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Details about  MILLTONE Tunable Steel Tongue Metal Slit Hank Tank Hand Drum Head Gong Bowl OM

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MILLTONE Tunable Steel Tongue Metal Slit Hank Tank Hand Drum Head Gong Bowl OM
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Jun 25, 2012
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Southaven, Mississippi, United States


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Drum Type: Tunable Steel Tongue, Hand, Slit, Metal Tongue Model:


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Hammered Black

MILLTONE Tunable Steel Tongue Drums

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MILLTONE steel tongue tongue drum head gong MILLTONE slit drum head gong slit drum MILLTONE steel tongue drum metal tongue drum slit drum hand drum metal tongue drum. In this eBay listing we are proud to present a Sixth Generation Model 6G MILLTONE fine tunable steel tongue instrument. The Sixth Generation models are completely hand cut and assembled by the MILLTONE craftsman, so each half of the instrument can be finished inside before assembly. This one is finished inside and out with a durable color called Hammered Black. No Graphics or MILLTONE logos complete this beautiful hand drum. MILLTONE logos can be added for the winning bidder at no additional charge but the request must be made at least 24 hours before auction ends. Enjoy!


Notable MILLTONE Features


Light Weight Only About 6.2 lbs., 2.8 kg.


New Thin Size About  12 x 4.5 in., 30 x 11cm.


Magnetic Fine TuningTM

Tunable, Adjustable, Perfect Concert Pitch, made easy, always.

Offset Top Sound PortTM

More Air Volume for Bass

Rich Blended Sound

Easy Access to Tuning Magnets while Playing

Convenient Carrying Handle

All Tongues Cut to Golden Ratio ProportionsTM

More Powerful Bass Notes 

Better Balanced Volume Between the Higher Notes

Aesthetically Pleasing

Solid Singing Bowl BottomTM

Smooth, Solid Bottom Acts like Singing Bowl

Reflects Sounds Up and Out the Top Sound Port

Ready to Ship at Auction End

Usually Shipped within Hours after Receiving Payment

Less Waiting, More Playing


Click below to view the video demo of the instrument listed here



When you look at a MILLTONE listing, consider these facts. The instrument you see in the pictures, and hear in the video, is the actual instrument you will receive. We never list an instrument before it is made, so you won't ever have to wait, or get something different than what is shown in a repeated listing picture. We ship the same day payment is received. Many times the eBay address is different than the PayPal address. Please make sure your shipping address is up to date. This is especially important for international buyers we always ship to the PayPal address.

If you are the winning bidder, you will make yourself, or someone else, very happy drumming away the cares of the day, with this beautiful, Sixth Generation, MILLTONE, Tunable, Steel Tongue Instrument, Model 6G-HBLK-965

The Golden Ratio, also known as The Divine Proportion, discovered over 2400 years ago by Artists, Scientists, Architects, and Musicians is found everywhere in Nature's beauty and perfect functioning. It is also seen in great works of Art, Music, and Architecture.

While a skinny tongue cut to the same length produces the same pitch, frequency tone, or note, tongues cut using this Golden Ratio provide a more Rich and Powerful Bass response, as well as, more balanced volume in the higher notes.

All MILLTONE 6G instruments benefit from this amazing wonder of Nature with the Golden Ratio proportion cut in every tongue.

Metals used to make instruments from Singing Bowls to Metal Slit and Tongue Drums have unique and sometimes very surprising characteristics. Micro Alloys in the new steel chemistry work to improve the functions of the drum. MILLTONE discovers and unlocks many musical mysteries by combining Art, Science, Passion, and Dedication to the evolution of Tunable, Steel Tongue, Metal Slit Hand Drums.

MILLTONE instruments have an offset top sound port providing more air volume for the bass note. Beautiful, unique, tones can be heard clearly as they radiate from the tuned tongues and are also reflected from the solid steel parabolic bottom (echo chamber) of the instrument up and out the top port into the sound mix. This sonic blending provides a rich, full tone. Also, you can set the drum down on its' solid bottom and play. Because the opening is on the top of the instrument, it provides a convenient carrying handle, and easy access to the fine tuning magnets.

All 6G Models have the easy to play "Standard 8", hexatonic MILLTONE eight note tuning pattern.

The tuning provides the ideal combination of range, harmonics, resonance, and overtones, for this instrument.


The MILLTONE "Standard 8" note pattern can be found at . Just click on the  "Note Pattern and song Tab" page found in the upper right side menu on the home page.


