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This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.

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Details about   Solar Panels/1 - HHO Generator kit/ New & Improved Kit

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Solar Panels/1 - HHO Generator kit/ New & Improved Kit
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May 19, 2013 14:31:20 PDT
US $84.92
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Jacksonville, Florida, United States


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New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is ... Read moreabout the condition

All New And Improved Complete Hydrogen Generator Install Kit with 1- HHO Generator!


Design Patent Pending!

This Single Cell Kit Will Produce More HHO

Gas Than Our Previous Two cell kit!


The Best Built Water4Gas Generators

Available On The Market today!

Map or Maf Sensor Enhancer!

What Is That?

Important Note: If you buy a kit without a Map (manifold absolute pressure) or Maf

(mass air flow) sensor enhancer, and your engine has fuel injection, you will not

experience any MPG change in the HHO system alone! You MUST purchase this unit

alone if you buy any other Kit without it !!

A map or maf sensor enhancer is a device that mounts on the dash of your automobile

with a dial that allows you to manually control the amount of fuel that is dumped into

your injectors. You simply adjust it as you drive. Needed for every HHO system!

Very simple to operate and install !


Why Choose our kits Over Any Plate Design Or Dry Cell Units?

We know all the hoopla about the claims of HHO gas production out of plate and

drycell designs. We also know they always over exagerate their REAL claims.

The problem is the amount of amperage it takes to operate one of these designs.

If you operate a system at 20 amps or more, the life span of your alternator is

drastically reduced. Anything over 50 amps you will imediately burn out your

alternator and or the voltage regulator circuit in your ECU (computer). How does

expensive auto repair bills compare to the savings on gasoline? This doesn't make

good logical or economical sense.

Our kits are a special design to produce the maximum amount of hho gas at the

lowest amperage draw available on the market today! Our single cell's produce

slightly over one liter per minute at only 3 to 5 amps each. Our new and Improved

cells produce twice the amount of gas per minute than our previous models and

can tolerate more heat resistance than any other water4gas models available.

Read On For Improvements !!

Below Is Our Old Add !!

This kit has been simplified for the first time installers in mind. This kit comes about 85% preassembled for you. Very simple to install! BEWARE of copycats. We are the first one to offer any complete HHO kit on E-BAY. We were the first one to offer more exposed wire in our electrolizers. OUR OLDER MODELS =(A full 280 inches of .041 - 316L Stainless Steel and are always making improvements for better performance. Most simular units may be cheaper on Ebay but are manufactured with only 160" of .035 stainless steel wire. We have a machine that we built that wraps our wire evenly that increases eficiency. Sometimes wrapping the wire by hand doesn't stay tight around the insulator and can become loose during use and cause a short in the system. Also anyone who claims you can run one of these units with this much wire in it and can use more than a half leveled teaspoon of baking soda in it, doesn't know what they are talking about. Useing this much soda will melt down one of these units and short it out. This unit is designed to run at 1/4 to 1/3 teaspoon of baking soda and will out perform any units of it's kind. We have produced several hundred of these units.) ATTENTION! ATTENTION! NEW and IMPROVED UNIT !! READ ON!! First of all I want to say, The old units are not out, They work and they are good if you use them according to strict directions. One of the problems we have had, when someone took it upon themselves to use more electrolyte (baking soda) than the directions call for, there were problems with the units running too hot and a melt down would occur. What this means is that the plexiglass or lexan cores would warp, melt and shrink causing the wire to become loose and the anode and cathode would touch shorting the unit out. Just knotching the lexan cores to wind the wire on like some models available won't prevent this from happening! It looks good but don't stand up to the test!!  We've tried it!!

We have eliminated this problem! First of all Our Design Patent Pending NEW and Improved electrolyzers come with over 50 feet of .041 (not .035 normally used) - 316L Stainless steel wire (4 wires twisted together on each, the anode and cathode) wrapped around the insulated core in one single Generator. This produces twice the HHO gas in previous models. To help protect ours from excessive heat we use a high temperature composite material (in which we will not give our secret away) to line the lexan cores where the wire comes in contact with the insulator. The composite material is effective up to 300 degrees F.

Also we have improved in another area of our generators. We use a metal insert under the plastic lid that is coated with baked on enamel which provides extra strength and a heat barrier for protection from the plastic lid. We also use high temperature rubber washers where the screws that hold the electrodes insert through the lid. This also provides an automatic seal to stop gas leakage around the screw holes. And if that wasn't enough improvement, we have also included a rubberized seal where the lid comes in contact with the container. This alone stops any leaks usually found on other generators.


