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Details about  Sanyo FXVR FXVL FXVF FXRF FXMA TV Remote

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Sep 28, 2011
US $21.99
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Flint, Michigan, United States


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Condition: New
Product Type: Remote control
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This is A Sanyo Replacement Remote. No Programming Needed. Replaces the following models:

217MT0050, 24KH12W, 321MT0050, 434700, 436526, 6102042962, 6102243901, 6102298550, 62C901, 6450001291, 6450068515, 6450068546, 91C81M, AD724A, AD743, AMV265W, AV1308G, AV1977A1, AV2504, AV252, AVM1301, AVM1302, AVM1303, AVM1304, AVM1305, AVM1306, AVM1307, AVM1308, AVM13086, AVM1308G, AVM1308S, AVM1309, AVM1309G, AVM1309S, AVM1341, AVM1341S, AVM141M, AVM1901, AVM1901S, AVM1902, AVM1902A, AVM1903, AVM1904, AVM1905, AVM1906, AVM1907, AVM1908, AVM1908A, AVM1908G, AVM1908S, AVM1909, AVM1909S, AVM1914U, AVM1955, AVM2003, AVM2004, AVM2005, AVM2006, AVM2051, AVM2052, AVM2053, AVM2054, AVM2055, AVM2056, AVM222RE, AVM225, AVM250, AVM2501, AVM2502, AVM2503, AVM2504, AVM2505, AVM2506, AVM2507, AVM2508, AVM2508G, AVM2508G2, AVM2509, AVM2509C, AVM2509S, AVM250B, AVM252, AVM252A, AVM2535U, AVM2553, AVM2554, AVM2555, AVM25552, AVM2555U, AVM2556, AVM2557, AVM2559, AVM2559C, AVM2559S, AVM255S, AVM2566, AVM2587, AVM2588, AVM2588G, AVM258B, AVM260, AVM260B, AVM265, AVM2653, AVM265W, AVM268, AVM274, AVM274X, AVM2751, AVM2751S, AVM2753, AVM2754, AVM2755, AVM2756, AVM2757, AVM2758, AVM2758G, AVM2758S, AVM2759S, AVM276A, AVM2774, AVM279, AVM2795S, AVM279RE, AVM280, AVM2SS5, AVM3153, AVM3154, AVM3155, AVM3156, AVM3256, AVM3257, AVM3258, AVM3258G, AVM3258S, AVM3259, AVM3259G, AVM3280, AVM3280G, AVM3289, AVM3289G, AVM355, AVM3650G, AVM3651, AVM3651G, AVM3658, AVM3658G, AVM3659, AVM3659G, AVM3680, AVM3680G, AVM3689, AVM3689G, AVMA292P, AVMA292PX, AVW1906, AWM1309G, AWM2588, AZ7781, AZM1906, CAS1200, CAS1200A, CAS1200H, CAS1200K, CAS125, CAS130, CDCX155, CDCX155M, CDCX175, CDCX175M, CLT1554, CLT2054, CLT300, CLT300US, CLT3300K, CLT3600, CLT3600K, CLT3600S, CLT3600W, CLT520, CLT966, CP850, CRW905, CRZ1, CTFX927, CTFX927M, CWM840, CWM870, DCD10, DCD14, DCD15, DCD15U, DCSDA70, DCSM480, DS13204, DS13310, DS13320, DS13330, DS13380, DS13390, DS13400, DS13430, DS13530, DS13630, DS13710, DS19130, DS19204, DS19230, DS1931, DS19330, DS19350, DS19380, DS19390, DS19430, DS19450, DS19500, DS19530, DS19550, DS19580, DS19590, DS19630, DS19650, DS19730, DS20230, DS20380, DS20424, DS2093003, DS2093004, DS2093006, DS2093007, DS24424, DS25031, DS25204, DS25230, DS25250, DS25320, DS25330, DS25350, DS25380, DS25390, DS25430, DS25450, DS25500, DS25510, DS25520, DS25530, DS25550, DS25580, DS25590, DS25630, DS25650, DS25710, DS25730, DS25760, DS25830, DS26950, DS27214, DS27224, DS27350, DS27430, DS27431, DS27510, DS27530, DS27580, DS27590, DS27630, DS27780, DS27800, DS27820, DS27880, DS27890, DS27910, DS27930, DS31350, DS31450, DS31451, DS31520, DS31550, DS31551, DS31580