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Details about  Montgomery County Arkansas History-Our Heritage-Geneaology-Rare -Illustrated

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Montgomery County Arkansas History-Our Heritage-Geneaology-Rare -Illustrated
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Oct 14, 2011
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MOUNT IDA, AR, United States

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Binding: Fine Binding Special Attributes: Illustrated
Subject: History Origin: American
Rare History of Montgomery County Arkansas - Montgomery County, Our Heritage, Quartz Capital of the World

Fine bound in leather with gilt
670 pages with hundreds of drawings and photographs.

This book was published in limited quantities and is virtually impossible to find.

Pristine condition except for owner's name inscribed in flyleaf

This volume contains detailed information covering Montgomery County and it's county seat Mount Ida from 1803 to 1987 when it was published.
It includes lists of not only county officials etc but lists of the military companies during the Civil War and the men who served in them. With it's detailed family histories as well it is an invaluable resource for any genealogist researching Arkansas.

Family Histories Montgomery County National Register Listings The Civil War Bits of County History Community Histories School Histories Church Histories I Remember When The Way It Was Memorials Tributes Index

County Map w/ Arkansas Territory 1819-1820 Rivers & Old Railroads of Arkansas redrawn from an 1836 map in 1919 A New Map of Arkansas 1848 Colton's Arkansas Cotton's Addition-Mt. Ida Map of Montgomery Schools Map of Montgomery County Churches Map of Montgomery County Cemeteries Montgomery county Arkansas-Highly detailed map w/ roads, structures, dock, peirs private and public lands etc. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Index containes 11,500 names Abbott, Abee, Abercrombie, Abernathy, Ackerman, Adair Site, Adams, Adamson, Adcock, Adkins, Advance, Agriculture,Alamo, Alamo School, Albert, Aldridge, Aleshire, Alexander, Allbright, Allen, Alley, Ambers, Amber's Swimming Pool, American Legion, Amerson, Amos, Anderson, Ankenman, Anthem, Apple, Armstrong, Arnold, Arthur, Ashbrooks, Ashcraft, Ashford, Ashley, Atchley, Atha, Ator, Ault, Ault School, Austin, Avra, Awtrey, Axey, Ayers B Badger, Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Ballard, Ballentine, Ballew, Bandy, Bank of Montgomer County, Banta, Barber, Bardwell, Barentine, Barker, Barnard, Barner, Barnes, Barnet, Barr, Barrentine, Barrett, Barton, Baseball, Basketball, Bashaw, Basinger, Bates, 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Butler, Buttermilk Springs, Byers, Byrne C Cabler, Caddo, (There are lots of Cado things)Caddo Gap,Caddo Gap School, Caddo Hills School, Caddo Indians, Caddo Rifles, Caddo River Lumber Company, Caddo Valley Academy, Cagle, Callaway, Calloway, Calucag, Calvin, Carkhuff, Cameron, Cammack, Campbell, Camp Ozark, Caney School, Cannon, Carley, Carmack, Carns, Carpenter, Carper, Carr, Carroll, Carter, Case, Casey, Cash, Cass, Castleberry, Cates, Caudle, Cauthern, Cauthorn, Cearley, Cearly, Cedar Bluff School, Cedar Glades, Cedar Glades School, Chambers, Chandler, Chaney Chapin, Chapman, Chapmon, Chapmond, Chatman, Chattelle, Chesbro, Chesnutt, Chicken Industry, Childers, Chism, Chitwood, Chivestown, Christenberry, Churches, Clardy, Clark, Clarke, Clayton, Clenney, Click, Clift, Cline, Clingman, Cloutier, Cluster, Coates, Coats, Cobb, Cochran, Cockburn, Cockran, Cockrell, Coffman, Cogburn, Coggins, Coher, Coker, Cole, Coleman, Colens, Collier, Collier Creek, Collins, Collum, Compton, Condrey, Condry, Conrad, Cook, Cooley, Coolidge, Cooperative Exention Service, Cooper, Cope, Copeland, Corley, Corzine, Cosby, Costelow, Cotton, Couch, Coughran, Cound, Counts, Covington, Cowart,Cowles, Cox, Coyle, Cozart, Craddock, Craft, Craig, Cramer, Crampton, Crandall, Crane, Craw, Crawford, Creekmore, Crenshaw, Crews, Crittenden, Crook, Crosby, Crump, Crystal, Crystal Hill (Chambers) School, Crystal Township, Cubage, Culp, Culpepper, Cumbie, Cunningham, Curry, Curtis, D Dailey, Dale, Dallas, Danforth, Daniel, Daniels, Danley, Danville, Darby, Darcus, Darr, Daves, Davidson, Davis, Deal, Dean, DeArmond, Dedman, Dees, Demby, Denny, Densmore, Denton, Deramus, Derr, DeSoto, DeVore, Dickey, Dickson, Diffie, Dillard, Dillinger, Diltz, Dixon, Dobb, Dobbs, Dodd, Dood, Dodgen, Dollar, Donahou, Donaldson, Dorrough, Doss, Dosser, Dossey, Doughten, Douglas, Down, Downing, Doyel, Draper, Driggers, Drug Stores, Dublin, Duke, Dumont, Dunaway, Duncan, Dunn, Dunson, Durion, Dusenberry, Dwyer, Dyer E Earley, Earp, East, Eaton, Ebson, Echols, Eck, Eddy, Edge, Edmon, Edmonds, Edwards, Ed, Efird, Egleston, Einella, Elder, Elliington, Ellis, Ellison, Elnora, Emerson, Emery, Emmons, Endersby, English, Entricken, Estep, Etheridge, Ethridge, Evans, Evant, Evatt, Ewing, F Fagen, Fair, Fancy Hill, Fancy Hill School, Fann, Fannie, Farmer, Faulkner, Featherston, Ferguson, Fiddler, Fiddler Valley School, Fields, Fields School, Fikes, Finch, Findley, Firth, Fisher, Fisher Mountain, Fitch, Fite, Fitzwater, Five Mile School, Flair, Flanagan, Flatte, Flemings, Flemming, Flynn, Foley, Fondon, Forbes, Ford, Forga, Forgey, Foshee, Foster, Fountain, Fowler, Fox, Frances, Franks, Freeman, Fried, Friendship School, Fryar, Fugura, Fullbright, Fulton, FunerFussell, Futrellbunk, Furr, G Gable, Gage, Gaines, Gamble, Gantz, Gardiner, Garmon, Garner, Garrett, Gaskins, Gaston, Gaston School, Gatlin, Gibbs, Gibson, Gilbert, Gilbreath, Gilford, Gillean, Gillham, Gillespie, Gilley, Gillham, Giudici, Given, 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Perfect for a genealogist or anyone with roots in Arkansas.

Satisfaction Guaranteed-I will happily combine shipping-Happy Biding & Have a wonderful day!

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