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Details about  Maytag Washer Motor 2-1664-13 or 2166413 , 12002351, AM119, 22004301, 201807SW

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Maytag Washer Motor 2-1664-13 or 2166413 , 12002351, AM119, 22004301, 201807SW
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Sep 18, 2012
US $75.00
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Washington , United States


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Maytag Washer Motor part# 2-1664-13 or 2166413 Model # 5KH41ET63S
  •        This item can replace the following part #s: 12002351, AM119, 22004301, 201807SW, 201807SO, 201805SW, 201805SO, 201805, 201664, 201165, 2-1805, 2-1664
  •   Compare to Over $160.55 Retail.
  •    All parts have been removed from a functioning appliance.
  •    This Item comes with a Warranty (see below for details)
  •    Please contact me with your appliance model # if you are not sure if this is compatible with your appliance.
  •   This part is made by Whirlpool. Whirlpool brands include Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef, Admiral, Norge, Roper, and others. Whirlpool also makes various appliance models for Sears / Kenmore.  
  •   For a list of Appliance model #s that this part will work with see below the pictures.
  •   This Item can work in the following appliance model #s  (hint, use CTRL + F to search for your appliance model #) A100S, A102, A102S, A103, A103S, A104, A105, A106, A106S, A107, A107S, A108, A108S, A110, A112, A15CA, A15CM, A15CT, A16CA, A16CM, A16CT, A17CA, A17CM, A17CT, A180, A181, A182, A183, A18CA, A18CM, A18CT, A190, A1910, A200, A200S, A209, A209S, A210, A211, A211S, A212, A212S, A21CA, A21CM, A21CT, A22CA, A22CM, A22CT, A23CA, A23CDL, A23CDW, A23CSL, A23CSW, A23CT, A24CA, A25CA, A25CAE, A25CM, A25CME, A25CS, A25CT, A26CA, A26CAE, A26CD, A26CDC, A282, A300S, A302S, A308, A308S, A382, A390, A3910, A406S, A408, A408S, A410, A412, A482, A484, A490, A4910, A5000, A503, A506, A510, A510S, A511, A511S, A512, A512S, A590, A5910, A610, A7300, A7400, A7500, A7500S, A7500W, A7800, A8100, A8120, A8140, A8200, A8210, A8240, A8340, A8420, A8440, A8500, A8520, A8600, A8640, A8650, A8700, A8740, A882, A9200, A9300, A9400, A9400S, A9400W, A9600, A9700, A9800, A9900, ESE9900, ESG9900, GA104, GA183, GA190, GA1910, GA211, GA211S, GA25CM, GA25CME, GA25CS, GA25CT, GA26CD, GA26CDC, GA282, GA308, GA308S, GA382, GA390, GA3910, GA482, GA484, GA490, GA4910, GA5000, GA506, GA590, GA5910, GA7300, GA7400, GA7800, GA8100, GA8120, GA8140, GA8200, GA8210, GA8240, GA8340, GA8420, GA8440, GA8500, GA8520, GA8600, GA8640, GA8650, GA8700, GA8740, GA882, GA9200, GA9300, GA9400, GA9600, GA9700, GA9800, GA9900, LA104, LA105, LA110, LA112, LA180, LA181, LA182, LA183, LA190, LA1910, LA209, LA209S, LA210, LA211, LA211S, LA212, LA212S, LA25CM, LA25CME, LA25CS, LA25CT, LA26CD, LA26CDC, LA282, LA302, LA308, LA308S, LA382, LA390, LA3910, LA410, LA412, LA482, LA484, LA490, LA4910, LA5000, LA503, LA506, LA510, LA510S, LA511, LA511S, LA512, LA512S, LA590, LA5910, LA610, LA7300, LA7400, LA7800, LA8100, LA8120, LA8140, LA8200, LA8210, LA8240, LA8340, LA8420, LA8440, LA8500, LA8520, LA8600, LA8640, LA8650, LA8700, LA8740, LA882, LA9200, LA9300, LA9400, LA9400S, LA9400W, LA9600, LA9700, LA9800, LA9900, LAT1910AAL, LAT1910AAW, LAT1916AAE, LAT1916ABE, LAT2910AAL, LAT2910AAW, LAT2914AAE, LAT2914AAL, LAT2914AAM, LAT2915AAE, LAT2915AAM, LAT2916AAE, LAT2916AAM, LAT2916ABE, LAT3914AAE, LAT3914AAL, LAT3914AAM, LAT4000AAW, LAT4910AAL, LAT4910AAW, LAT5000AAL, LAT5000AAW, LAT5000ABL, LAT5000ABW, LAT5004AAW, LAT5005AAE, LAT5005AAW, LAT5005ABW, LAT5006AAE, LAT5910AAL, LAT5910AAW, LAT5910BAL, LAT5910BAW, LAT7300AAL, LAT7300AAW, LAT7300ABL, LAT7300ABW, LAT7300AGL, LAT7300AGW, LAT7304AAE, LAT7304AAL, LAT7304AAM, LAT7304ABE, LAT7304ABL, LAT7304ABM, LAT7304DAL, LAT7306AAE, LAT7314AAE, LAT7314AAL, LAT7314AAM, LAT7334AAE, LAT7334AAL, LAT7334AAM, LAT7334ABE, LAT7400AAL, LAT7400AAW, LAT7400ABL, LAT7400ABW, LAT7480AAL, LAT7480AAW, LAT7480ABL, LAT7480ABW, LAT7500AAL, LAT7500AAW, LAT7500ABL, LAT7500ABW, LAT7500AGL, LAT7500AGW, LAT7500AIL, LAT7500AIW, LAT8004AAE, LAT8004AAL, LAT8004AAM, LAT8004ABE, LAT8005AAE, LAT8005AAM, LAT8006AAE, LAT8006AAM, LAT8014AAE, LAT8014AAL, LAT8014AAM, LAT8014ABE, LAT8016AAE, LAT8024AAE, LAT8024AAL, LAT8024AAM, LAT8026AAE, LAT8026AAM, LAT8026ABE, LAT8034AAE, LAT8034AAL, LAT8034AAM, LAT8035AAE, LAT8035AAM, LAT8100AAL, LAT8100AAW, LAT8100ABL, LAT8100ABW, LAT8104AAE, LAT8104AAL, LAT8104AAM, LAT8106AAE, LAT8106ABE, LAT8120AAL, LAT8120AAW, LAT8140AAL, LAT8140AAW, LAT8140ABL, LAT8140ABW, LAT8200AAL, LAT8200AAW, LAT8200ABL, LAT8200ABW, LAT8204AAE, LAT8204AAL, LAT8204AAM, LAT8204ABE, LAT8206AAE, LAT8206AAM, LAT8206ABE, LAT8210AAL, LAT8210AAW, LAT8214AAE, LAT8214AAL, LAT8214AAM, LAT8214ABE, LAT8216AAE, LAT8216AAM, LAT8226AAE, LAT8226AAM, LAT8226ABE, LAT8234AAE, LAT8234AAL, LAT8234AAM, LAT8234ABE, LAT8240AAL, LAT8240AAW, LAT8240ABL, LAT8240ABW, LAT8305AAE, LAT8306AAE, LAT8306AAM, LAT8306ABE, LAT8500AAL, LAT8500AAW, LAT8500ABL, LAT8500ABW, LAT8504AAE, LAT8504AAL, LAT8504AAM, LAT8520AAL, LAT8520AAW, LAT8520ABL, LAT8520ABW, LAT8520BAL, LAT8520BAW, LAT8520BBL, LAT8520BBW, LAT8600AAE, LAT8600AAL, LAT8600AAW, LAT8600ABE, LAT8600ABL, LAT8600ABW, LAT8608AAE, LAT8608AAL, 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All our parts have been tested to ensure they are functioning properly and come with a 30 Warranty! Contact us right away and we will rush the same part out (if in stock), or refund your money if the item is not in stock.

Item may vary in color from the picture, but will always be the same part number

Returns are allowed on all items if they are returned in the same condition they were received. Returns are allowed for 30 days from USPS confirmed arrival of the part. Funds will be given within 1 business day of us receiving the item. Refunds are only for the cost of the item and do not include the cost of shipping, unless part is proven to be defective.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction! If you order a part from us and it is delayed in the mail, or arrives damaged or not as described, please contact us asap before leaving feedback.

• All Items are shipped via USPS Priority mail, which typically takes 2-3 business days depending on distance needed to travel.
• Express USPS shipping is available if you need your part ASAP. Please contact us before ordering for a shipping quote.
• 1st Class USPS is available for a lower shipping cost. Please contact us before ordering for a quote.
• All orders are shipped within 1 business day of payment. If an item is paid for before 9am Pacific Standard Time it will ship the same day.
• Combined Shipping is available. If you are planning on ordering more than one item, please contact us before ordering with the items that you plan on purchasing and your zip code and we will get you a custom lower rate for shipping all items together.
• All Shipping Prices listed are for shipping to the United States Only. Shipping is also available for Canada, Mexico. Please contact us before ordering for a shipping quote.
• Any item that has glass, or could break during shipping will include insurance.

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