, DS31590, DS31650, DS31810, DS31820, DS32224, DS32424, DS32830, DS32830H, DS32920, DS35224, DS35500, DS35510, DS35520, DS35580, DS35590, DS35750, DS36930, DS5230, DVD7000, DVD940AT01, FVC20, FVC720, FVH4514, FVH4906, FVH4909S, FVH4911, FVH4950, FVH5540M, FVH6550, FVH725, FVH8700, FVH910, FVH990, FVHE118, FVHE318, FVHE329, FVHE420, FVHE439, FVHS650, FVHS6800, FVHT607, FVHT617, FVHT619, FVHT639, FVHT667S, FVHT669S, FVHT677, FXBA, GCD1000, GCD2000, GVR800, HT0893, HT8327, HT897, HTPS740, HVFX100, HVFX1000, JAV12, JAV16, JAV6, JAV7150, JAV8, KH0911W, KH0912W, KH1212, KH1212W, KH1212X, KH1812W, KH2412W, KHS0921, KHS0922, KMH0912, KMH0912W, KMH0922, LVK77U, LVP500U, LVP700U, M988DSR, MAC4080, MAC4080US, MAC4190, MAC4195, MC570, MC750, MC755, MC780, MC880, MC991, MCD45K, MCD850, MCD950, MCDS665, MCDS735, MCDS870, MCDZ12, MCDZ19, MCDZ200F, MCDZ27, MCDZ30, MCDZ300F, MCDZ48, MCDZ50, MCDZ57, MCDZ60F, MCDZ9, MDC2000, MDGP1, MDR300, MLC1801A, MNAVM1906, MSC3190, PA7215, PC100, PC1013, PC1020, PC13R20, PC13R90, PC1520, PC1525, PC1526, PC1527, PC19R10, PC19R90, PC19S80, PC19S90, PC2013, PC205RE, PC20S00M, PC2520, PC2525, PC25580, PC25R20, PC25R90, PC25S80, PC25S90, PC2620, PC27S10, PC27S80, PC27S90, PC3013, PC3020, PC32S80, PC32S90, PC340A, PC3520, PC3525, PC3527, PC3531, PC3620, PC36S90, PC387WS, PC390WS, PC4013, PC4020, PC420, PC4520, PC4525, PC4527, PC4620, PC5013, PC5020, PC5520, PC5525, PC5527, PC5720, PC6013, PC6020, PC6520, PC6525, PC6527, PC6532, PC6625, PC6627, PC7013, PC7525, PC7627, PC7627AV, PC8627, PC9220, PC9426, PC9920, PCD6/USA, PCS32590, PHD560, PHD580, PHD620, PHD680, PHD740, PHD850, PHD8800, PHD920, PHD9900, PHDS55, PHDS56, PHDS60, PHMD100, PLC300M, PLC320M, PLC355M, PR1304B101, RMY136/M, RS882, RS9225, SANYO, SAP362TH, SBM2506, SLT1554, SVM2556, SYOAVM1308G, SYOAVM1905, SYOAVM2504, SYOAVM2555, TAD9315, TAD9425, TAD992, TR429B, TS2575, TVS2400, TVS2700, VHE8310, VHR3950, VHR5207, VHR5417, VHR5420, VHR5422, VHR8100, VHR8120, VHR8310, VHR9433, VHRM118, VMEX320, VRA471AT, VWM210, VWM330, VWM350, VWM510, VWM650, VWM677 Replaces the following remote controls: FXPF, FXME, AVM260, AVM260B, AVM265, AVM268, AVM2756, AVM279RE, AVM280, FXPT, FXVG, FXRF, FXAJ, FXBA, FXFB, FXBB, FXFK, FXPB, FXMA, FXMG, FXMP, 301M0288XC, FXMH, FXBC, FXBD, FXDD, FXFC, FXFL, FXFM, FXGB, FXGD, FXGG, FXML, FXVL, 146M0288XC, 6102080957, 6440198888, 6450018633, 6450025518R, 6450025518RR, 6450411519, FXTG, 6450038891RR, 6450047626, 6450051678, 6450054938, 6450068645, 6450090554, 6450097812, 6450104190, 6450111723, 6450118180, FXPL, FXWD, HTPS740, FXTB, 6142860434, 6161112460, 6161112477, 6161112491, 6202005720, 6202047614, 6202117218, 6202142531, 6202154466, 6202298550, 6231543750, 62C901, 6326610541, 6326664803, 6326669242, 6326938478, 6327096610R, 6360260436, 6360313200, 6360374515, 6360427648, 6360427716, 6380121618, 6380141586, 6380159062, 6450145599, 6450148347, 6450171277, 6450177538, 6450177538R, 6450233890, 6450235900, 6450263804, 6450315541, 6450348778, 6450355325, 6450365270, 6450387302, 6450387722, 6450397202, 6450397219, 6450404849, 6450414794, 