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Details about  Quality Over Quantity Huge Video Game Collection Earthbound SNES Sega Suikoden

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Quality Over Quantity Huge Video Game Collection Earthbound SNES Sega Suikoden
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Mar 24, 2012
US $31,500.00
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Hollywood, FL, United States


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Item specifics

Good: An item in used but good condition. May have minor damage to jewel case including scuffs or cracks, ... Read moreabout the condition
Platform: Nintendo SNES
Rating: KA - Kids to Adults Game: EarthBound
Genre: Role Playing Release Year: 1995


Detailed item info

Product Information
You will be startled to hear the thunderous crash at the beginning of the EarthBound (Super Nintendo, 1995) game only to discover it to be a meteorite. A treasure for your SNES platform, the EarthBound (Super Nintendo, 1995) is a RPG based on a typical American boy, Ness, with psychic powers. To kill the potentially dangerous creature of the future Giygas, you travel through the present, making friends, and defeating enemies. You finally restore peace on the earth in this SNES game of EarthBound (Super Nintendo, 1995).The game’s popularity saw a loose sequel called Mother 3. New characters were introduced in Mother 3 and unlike EarthBound (Super Nintendo, 1995), the game was only released in Japan.

Product Identifiers

Tech Details
Control ElementsGamepad
Number of Players1
Release Year1995
Game Special FeaturesFeatures modern-day RPG action; hundreds of wacky aliens and monsters to fight; save features allows you to save your progress; 128-page Player's Guide included, which provides helpful tips and strategies; travel all over the world in order to save the Earth
Game Series3D Ultra Pinball

Up for grabs is my collection of video games.

Includes many rare complete gba, snes, ps1, sega cd, saturn, dreamcast, ps3, ds, and more. Some(not many) are sealed. All games in the pictures are included. All of the cardboard boxes are in great shape(save for a small amount). The disc based games may have scratches, but theyre all complete.

If you need to know the condition of a certain game let me know. THERE IS A LIST OF THE GAMES BELOW THE PICTURES.

Notable mentions include:

*Complete copy of Earthbound in Very Good Condition

*Snatcher and The Space Adventure on Sega CD

*Suikoden II on PS1

*Clayfighter Sculptor's Cut with Box on Nintendo 64

*2 Sealed Copies of Infinite Space on the DS

*Sealed copies of Paper Mario and NFL Blitz Special Edition(blockbuster only release) on Nintendo 64

*Majority of the DS/PS3/360/Wii/PSP games are sealed(the ones that are horizontal are sealed, the ones that are stacked are opened and complete)

*Sealed PSP LEs(including all the YS's)

*Metroid Prime Trilogy Sealed for Wii

*Metroid Prime/Zelda Wind Waker Combo Sealed for Gamecube(seal has a rip)

*Very rare Complete GBA Games(Ninja 5-O, Wings, Pink Panther, many more)

*Some sealed collector's/limited editions for current gen consoles(on the top shelf in the closet pic, cant really see them, ill provide a pic if needed)

The shelf and any consoles in the pictures are not for sale. The 2 Zelda Philips CDi games are case and manual only. The gba boxes that are stacked are box and manual only. The gba boxes that go horiontaly are all cib or sealed. Mother 3(GBA) and Princess Crown(saturn) are the only two games that are not included.

I have taken many pictures, you shouls be able to see each individual game in the pictures i took. Feel free to email with specific questions.

I know this is a big lot, so I will ship with Fed Ex in multiple boxes. I will ship all games in sturdy boxes with cushioning accordingly to protect each individual game.

**UPDATE 3/23(in response to the rude emails ive been getting):

If you dont think this lot is worth it, youre obviously not a collector(or, no offense, a bad collector that doesnt know prices of games). The amount of time it would take to get some of these games would turn into years(a bunch arent even up on ebay at the moment and probably wont be for a while, i know this from experience sitting on ebay the last 3 years). I had a $26,000 offer yesterday that I turned down because I would be losing money on the lot. I know you may be thinking this seller is crazy, but youre the same person/people i buy games off and sell them for tripple what I payed. Im not trying to be a dick, but ive been getting some really nasty emails(threatening me, trying to blackmail me, belittling me, ect). Please dont email me if youre going to be an ass. Thanks to the people that have actually sent me legitamite questions and offers.

