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Please know that your purchase greatly assists Naljor Prison Dharma Service / SourcePoint Global Outreach, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our organization provides teachings of compassion and nonviolence to men and women in prison throughout the United States. In addition, we provide solar powered flashlights to villages without electricity in developing countries.
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Item specifics

New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is ... Read moreabout the condition

Mazur Instruments


Hand Held Geiger Counter



Healthy Joyful Sustainable Living

Visit my eBay store  
Please know that your purchase greatly assists SourcePoint Global Outreach,
501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.We provide teachings of compassion and
nonviolence to men and women in prison throughout
the United
States, as well as solar powered flashlights to villages
without electricity in developing countries.


This is a Precision, State of the Art Unit,

Built in the USA!
Brand New - Direct from Manufacturer!

I am an authorized reseller for Mazur Instruments.
Same warranty as manufacturer applies to your purchase.

Mazur Instruments PRM-9000
Geiger Counter

- Nuclear Radiation Contamination Detector and Monitor -
(Case included! Cable in photo not included.)

The PRM-9000 is one of the finest units you can
purchase because of its quality and accuracy!
- 350% more sensitive than the PRM-8000 -

The PRM-9000 is 3.5 times (350%) more sensitive than the PRM-8000.
It can sense smaller amounts of radioactive contamination than the PRM-8000.
The PRM-8000 will quickly tell the user that an area is safe, but the 9000
is more sensitive and better suited to check for trace contamination
on surfaces, on items, on people, etc. - Vince Mazur

PRM-8000 or PRM-9000 What Is the Difference?
The PRM-9000 is 3.5 times more sensitive to nuclear radiation, but cannot be taken
outside above 10,000 feet without risking damaging the Geiger tube - rendering the
device inoperative. Flying or shipment by commercial air is fine. The PRM-8000 is lighter
and more rugged. The PRM-9000 is best for detecting lower levels of contamination in
items quickly. The PRM-8000 is also able to detect lower levels of contamination in
items, but requires more time (using the timed measurement functions). No Geiger
counter is exceptional for detecting trace contamination in food, but the PRM-9000,
with its pancake tube is the better of the two for scanning food.    

100% Positive Feedback Seller

USA Orders Shipped UPS 2-Day Air or USPS Priority Mail
Shipping Time Typically 1 to 3 Business Days
International Orders Shipped Air Express via DHL, UPS or USPS
Shipping Time Typically 1 to 5 Business Days

Mazur Instruments PRM-9000

Dual Language: English and Japanese

Measures alpha, beta, gamma and x-radiation

Internal Data Logging

Visual and Audible Indicators
Audible Clicking Sound Adjustable: Low, Medium, High

Display Units - uR/hr, mR/hr, uSv/hr, CPS and CPM

Over 4-Year Battery Life with user-installable
standard-sized 9-Volt Battery

Always-on Monitoring of Present, Average, Maximum
and Minimum Radiation Levels

Backlit, Two-Line LCD Display

Carrying/Protective Case Included

Supports headphones and external speakers

External Data logging output in industry standard CSV
format with optional USB cable.

The PRM-9000 includes the same two-inch (50.8 mm) pancake Geiger detector tube that is the gold-standard for surveying areas for potentially harmful ionizing radiation levels and for detecting radioactive contamination of packages, items, equipment and people.

The instrument is suitable for regulatory inspections, and for the detection, measurement and monitoring of broad spectrum, low energy radionuclides, including Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM).

The detection sensitivity combined with the feature-set outlined below results in one of the most compelling price/performance values in the industry.

Accurate, reliable, made in the USA, the PRM-9000 Geiger counter is an ideal solution for individuals, health physics professionals, educators, researchers, outdoor enthusiasts and rock collectors.

Unique Monitoring Capability

The instrument is designed to continuously collect measurements and statistics enabling complete environment assessment. This vital capability is not available on similarly priced products.

Using only one key, users can scroll through several screens that display present, average, maximum and minimum measurements in uR/hr, mR/hr, uSv/hr, Counts per Second (CPS) or Counts per Minute (CPM).

This nuclear detector not only records the maximum radiation measured, but also displays the time and date at which the maximum reading occurred. Conventional Geiger counters require the user to be looking at the radiation meter to capture such events.

Supports English and Japanese

The two-line, alphanumeric display supports both English and Japanese languages promoting ease-of-use and concise measurement. The display is backlit to support low-light conditions.

Industry Leading Battery Life

The battery life of this radiation detector and monitor is over 4 1/2 years under normal conditions from a single, readily available, 9-volt lithium battery that is user-installable without soldering.

Standard alkaline 9-volt batteries, available virtually everywhere, provide over 2-years of life under normal conditions.

Data Logging and USB Connectivity

With over 100K bytes of internal data logging memory included, this Geiger counter can autonomously (without the need for a PC) store up to 91,466 minutes or hours of time-stamped measurements. These measurements can then be uploaded later to a PC in CSV format for analysis.