MILLTONE is the inventor and developer of the revolutionary concept of magnetic fine tuning for Steel Tongue Instruments. All 6G models have this feature.  MILLTONE is a leader with a top sound ported "echo chamber", Magnetic Fine Tuning, and Tongues cut in The Golden Ratio proportion. 

Using  small, very strong, rare earth magnets under the playing surface of each note, the tuning can be finely adjusted. Each note can be tuned to perfection by sliding the magnets higher or lower on the tongue. The large open port makes it very easy to reach the tuning magnets. These special magnets are strong enough to stay in place, but can be moved up or down to perfectly tune each tongue. Before shipping the instrument, each tongue is tuned to within +/- .02 cents using a Turbo Tuner Stroboscopic Chromatic tuner.    

You can happily play this instrument to your hearts content without worrying about precise tuning. Playing is not complicated, but really simple, easy, and fun for the beginner, amateur, professional, percussionist, composer, or musician. All playing techniques can be employed safely and comfortably on a MILLTONE instrument. The small magnetic fields are contained safely within the drum and do not radiate outward.

   (With magnetic sign vinyl cut into the shape of the tongues, quick change tuning pads can be made and any note can be lowered one or two  semitones allowing the musician to experiment with different tunings and scales on a single MILLTONE drum. These can also be used to mute the tone)


For serious or professional musicians, tuning this precise would only be required for studio work, or if recording with other instruments. No worries about your drum going out of tune due to excessive playing, temperature changes, further paint curing, or if re-painting your drum is desired. No cutting or filing in the event that a tongue does change tune over the years.

The Magnetic Fine Tuning allows easy adjustment to concert pitch. Each drum note is adjusted to +/- .02 cents with the Turbo Tuner twice prior to shipping. When the drum is finished it is precisely tuned. Notes have been getting very slightly sharp as paint cures after a week waiting to ship. This is one reason we always tune again before shipping. This extra tuning step ensures concert perfect pitch when your MILLTONE arrives.

The MSRP, Retail price for a 6G, MILLTONE Tunable Steel Tongue Instrument is still only $699.

   MILLTONE instruments have naturally raised tongues for a number of functional reasons. When the tongues are cut the tips raise themselves as the stress in the steel is relieved. The naturally raised tongues move the sound away from the resonator body and change the angle of the radiated sound waves as they enter the "echo chamber" below. These sound waves are then reflected back up and out the top sound port to mix with the direct radiated sound waves. This process adds an order of fullness to the overall tone produced by the instrument. The "echo chamber"  created by the solid parabolic bottom is important and contributes to the "soul" of the instrument which has the unique timbre and rich blended tone. MILLTONE has "Tone" in the name and is dedicated to "form follows function" philosophy. MILLTONE instruments are created to produce rich, soulful tones and sounds.  Any and all playing techniques can be used comfortably and because the tongues are raised they can even be plucked, or edge muted to create other unique sounds. The raised tongue tips, and side edges are smoothly finished and well coated for long lasting protection and beauty. Just like raised keys on a piano, and most other instruments, playing a MILLTONE is tactile, intuitive and responsive.

The harder the playing surface the drum rests on, the less ring tone the drum produces. It plays and sounds really great on your lap.

This instrument is very easy to play using just your fingers. Just a tap, like you are checking a hot surface, produces a beautiful melodic tone. Experience the joy of exploring your hidden musical ability. The use of your hands to play produces an intimate connection with your drum and you can express inner rhythms in a very personal and fun way. Make yourself happy playing a MILLTONE steel tongue hand drum. Play slow, easy, relaxing, rhythms, or speed up the tempo for a dancing party. Either way your MILLTONE Drum is designed to allow you to play and express the way you feel.


Every MILLTONE instrument is hand crafted and numbered by Larry Miller. The trade name MILLTONE and the MILLTONE DRUMS logo and any portion of the listing information should not be reproduced, copied, or distributed without consent. 

Each instrument is a unique, hand made, musical art sculpture.

MILLTONE Fine Tunable Steel Tongue instruments have been shipped to 44 States in the United States, Puerto Rico, and 39 other countries around the World.

The packing and shipping costs are:

Shipping to the United States is                FREE   using USPS Priority Mail 2-3 day service. 

Shipping to Puerto Rico and Canada is   $45.00,

Shipping to Australia or New Zealand is  $66.00,

Other International shipping is                 $60.00,

We use USPS Priority International shipping 6-10 day service, plus time in customs. This includes multiple layers of wax paper, bubble wrap, and a sturdy box to keep your drum safe during its' travels.