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snes cib
7th saga cib
fievel goes west cib
battletoads battlemnaniacs cib
breath of fire cib
Castlevania dracuala x with box
chrono trigger cib
demons crest cib
earthbound cib
final fantasy 2 cib
ff3 cib
king arthur knights justice cib missing map
mystical ninja with box
mega man x2 with box
metal warriors cib
power rangers the movie box only
ogre battle cib
pocky rocky cib
sould blazer cib
sunset riders with box
super metroid cib
twisted tales spike mcfang


snes carts
striker gunner stg
wild guns
mega man 7
secret of mana
lufia I
mega man soccer
batman and robin animated


gba (all cib)
advance wars
aladdin sealed
bee game(sealed)
boktai 2
breath of fire
bof 2
buffy advance
care bears (sealed)
castlevania aria
castlevania harmony
castlevania circle
casltevania dub pack
demikids dark sealed
demikids light sealed
dk country
dragonball z buu fury
doc mario/poke puz
duke nukem
extreme ghostbusters
final fight
fire emblem
fire emblem sacred
gekido sealed
golden sun
hamtaro heart break
harvest moon friends
hm more friends
its mr pants sealed
jurassic park builder
kao kangaroo
king of fighters 2
kingdom hearts
kirby nightmare
klonoa 2 sealed
zelda link
zelda minish
mario n luigi
mega man n bass
mega man battle network 3 white
metal slug advance
metroid fusion
metroid zero
monster rancher 
mortal kombat
moto racer
muppets pinball
ninja 5 0
phantasy star collect
pinball of the dead
pink panther
pocky rocky becky
poke em
poke fire
poke leaf
poke ruby
poke sapphire
puyo pop
racing gears advance
rock n roll racing
shining force
shining soul
shining soul 2
summon night
summon night 2 sealed
super army war sealed
super ghouls ghosts sealed
mario advance
mario advance 2
mario advance 3
mario advance 4
mario bros classic
puzz fight
robot taisen sealed
robot taisen 2
sword of mana
tactics ogre
tales phantasia sealed 
teen titans
warioland 4
wolfenstien 3d
yggdra union
yoshi topsy sealed
link II sealed
zone of the enders sealed
blackthorne sealed


saturn (all cib)
batman forever arcade
burning rangers
courier crisis sealed
contra legacy has glasses
the crow
die hard arcade
duke nukem
earthworm jim 2 sealed
guardian heroes 
hercs advanetures
highway 2000
the hord
in the hunt
iron storm
legend of oasis
marvel superheroes
mass destruction
mega man 8
mega man x4
mortal kombat trilogy
night warriors
panzer dragoon
panzer 2
primal rage
resident evil
saturn bomberman
shining holy ark
sonic 3d
street fighter alpha
street fighter alpha 2
stree fighter collection
puzz fighter
tempest 2000
ultimate mk3
warcraft II
wining post


dreamcast (all cib)
capcom vs snk
elemental gimmick gear
evolution 2
fatal fury mark of wolves
grandia II
jojo bizarre
maken x
marcap 2
project justice
psychic force
record of lodoss war
RE code veronic sealed
skies arcadia
slave zero
sonic ad
sonic ad2
sf third strike
stupid invaders
puzzle fighter jpn
tokyo extreme racer


n64 cib
clayfighter sculptors cut
goemon great adventure
indiana jones infernal
zelda ocarina
space station silicon valley
mario 64
tom jerry
worms armaggedon
paper mario sealed
nfl blitz special edition sealed