A user-settable dose rate alarm sounds an audible alert when the measured radiation level exceeds that of the alarm level setting.

Designed by Mazur Instruments and manufactured in the USA, the PRM-9000 Geiger counter and nuclear radiation monitor includes abundant I/O options including support for headphones, external speakers, external power and USB data exchange (Requires Optional 3.5mm to USB Adapter Cable).

Return Policy
We will accept customer’s instrument back for exchange or refund if all of the following conditions are met:

1) The instrument is received in pristine (new and unused) condition, and 2) the instrument is accompanied by the manual and any related calibration documentation, and 3) the instrument is accompanied by the original sales receipt or invoice, and 4) the instrument is received at within 30 days of the date of purchase.

Returned instruments must be packaged in accordance with proper shipping practices to assure that the instrument is protected during shipment. 

Restrictions & Limitations

1) We will not, under any circumstances, accept an instrument that has been contaminated by radioactive materials.

2) All instruments returned for a refund are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

3) The customer is responsible for all shipping costs and handling fees associated with the return of an instrument to Mazur Instruments for an exchange or refund.


Vince Mazur's response regarding the comparison of this new PRM-9000 to
another popular selling unit available on the market, as well as regarding external probes:

Yes, it is better than the xxxxxxxx - by a wide margin. The PRM-9000 was designed to give users a more attractive choice over the xxxxxxx.
1) Battery life is about 10X better than the xxxxxxxx with a standard 9V battery. 20X with a lithium 9V cell.
2) You must be looking at the xxxxxxxxx to see what it is reading, our unit is always recording measurements, keeps track of the average, keeps track of the maximum, tells you when the maximum occurs. This is essential for 24/7 monitoring of one's environment. The xxxxxxxx does not provide any of these statistics.
3) The xxxxxxx supports timed measurements, however the user must convert results manually with a calculator to establish Average mR/hr (or uSv/hr). The PRM-9000 timed measurements read out directly in mR/hr (or uSv/hr).
4) Our unit reads to 125 mR/hr, The xxxxxxxx goes only to 100 mR/hr.
5) With an optional cable, our unit can connect to a PC or Mac for data logging, or uploading internal measurement logs - the xxxxxxxx does not support any interface to a PC or Mac.
6) Our unit uses text menus and a simple interface, the xxxxxxxx uses a complex series of button presses for altering its settings.
7) The face of the instrument has no seams and it is water resistant. The xxxxxxxxx is riddled with openings on the face where water can go through and disrupt the electronics.
8) The construction of the PRM is superior - Anyone comparing and holding the two units side-by-side will agree.
9) Our unit has a backlit LCD, which comes in handy if power is out. You need a flashlight to read the display on the xxxxxxxx because it has no backlight.
10) The PRM series also included data logging, the xxxxxxx and other xxxxxxxx products do not.
11) The xxxxxxxx uses the same LND-7317 Geiger Tube as the PRM-9000.
There really is no comparison, but the xxxxxxx has been around for quite some time. 
Here's a quote form a PhD in Physics from Duke who performs calibrations on a variety of instruments:

had a couple xxxxxxxxxx in the lab and I like the overall design of the new Mazur meter better. You all did a very nice job. Congratulations."

External Probe?

The thing about the external probe is that you have the cable dangling and generally, you must use two hands to take a measurement.  So your moving the probe looking back and forth between where the probe is and what the reading is saying - its awkward. The cable also injects another potential point of failure. The cables are generally not standard and can not be purchased at a Target or Radio Shack. Damage the $5 cable and the unit is useless,  So we see the external probe impacting overall reliability of the all-in-one design.
Regarding contamination: the most expensive part of a Geiger counter is the Geiger Mueller tube, and if the probe gets contaminated, sure you can replace it, but at considerable cost.  Also, much of the electronics is actually put inside of many of today's external probes, elevating cost of the external probe.
Also, the storage requirement is better for a completely self contained unit. Our units come with a carrying case that can be worn on a belt. External probe models are relatively bulky. Our units can fit into most glove boxes or center consoles of cars. 
Another subtlety: The all-in-one unit also don't call as much attention in public places. You'd really be noticed using an external probe model to scan merchandise at a home store. With the PRM you basically hold the meter in one hand and can quickly scan.
There are situations where one would want to use the wand of the external probe to get into small areas and such, and for that the probe is ideal, but in our opinion it brings more liabilities then assets for most uses.
Hope this helps, Vince

Comparison to the Soeks Geiger Counter

The Soeks unit relies on rechargeable batteries and the battery life is considerably less than our PRM units - only 10 hours before recharge. Compare the constant monitoring battery life of the PRM-9000 at 2.33 years or the PRM-8000 at 3.2 years!
The Soeks unit is smaller and has a larger display, but the small size requires small batteries and the color display takes more power. Combined, this results in poor battery life and the requirement to have AC power readily available 24/7 for any long term monitoring.
However, a crtical draw back of this unit is that it only detects gamma radiation and not alpha and beta. While they do not provide specifics on their detector, the pancake detector of the PRM-9000 is far superior in sensitivity. The detector in the PRM-8000 is far superior as well.