* Completely Air Tight

* More Heat Resistant

* Takes Up Less Space Verses Gas Output

* Twice The Amount of Stainless Steel Wire

* Puts Out Twice The Gas

* Less Amperage Draw

Our New & Improved Features Alone Is Enough Reason To Choose Our Units Over Our Competition !!


Catch The HHO Wave !!

Save This Auction To Your

Watch List !!

Built By: Aqua Technologies Inc.

You are bidding on a New and Improved Complete Install Kit with 1 Hydrogen Generator, a MAP Sensor Enhancer and everything you need to install these Units! You Supply The Tools!

The Kit Contains The Following and is preassembled for easy installation:

1- New and Improved Hydrogen Generator

1- Map or Maf Sensor Enhancer

1- Wireing Harnace for the Enhancer

1- Hydrogen Generator Wireing w/ 15 amp fuse and fuse holder

5- Wire Ties

1- 1/4" tee Fitting

All On CD:

1- Manual For Installing The Hydrogen Generator (Electrolyzer)

1- Manual For Installing The MAP or Maf Sensor Enhancer

1- Manual For System Troubleshooting

1- Manual For System Maintenance

1- Water4gas Ebook - A $97.00 Value Absolutely FREE !!


Experience Is What We're About!

We know by experience that there are several ways to build hho cells. We have built

and tested many designs and models. Experimented with many different concepts

and theories and we continually embark on ways to improve our units. We Have built

and sold several hundred of these units on and off ebay and have sold them to customers all over the world!       We serve as a supplier of a direct

marketing company based in Honolulu , Hi. where 4 different auto garages install

these units. Look at one of our pictures and see a graph of test results run on OUR kits by this company! The proof is there! 


Also See Below The Results Some Of Our Customers Have Had With Our Kits!


Positive feedback rating"Best ebay purchase ever! I went from 32 mpg to 40 mpg with this simple device! Buyer:

adamandmichelle ( 107) May-09-08 08:27 -- (#290220520905) --


Fast shipping, great product, real honest seller, would do business again, AAA++ Buyer:

candlewebound ( 195) May-12-08 11:58 -- (#290225320090)



Excellent seller. Smart businessman. Fast Shipping! Buyer:

mg_house ( 6 ) May-25-08 11:57 -- (#290229436166) --


Looks well made, as described, will test shortly, good price, fast shippment Buyer:

demoliton_durby ( 86) Jun-17-08 16:34 -- (#290229437194)


My second purchase & as before was just as described & works great! Buyer:

adamandmichelle ( 107) Jun-14-08 20:26 -- (#290233817296) --


Very positive transaction and great seller Thanks AAAAA+++++++++ Buyer:

snow-ball ( 2823) May-11-08 18:10 -- (#290222822086) --


Got my kit. very excited to try it. will buy from agin. AAA+++ just as promised. Buyer:

hardhead30680 ( 76) Aug-08-08 14:27 -- (#290250808982)


Excellent seller. Smart businessman. Fast Shipping! Buyer:

macsimizer123 ( 6 ) Jul-12-08 17:31 -- (#290239942571) --



19prostreet77 ( 453) Jul-02-08 16:16 -- (#290240584339) --


Great looking generator, better than expected, can't wait to try it out! Buyer:

wwjdoer23 ( 87) Jun-23-08 21:40 -- (#290238937676) --


Excellent seller, hydrogen generator was recieved as advertised, honest seller Buyer:

olechevyman ( 25) Jun-22-08 09:44 -- (#290237447405) --


Works well aaaaa++++++++++ Buyer:

joesblackimp ( 120) Jun-18-08 15:37 -- (#290231124187) --


Lil problem but seller fixed it in record time awsome commitment!!! Buyer:

einstein22003 ( 63) Sep-03-08 22:54 -- (#290251526865) --


This product works I went from 15 mpg to 20 mpg and still think I can get more. Buyer:

jessynova72 ( 4 ) Aug-24-08 13:37 -- (#290250358623) --


Fast shipping. I havnt had a chance to use but my mechanic says great product. Buyer:

thetestingcenter ( 8 )
No longer a registered user Jan-13-09 08:58 -- (#290273743698) --


Great Transaction,Quality Product,Super Packing,Very Detailed Instuctions,A+A+:) Buyer:

robbiewone ( 13) Mar-07-09 00:39 -- (#290289882903)

We are the second one to offer these water4gas electrolyzers on ebay and the very first ones to offer the complete install kits and the Map or Maf sensor enhancers on Ebay. There are some on ebay that have bought our units and got information from us and now selling these units. Some even say they have been doing it for years. Don't take a chance on an inferior product. These units are built in a shop. We have equipment that we designed and built that winds our wire tight and even around the insulator. This is very important in efficiency.