n64 carts
bomberman 2nd attack



nes carts
bucky o hare
chip dale 2
ducktales 2
rockin katz


sega cd cib
3 ninjas/hook
ax 101
bc racers
bc racers sealed
cadillacs and dinos
crime patrol sealed case has cracks
dark wizard
dragon's lair case
earthworm jim se
heart of the alien
heart of the alien sealed case crack
lords of thunder
nba hangtime 95
revengers of vengeance
road rash
robo aleste
shadows of the beast II
space ace
star wars chess
sonic cd
soul star
space adventure
third world war
ultraverse microcosm
wild woody
wild woody sealed


genesis cib
sorceres kingdom
turtles heist
toejam earl
zombies ate

genesis cart

contra hard corps


alien hominid
animal crossing
batten kaitos
baten kaitos 2 sealed
beyond good and evil
buffy chaos 20
chaos field sealed
custom robo
eternal darkness
fire emblem path
fire emblem sealed
gauntlet dark
ikaruga sealed
zelda 4 pack
zelda twighlight
zelda windwaker
zelda windwake/ocarina
zelda windwaker/metroid prime sealed(sealed ripped)
lost kingdoms
luigis mansion
mega man anniversary
mega man x collect
metal arms
metal gears solid
ncaa 2k3 college hoops
paper mario
phantasy star online
pikmin 2
pokemon box
puyo pop
re zero
re code veronica x
sonic dx
sonic battle 2
sonic gems
starfox assault
smash melee
mario sunshine
tales symphonia
smash melee PAL
mario party 7

grand theft auto trilogy
blinx 2
bloody roar extreme
capcom snk 2
conker live reloaded
crazy taxi 3
doom 3
fatal frame
galleon sealed
godzilla save
guy game
half life 2
house of the dead III
jet set
metal slug 3
night caster 
night caster 2 sealed
ninja gaiden
ninja gaiden black
oddworld strangers
psychonauts sealed(seal ripped)
samurai shodown v
svc chaos
spy vs spy
toejam earl III




wii (all sealed)
animal crossing
dog island
fragile dreams
metroid prime trilogy
sin and punishent
sakura wars
tatsunoko vs capcom
warioland shake it
mario allstars limited


360 (all sealed)
batman arkham asylum holo(not players hits)
blue dragon
darkstar one
gears of war triple pack x 2
halo wars
infinite undiscovery
last remnant
metro 2033 
sherlocke holmes
tales vesperia x 2
tropico 3


ps3 (all sealed)
3d dot heroes
bulletstorm back to the future
brutal legend
cross edge
dead space 2
demons souls x 2
disgaea 3
eternal sonata
final fantsy 13
heavy rain
infamous x2
just cause 2
metal gear 4
ratchet and clank crack in time
red dead undead
sly collection
star ocean
trinity universe x 2
uncharted x 2
valkyria chronicles
oblivion 5th year
castlevania lord of shadows LE


psp (all sealed)
blazing souls
castlevania dracula x
disgaea 2
disgaea infinite
half minute hero x 3
hexyz force
kingdom hearts
knights in the nightmare
persona 1
phantasy star online
powerstone collection
tactics ogre
valkyria chronicles II
valkyrie profile x 2
yggra union


ds (all sealed)
atelier annie
astro boy
cheer we go
chibi robo
chrono trigger 1st edition x 3
dragon quest v x 2
dragon quest ix 25
dragonball origins
etrian odyssey
et od 2
et od 3
fire emblem x 2
fossil fighters
game and watch collection
ghost trick
golden sun ds
harvest moon puzzle
infinite space x 2
izuna 2
jake hunter
kingdom hearts re coded
knights in nightmare
red hood zombie bbq
luminous arc 2
lunar knights
mario luigi partners
mega man zero collection
metroid prime hunters
my world my way
nostalgia x 2
phantasy star 0
picross 3d
plants vs zombies 
princess debut
sand of destruction x 2
shin megami strange journey
spectral force
steal princess
summon night ds x 2
super princess peach
robot taisen ds
trauma center under the knife 2
valkyire profile
warioware diy
witchs wish
witchs tale
ys 1 and 2
pokemon silver