6450415982, 6450415999, 6450416002, 6450416019, 6450417122, 6450423512, 6450427985, 6450435843, 6450436185, 6450437533, 6450440021, 6450440106, 6450441110, FVH4514, FVH4906, FVH4909S, FVH4950, FVH6550, FVH725, FVH910, FVH990, FVHE118, FVHE318, FVHE329, FVHS650, FVHT617, FVHT619, FVHT639, FVHT677, GCD1000, HOLDE, HOLDEBCKE, HT8327, I702, I8100, IR5203, IR5207, IR5417, IR800, IR8310, 6102298550, 90450271XC, IR9555, JAV6, JAV6, JAV7150, JAV8, JXMRF, KH1212X, KH2412W, KHS0922, KMH0922, LER/PCB, LG6711R2N040B, LVK77U, LVP500U, LVP700U, M988DSR, MC570, MC780, MC880, MC991, MCD45, MCD850, MCD950, MCDS665, MCDS870, MCDZ12, MCDZ200F, MCDZ27, MCDZ300F, MCDZ50, MCDZ60F, MDXP1, MS7766, MSC3190, 949S0366, P.B.SSY, PA7215, PC19S90, PC205RE, PC387WS, PC390WS, PC420, PC8627, PCBCD, PCBSSY, PCBSSY, PCBSSY, PCBSSYH.K, PCBSSYHK, PCBSSYMIN, PCBSSYSES, PCBSSYSES, PCBSSYSES, PCBWSSYMIN, PCBWSSYMIN, PCD6, PHD560, PHD580, PHD740, PHD850, PHD920, PHDS55, PHMD100, AVM355, 1AVOU10B07000, FXGC, 7000, VWM677, RMTU110, RMTU200, RPT800, RTV350, RTV881, SAN05, SAN110, FXBD, FXDA, FXVF, FXPW, FXFA, FXTE, FXGF, FXPH, RCFX1, RCTFX1000, FXMC, FXMD, FXMH, FXMJ, FXMK, FXPC, FXPD, FXPP, FXPP, 6142562987, FXFJ, 6142645772, FXFJ, 6142646236, TV24, VHR5420, FXTD, FXVR, FXPE, FXPS, FXVM, FXRG, FXRB, FXBD, FXYA, 6450027604, FXWE, 6102137279R, 6131186286, 6131231993, 6131269903, 6131292697, 6131322318, 6131334410, 6131355415R, 6131401051, 6131410169, 6142138410, 6142380581, 6142468951, 6142503836, 6142534960, 6142534977, 6142542880, 6142545676, 6102169867, 6102231588, 6102243901RR, 6102325089, 6102327915, 6102338928, 6102340969, 6102371321, 6102378399, 6102927757, 6130838247, 6130881410, 6130903518, 6130909251, 6130909268, 6130971548, 6131058118, 6131089907, 6131158825, FXFJ, 6102135961, FXWK, FXRD, FXRE, FXMB, 6102298536, FXPA, FXPM, FXTK, FXTG, FXWC, FXWB, FXGE, FXME, FXMF, FXMM, 6450119842, 6450126413, 6450581137, 6450588136, AVM2051, AVM222RE, AVM225, AVM2566, AVM258B


All Remotes come with Full Money Back Guarantee that the remote will work upon arrival.

Payment Information:

 We accept Paypal payment.   After 7 days we have to file a non-paying bidder form to get fees back and the item relisted. Credit Card: If wanted to bypass Paypal and use a credit card you may, however, please be advised that you will be requested to EMAIL your Credit Card Information. If worried about security matters through EMAIL please use Paypal to process your Credit Card Payment. Thanks

Shipping Information:

- Orders are usually processed and shipped with in 24-48 hours via USPS w/Delivery Confirmation.

> All shipping charges include handling fees. <

We ship to American soldiers.

-Standard shipping is $6.75 first class mail 3-10 days in US

- Yes, We do ship international. Via standard air-mail Shipping rates are $9.75 for Canada and other countries outside U.S. Although packages are shipped within 48 hours. They may not arrive for 4-6 weeks per customs and/or countries post office times, normally takes within a week.

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