If you are going to convert your automobile over to burn HHO gas. You need a Map sensor Enhancer or you will not see a mileage gain! Most automobiles 1995 and newer needs both of these units to allow the driver to fine tune and manually cut back the fuel flow to the injectors so that your hydrogen generator can take over and save you MONEY at the pump! I installed 8 older model hydrogen fuel cells and one of these MAP Sensor Enhancers on my 1991 Dodge Dakota which at the time I was getting no more than 200 miles per tank full of gas. My truck skipped, ran rough, and smoked! When I installed these units I was amazed at the results! My truck has never ran smoother. It runs and feels like a new engine. I took it out on the expressway and put my foot on the gas and it was almost scarey! The extra power was almost too much! I turned this Map Sensor down to almost 3:30 position in which at about 4:00 position the gas is completely off and set there and cruised at 65 MPH. My truck is now getting about 325 miles per tank full. A big whopping difference. I included a picture of my system installed in my truck for all you hydrogen Buffs out there. I plan to add more and remove anything under my hood I don't need to make room for these babies! If I have to get a bigger alternator to run them I will! At the present time I am pulling about 12 to 15 amps on all units! Not Bad!

One or two generators like these are recomended for most vehicles a 20 to 30% better mileage can be expected depending on your vehicle and your ability to tweak out the system. In some cases I have seen over a 50 to 70% increase on some vehicles with one unit. I know of one person who owns a 1999 Toyota Corolla who is getting 71 miles to the gallon of gas with one of these units. Imagine if everyone converted to these and depended even 30% less on foreign oil. What do you think would happen to gas prices at the pump? Less demand! LOWER PRICES not only at the pump but the economy would follow! Help us by telling a friend and family about this technology. When you give this system a try you will have first hand experience like I have and want to tell everybody you see. I have people come to me everywhere I go and want to know more about this system.

The hydrogen generator units that I sell, I build myself and bench test everyone of them and are GUARANTEED to work when it arrives to you. There are no warrantee's applied. But however, if it fails to work within seven day's of arrival I'll replace the unit providing no potassium cloride has been used and has not been over charged with baking soda and has had a meltdown, or has not been dropped or misused. This cell works very well with only a 1/4 or no more than 1/2 level teaspoon of baking soda applied only the first time it is being used. When the water gets low you only have to fill up with distilled water from there out. The baking soda you initially put in the system will stay there until you completely clean it out. I recommend before you attempt to install or operate any of these units to read and fully understand this system. Know how to initially charge the generator without over heating and destroying this unit. You also need to know how to maintain your unit. With care and regular maintenance this unit will last for years!

The MAP Sensor Enhancer units are built and tested by myself before they are shipped and are universal and will work on any vehicle that has a MAP Sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure) except frequency modulated sensors. I have had questions about using just the enhancer to save gas mileage. I have been to one web site where they sell these for $97.00 and encourage using these to save gas mileage. They will save gas mileage BUT..... I do not recommend running your vehicle just on that. Because, if you lean out your engine to much WITHOUT an alternative fuel to counteract the lean mixture and you add more air than fuel ratio it could be diasterous to your engine. It would be like taking a blow torch to your pistons and or valves. As long as you use the two together there are really no concerns because the HHO gas is substituting for your gasoline and therefore creating a safe air to gas mixture.

The whole kit will come with directions on how to install this yourself! It is very simple to do and can be installed in about an hour! Install the hydrogen generator, wiring and hook up one line to a vacuum line and the other line to your air intake. Then hook up your wiring to an ignition circuit and your done. Make only three connections on your Enhancer. One to your MAP sensor and one going to the computer and one to the ground per our instructions and put velcro on the back of the unit and install it on the dash and your done! You turn it counterclock wise it goes to factory setting for your car. Turn it clockwise as you drive. When you feel your auto starting to lug back a bit then bump it back up again till it runs smooth at the speed your traveling. You are then cutting back your gasoline going to the injectors and allowing your Hydrogen Generator to take over! You can fine tune this baby!

The black wire on the plug is the ground, the yellow wire goes to the Map Sensor, The red wire goes to the computer!

We will explain this in detail when you recieve the unit ! Thanks for Bidding !



Grab it while you can shoppers Last Call ! Good Deal ! You Win This Auction We will add on CD The Famous Water4Gas

E-Book Absolutely FREE!

A $97.00 Value - Get Yours Now While You Still Can!!


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