ps1 all complete
adventure lomax
aladdin nasira
ape escape
arc collection
azure dreams
batman forever arcade
beyond the beyond
blast lacross
bomberman world
brave fencer
breath of fire 3
bushido blade 2
bust a groove 
bag 2
castlevania chronicles
chrono cross
city lost children
clock tower
crash collectors
crow city sealed 
darkstalkers 3
deception 3
digimon rumble arena
dino crisis 2
dragon valor
dragon warrior 7
dynasty warriors
elemental gearbolt
final doom
fishermans bait
fox hunt
frogger 2
ghost in the shell    
gta colelctors
harvest moon
heart of darkness
hercs adventures
hogs war
intelligent qube
jumping flash 2
king of fighters 99
kingsley adventure
legend of dragoon
legend of legia
legend of mana
lunar 2 LE
xmen vs street fighter
marvel superherooes
marvel vs street fighter
medievil 2
mega man 8
mega man legends
mega man legends 2
misadventures of tron
moster rancher 2
mprtal kombat trilogy
oddworld exoddus
oddworld oddyssey
ogre battle
panzer front
parappa the rapper
paraiste eve
parasite 2
persona 2
pink panther
raycrisis sealed
rival schools
rising zan
romance three kingdoms vi
saga frontier
saga frontier 2
silent hill
silhouette mirage sealed
sim city 2000
spyro collector
star fighter
star ocean
street fighter aloha 3
street fighter collection
sfc 2
strider 2
suikoden ii
puzzle fighter 2
tail of the sun
tales destiny
destiny 2
team buddies
tecmo deception
theme hospital
thousand arms
threads of fate
thunder force v
um jammer lammy                          
vanguard bandits
vandal hearts 2 
vampire hunter d
valkyrie profile
vangrant story
warcraft II
warpath jurassic park
wild arms


ps2 all complete
ar tonelico 2 sealed
arcana heart
buffy chaos
capcom vs snk 2
chaos wars
disgaea disgaea 2 sealed
dokopon kingdom
all 4 hacks
all 3 gu hacks
dragon quest 8
dual hearts
ephemeral fantasia
eternal poison
ff10-2 sealed
god hand
grim grimoire
guilty gear accent core plus
haunting ground
kingdom hearts
klonoa 2
la pucelle
makai kingdom
mana khemia
mega man x7
metal arms
metal gear 3 sealed
metal saga
metal slug 4/5
nobunagas ambition iron triangle
odin sphere
paparapa 2
persona 3
phantom brave
red dead revolver
rogue galaxy sealed
romance three 7 sealed
romanace three 11 sealed
rule of rose
rule of rose sealed
samurai western
shining tears
silent hill 2
sh 3
soul nomad
steambot chron
stella dues
steet fighter alpha anthology
street fighter anniversay collection
suikoden 3
sui 4
sui 5
sui tactics
tales of legendia
tales abyss
tales abyss sealed
wild arms alter code f
ys ark
ar tonelico box set
magna carta box set

mana khemia 2 box set sealed


ds cib
advance wars
advance wars days of ruin
all 3 castlevania ds games
chrono trigger
fire emblem
from the abyss
infinte space x 2
kingdom hearts 36382/2
luminous arc
metroid prime hunters
metroid prime pinball
new super mario bros
ninja town
plants vs zombies
yoshi island ds

360 cib
red dead special edition
call of duty black ops

psp cib
aedis eclipse
spectral souls ys ark
prinny 1
persona 1 box and contents(game is sealed)

2 sealed copies of atelier annie LE with the figures(supposedly on 550 made)
uncharted 3 CE
Batman Arkham City CE
Lunar Silver Star LE PSP
all the YS LE on PSP
Doki DOki Majo Shinpan 2 LE for the DS
Fallout New Vegas and FO3 CE

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