards about $40.00, windows $60.00 each, screws $8.00, varnish $30.00, glue $6.00, sheet metal fenders $4.00, doorknobs $7.50 each, back latch $12.00, trailer hitch $10.00, trailer tongue 2" steel pipe $12.00, nuts & bolts $3.00, door gaskets $8.00, hinges $6.00, wood putty $4.00.




If you are one of those people that likes to build things you are going to love this project.   I have received several emails from satisfied buyers that bought plans and are building themself a Tear Drop camper.   Everyone seems to have their own ideas for customizing their Tear Drop Camper.  If you have any questions or need any help with the construction of your trailer feel free to email me.   The weather is nice and we plan to go camping every weekend.  If you do not get an answer to your email for a few days it is because we have gone camping.




I built my Tear Drop camper with no metal frame.  The new axle comes with mounting brackets that I bolted directly to the trailer 3/4" plywood floor.  I also bolted the tongue to the 3/4" plywood floor.   If you would like to have a metal frame that is your choice build it the way you want.  Once your trailer is finished contact the Department of Safety in your State they will mail you a copy of Trailer Requirements.  Most States require lights, fenders, safety chains.  Call for an inspection, the inspector will come to your house and inspect your trailer for a $25.00 fee and give you a VIN number so you can get a Trailer Title and License Plates.   You may choose to buy a used flat bed utility trailer to build your Tear Drop camper on.  I have seen a lot of used utility trailers for $250.00 each.  Build your Tear Drop camper on a flat bed utility trailer that already has a title and there is no need for an inspection to get License Plates.  Harbor Freight and Northern Tool but have reasonable priced axles, wheel, light, hitch, safety chain, springs, etc.


NOTICE to the BUYER.  This is NOT a KIT and it does not include any precut wood parts.  You must be able to READ the DRAWINGS with dimensions and use a tape measure and pencil to draw lines on boards and cut them with a SAW.  Cut out the wood parts and assemble them with glue and screws.  This is not a hard project but if you have absolutely NO building experience it might be hard for you.  Be your own judge.  There is no full size template.   If YOU need a full size template do not bid on this.   There are NO camera photos with the plans.  Plans are drawn on a drafting table not auto cad.  I can show better details with dimensions on drawing.  There is no way to put dimensions on photographs.



UPDATE April 2006.  We camped in our Teardrop for over a year before I finished the interior.  We were undecided on how to finish the inside but after camping in it several times we knew what we wanted.  I just finished the interior a few weeks ago here are some pics.  See pic 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.  The trailer is wired for 120 volts.  2 lights 25 watts each in the sleeping area.  2 outside lights 40 watts each.  2 lights 15 watts each in the kitchen area.   4 electrical outlets in the sleeping area and 2 in the kitchen area.  2 shelves in the sleeping area with a TV and cable hookup for camp sites with cable.  There is a crank up roof vent too.  I covered the trailer with aluminum and trimmed it inside and out with oak.   I have 3 small carpets, one at each door and one for the kitchen area.   I have a 300 watt DC to AC inverter and a car battery for National Park camp grounds that have no electric hook ups.  I have a hook up for cable TV, many camp grounds have cable at each camp site.  I also have a TV antenna for the camper than I built.  I bought a small TV for the camper and I have a VCR.  I have never used the TV even if it rains. I have not used the TV yet.  I have a computer with wireless too.  The computer is handy for checking email on vacation.   If the camp ground has no wireless internet I can check email when we travel to the next camp ground all I need to do is pull into a motel parking lot for 15 minutes and use the motel wireless for a few minutes.  Some motels do not require a password.










Emails from people that bought plans and have built or are building a Teardrop camper trailer.


Robert Wade.  I bought a 5'x10' flat bed utility trailer, I have extended the center section of your Plans 24" to get an extra 12" in the kitchen area and a extra 12" in the sleeping area.


Larry Holden.   My wife and I went camping last weekend for the first time in the Teardrop camper that we built from your plans.  We had a best time ever.  It was FUN.  Thank you so much for selling me your plans.


Doug Slayden.  I built a 6'x8' Teardrop camper from your plans.  I built the camper wide enough for a king size mattress.


Leonard Brittan.  I put a House size skylight on the roof of our Teardrop Camper so we can look at the moon and stars at night.  We love our Teardrop Camper.


Dan S Gardner.  I built a 5'x8' Teardrop Camper and left out the kitchen area and back hatch door.  I built shelves in the front with an air conditioner in the center and 1 shelf in the back for a TV and lap top computer. 


John Everton.   I built your 5'x8' Teardrop Camper.  I put it on a 5'x10' utility trailer frame with the extra 2' of the trailer sticking out in the front for luggage, supplies, bicycles.


Fred Davidson.  I am almost finished with my Teardrop Camper and we can't wait to go camping an try it out. 


Denise Steele.  I had a carpenter build my Teardrop Camper from your plans.  I have been camping several times and I absolutely love it.  I back into a camp site, unhook and I'm set up in less than 5 minutes.


Marsha Brantley.  My husband and I built your Teardrop camper in about a week.  We have been traveling for several months.  We have been to Yellowstone NP, Grand Canyon, Zion, Great Sand Dunes NP, Canyon Lands, RMNP, Death Valley, Lake Powell, Lake Mead, and more.  We are going to Alaska in August.  We love our Teardrop camper.






A 30" x 36" aluminum window is $30.00 at Lowe's and Home Depot.  A 36" x 39" window is $31.00.  Pull out the rubber pieces that hold in the screen and glass.  Set the glass and screen aside until later.  Remove the screws that holds in the center divider of the window and set it aside for later.  Find the center of the 30" sections and mark them with a pencil at 15".  Draw a 45 degree angle in both directions left/right of the pencil mark.  Cut the lines with a hacksaw.  Do the same thing on the side make the 36" sections at 18" cut them at 45 degrees.  Notice the factory 45 degree cut corners are put together with a screw.  Take the top left corner and the bottom right corner put them together to make a 15" x 18" window.   Take the top right corner and the bottom left corner put them together to make another 15" x 18" window.  Attach the corners together with a screw just like the factory did the other corners.  Use a $2.00 glass cutter to cut the glass to fit the new windows.  You have enough glass and screen to make 4 windows.  The factory windows have 2 locks attached to the center section that you have set aside.  Cut the center section in half with a hack saw then put each half in one of the small windows with a screw must like it was from the factory.  Take apart the sliding part of the window, cut it down to size, put the 2 sliders in each of your small windows.  In about 1 hours work you can build yourself 2 windows for your Teardrop camper trailer.  You can cut the windows down to any size you like 12x14, 14x15, 15x18, 12x18, size are unlimited.  You can also make a window for the front of you camper 12, 14 or 15 inches tall 36 inches wide. 


Picture taken of Lowe's aluminum window.




DC to AC Inverters.  I have a 300 watt inverter powered by a 750 amp car battery.  I use it a few hours each night it will run all of my lights for more than a week.  A 1000 watt inverter will power a small refrigerator.   National Parks have no electrical hook ups.   A 300 watt unit will pull 25 amps from a battery on FULL LOAD.   A 750 amp battery will last for 30 hours.  If you use lights for 4 hours each night the battery will last for 7.5 days on a 750 amp battery.   All DC to AC inverters use electricity from the battery even when all lights are turned off and the unit is turned off too.   Be sure to disconnect the unit from the battery when it is not being used.  Remove the clips from the battery terminal to save the battery. 


When the auction ends there is no need to wait for me to send you an invoice.  Click the option to pay.  If you pay before 9 am your package will be in the mail the same day.

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