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Harley Twin Cam heads 110" ACR "ported and flowed" 

Harley Twin Cam  heads 110" ACR "ported and flowed"
Item Ended
Item condition:Seller refurbished
Ended:Feb 19, 201218:00:00 PST
Price:US $995.00
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Item location:Castle Rock, CO, United States


Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.Item number: 140704218106

Item specifics

Condition: Seller refurbishedSurface Finish: Black
Warranty: Yes  

A quality performance set of twin cams heads for 1999-2012 model twin cams. (Touring models up to 2007) Setup for up to .620 lift cams. Built for flat out performance.

Harley Twin Cam Ported, Polished and Flowed Performance 110" ACR Heads.

These are new dealer takeoffs heads, in excellent condition, with  2.100 Intake & 1.625  exhaust valves.  

These heads flowed very nice Volume and Velocity which will give you great performance both on top and through the gears. 

These heads will fit 1999-2012 twin cam motors. The heads have a very high lustre on the exhaust ports to reduce the carbon buildup and run cooler. The intake ports are finished to 80 grit, to atomize the fuel.The intake ports are ported  for excellent fuel transition through the port. You would'nt want highly polished intake ports as the fuel would stick to the port walls. The ports are port matched with precision porting rings. I use manganese bronze valve guides, which pulls the heat from the cylinder and valves. The  2.100 intake valves are machined with a muti-angle profile.  The 1.625 exhaust valves are also   machined with a multi-angle profile for added flow.The intake side of the intake valve gets a course finish.This helps to atomize the fuel as it enters the combustion chamber. Remember, the liquid part of gas does not burn, it's the vapor. It needs to be atomized. This is why you can have a really strong motor, and still get 50 mpg. "Efficiency"   The valve seals are new Viton seals which are the best for wear and heat resistance. The heads are decked .070 to 84.5 cc's.   The rocker side is machined .005 to ensure a good seal.  I would recommend a .550-.625 lift cam with a .245-.255 duration with these heads.   These heads are ported to increase velocity and volume which will give you much more torque and top end. The air opens up very fast. The increased air flow through the entire lift range increases torque. Not just on the top lift. Torque is that great feeling you get when you twist the throttle.  You will need to increase the jet size on carb models or increase fuel, through fuel management on fuel injected models.The heads are cleaned and lubed before assembly. Finally I test the valve to seat for a tight seal. They are dealer takeoffs heads, ready for your project. You will need to check clearance on all motors with these heads. Claying the pistons should be done and may require additional clearance on your pistons. Also, the cams should be checked for clearance on higher lift cams. These are an outright sale, no down time, no trade required. Cores are accepted if you desire. Buy with confidence, Money back guarantee.  I have sold many of these on Ebay with 100% feedback. You won't find another set of heads with all the detail work I have put into them for this price.   This set of Dunnperformance heads will produce incredible, clean power through the gears. Note that these are used parts that have been remanufactured. Thanks, from Dunnperformance    I will ship to countries outside the U.S.       Please visit me at:

A few testimonials from some recent customers.  .    

This is an update on the 103" big bore and stage II heads I purchased from you.  Totally impressed with the work on the heads as they really woke up my '07 Ultra classic. The torque is awesome and is "right there" as soon as you move off idle. This thing pulls HARD and evenly from start to finish. The 103 jugs you bored were on the money as far as size and finish. This was my first Harley-Davidson build and went extremely well  and easier than I expected. You furnish an excellent product and great advice!

 So my buddy who spent almost three times as much as I did with your heads and a cam change of some Andrews 37’s. He has larger valves and 585 lift. Converted to an s&s carb and manifold super G. He had a efi model. went to 95ci. The builder has his own dyno and is going to dyno tune my buddies bike. Has high performance ignition ect. I out ran him! He couldn't belive it so later we had to run again. OMG! I am sure my buddy is going to do something more even though I don't know what else he can do unless he strokes it and bores it out more! Oh and he has 10.5 compression also. And I get around 45 miles per gallon , he gets around 40 Hell my buddy going to build up another bike for a bagger this ones a heritage. He better get your 103 package or even larger!!


It is hard to amagine the bike without these heads.
I've done 2 data logs with the Daytona Twin Scan. Surprisingly my map is not that far off. I needed to add about 10-12% VE from @ 2500 RPM to red line. Man does it pull. Totally impressed!!!   It's hard to stay off the throttle...

Keith,  Just a note,We put the motor together with the 37 cams and Flat tops.  We are impressed.  It pulls good and strong up thru the rev limiter.  No Dyno tune yet.  Just a base map from the website.  I did a similar build for a kid here and used a local guy for the head work.  Yours was head and shoulders above his in looks and performance. 


Here you are : 91 max power 104.ft.lbs.torque. the later is what I really like .!! Thanks So Much . you take care, ride safe !! Dale..


Hey Keith
The bike runs great. I have a little over a 1000 miles on it. Love
the passing power and it gets up to speed quickly. My gas millage has
increase by 5mpg. I'm glad i did it


 It`s a totally different machine with a brutal power. Very strong bottom that I did`nt count on with the 211:s.  Wonderful to ride with that performance!! I think it is your great headwork that is making the performance in my bike.That’s what it feels like when I twist the throttle. Thanks Keith for some great engine advices.



Keith,  Just a note from me, about the heads you sent for his 06 FXST. We put the motor together with the 37 cams and Flat tops.  We are impressed.  It pulls good and strong up thru the rev limiter.  No Dyno tune yet.  Just a base map from the website.  I did a similar build for a kid here and used a local guy for the head work.  Yours was head and shoulders above his in looks and performance.  I have a 2009 110" FLTRSE do you have any 110 heads that are the granite color?  If not I can wait for winter.  Thanks Again 


I bought a set of your heads and I have a andrews 21 cam 95" big bore and dyno tune and was 90hp at 5600 rpm and 92FP of torque at 2500rpm with max torque at 96 I now have over 5000 miles on heads I think it was the best money on my 03 ultra so far great heads best price on ebay


Dynoed my 95" motor with Andrews 54 cams Delivered 96hp and 98fpt.