 Note: Any import taxes, fees or duty charges are the sole responsibility of the buyer. VAT is about 70 Euros to France and Germany.

Please be sure you have read and understand this listing. Be sure this is what you want and that you have the money before bidding. Payment is due at auction close. MILLTONE Instruments are not made by machine, NOT MASS PRODUCED and MADE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Thank you for your interest and support.

By bidding you agree that you release MILLTONE Drums for any liability resulting from the use or misuse of its' products. Any injury or damage to persons or property involving a MILLTONE drum instrument, in any manor, under any circumstances, are the responsibility of the buyer who, by bidding, has  agreed to hold MILLTONE drums harmless in any legal action past, present, or future.

This drum would be great to play at drum circles, for studio recording, or on sound tracks. Use to set the mood at meditation/yoga class, or as recreational activity in homes for the elderly. The MILLTONE Drum is  a great conversation piece at parties, therapy exercises, or just to play and explore by yourself, indoors or out. Use your imagination....have fun playing.

Thank you for your interest in this unique evolving product. I  work very hard to keep this affordable, and the best sounding, high value instrument of it's kind available.

Best wishes to all bidders.

The following was copied from the website who is solely responsible for its content:

Why Drumming Is Healing?

The use of the hand drum in relationship to healing is certainly not new. According to anecdotal reports and current research, the hand drum and its rhythms have been instrumental in improving illnesses when medical science had few answers.

The Power of the Drum

The power of the drum can relax the tense, energize the tired, and heal the emotionally wounded. The hand drum has the extraordinary and consistent ability to create states of euphoria, induce trance, promote play, release anger and promote feelings of community, unity and promote well being.

Drums for Release

Some of the psychological applications in which hand drums are being used include releasing emotional pain, anger, and stress in:

  • Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • "At-risk" adolescents
  • Corporate employees under daily stress

Substance abusers use therapeutic drumming to increase their communication skills and social interaction. Drums have been used in a spectrum of major mental illnesses, such as manic depression and multiple personality disorder, to increase self-esteem and create feelings of accomplishment.

Drums in Medicine

In the medical field, the hand drum is being used to help:

  • Alzheimer's patients improve their short-term memory and increase social interaction
  • Autistic children increase their attention spans

Rhythmic devices are also being used to aid Parkinson's patients and stroke victims to regain the control of movement or increase their gaits.

Psychological Benefits

There are numerous psychological benefits in drumming. First is a sense of personal power. Second, the drum places one squarely in the here and now. When hitting the drum, there is no time to think about tomorrow's fears, yesterday's regrets or what's for dinner. The drum becomes an opportunity for those who repress their emotions to release them.

Alchemical Drumming for Better Health

"Alchemical drumming" is the process of transmuting what is unhealthy in the body and releasing it through the drum. Psychology and medicine alike acknowledge that bottling up emotions is detrimental to our mental and physical health.

In a thirty-year study, psychologist Pirkko L. Graves determined that individuals who suppressed their emotions were sixteen times more likely to develop cancer than those who expressed their emotions freely and took active measures to relieve their frustrations or anger. Through hitting the drum, unhealthy and toxic emotions can be released.

Why Drumming Heals?

Rhythm is an extremely powerful sensory stimulus that creates some very clear and easily perceivable time structures in the brain. We are run by rhythm; our neurons fire at a certain tempo. Music calls to our soul. It calls to places that people have blocked and, sometimes it calls to places that people can't block, and that's why drumming works.

Rhythm creates organization, allowing people to relate to the music without having to relate directly to each other. They don't need to relate to other individuals verbally or deal with interpersonal relationships, and yet they are in an atmosphere of community. This is often the first step to more direct communication.

Alpha Waves and Relaxation

Drumming increases our Alpha brainwaves, those brainwaves associated with feelings of well being and euphoria. Benefits associated with Alpha waves are the ability to relax and keep the mind on a specific task. In pain patients, the amount of Alpha brainwaves a patient has is also an indicator of how well the patient is managing his or her pain.

Drumming can be a vital tool for providing health benefits, as many researchers have discovered. On the most basic level, drumming is a physical activity and can be quite relaxing. As with any stress management vehicle, drumming can lower one's blood pressure.

Drumming, Visualization and Affirmation

When the hypnotic power of the drum is combined with powerful positive statements, the effects can be deep and long lasting. Through focusing on a rhythm that echoes an affirmative statement, the subconscious is often able to internalize the positive statement, allowing an individual to more quickly access the change of thought or behavior desired.


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