PRM-9000 Specifications

Battery Life1  
Standard 9V Lithium 42,850 Hours / 4.89 Years
Standard 9V Alkaline 20,150 Hours / 2.30 Years (included)
Measurement Front End  
Detector LND 7317 Pancake Geiger-Muller tube, Halogen-quenched with mica window and 45mm (1.75 inch) effective diameter
Radiation Detected alpha, beta, gamma and x-radiation
Energy Sensitivity alpha: minimum 2.0 MeV
beta: minimum 0.16 MeV with 25% efficiency at 1 MeV
gamma/X rays: min 10 keV (window)

gamma sensitivity: 3,500 CPM/mR/hr
calibrated to Cesium-137 (Cs137)
Accuracy ±10% Typical, ±15% Maximum
Measurement Ranges

0.001 to 125 mR/hr
0.01 to 1,250 uSv/hr
1 to 125,000 uR/hr
1 to 437,500 CPM (3,500 CPM/mR/hr)
0 to 7,291 CPS (58.33 CPS/mR/hr)
Total Count: 0 to 4,294,967,295 (32 Bit Integer)

Measurement Statistics Continuous availability of Elapsed Time, Average, Minimum and Maximum dose rate in either uR/hr, mR/hr, uSv/hr, CPS or CPM

Time stamp on new maximum
Timed Measurement Selectable 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 and 90 minute interval
Dose Rate Alarm Alarm can be set in mR/hr or uSv/hr to any value within the measurement range
Internal Data Logging  
Storage 100,000 Bytes non-volatile memory
Logging Intervals Every Minute or Every Hour
Maximum Capacity 91,466 Minutes or Hours
(90% Normal Background, 10% Full-Scale)
Minimum Capacity 32,656 Minutes or Hours
(100% Full-Scale Measurement Levels)
Logging Output Format Standard Comma Separated Value (CSV) with time stamp and CPM Data (3,500 CPM/mR/hr)
User Interface  
Languages Supported English and Japanese
Display Two-Line, 14 character transflective LCD with back light for low light conditions
Keypad Weather resistant commercial-grade membrane keypad
Visual Indicator LED pulses on and off when a radiation detection event occurs. LED can be disabled.
Audio Indicator Tone beeps when a radiation detection event occurs. Audio three volume levels and can be muted.
Input / Output  
Audio Output / Digital Interface Standard 3.5mm jack with three selectable volume levels for output to audio systems, computer speakers or media player headphones.

Jack can also be provisioned by the user for pulse output or as a USB Interface for logging data by PC or transferring internal data logging memory (requires optional cable)
External Power 9 VDC at a minimum current rating of 100mA
Environmental / Physical  
Temperature Range -20° to 51° C (-4° to 125° F)
Size 143 x 83 x 35 mm (5.63" x 3.25" x 1.37")
Weight 368 grams (13 oz.) including battery
Compliance CE, Lead-Free

Independently tested and found to be substantially compliant with FCC requirements for home use. Approval to display FCC logo pending.

One Year (60 Days on GM Tube)

Why Own a Geiger Counter?

The links in the text below provide independent background information on the topicAs Heard on National Radio:

“Mazur said he developed handheld Geiger counters so consumers and hobbyists could be aware of radiation levels in the things around them. If you don't have some sort of instrument... you're completely a hundred percent certain that you have no idea what's in your environment," he cautioned. Mazur shared a report about elevator buttons in France that were made from recycled metal containing nuclear waste, as well as a story about radioactive metal tissue boxes sold by a major home goods chain. A week spent near one of these 'hot' tissue boxes was equivalent to getting a chest x-ray, he revealed.”

With a Mazur Instruments PRM-8000 or PRM-9000 You Can:

- Check granite countertops, water filters, air filters, building materials and other items in your home for radioactive contamination
- Check for radioactivity inantiques, watch and clock dials, antique pottery, smoke detector, lantern mantels, etc.
- Monitor and maintain awareness amidst a nuclear accident or emergency
- Test for radioactive contamination of food
- Check for radioactivity in metal objects in your home or office that could be made of recycled radioactive materials
- Check for leaks or possible exposure if you work in or near an X-ray lab in a medical facility or medical office suite
- Check for environmental levels of radioactivity near a nuclear power facility
- Test the soil and environment for dangerous levels of radioactivity, if are in close proximity to uranium mines

- Monitor personal levels of radiation due to radiation therapy, brachytherapy or other medical procedures that rely
   on radioactive  substances

About Geiger Counters

Nuclear radiation is a normal part of our planet and the cosmos. It is also a by-product of man-made actions and activities. The unfortunate catastrophe in Japan has created a new sense of urgency for personal radiation measurement to an entirely new generation of post-Cold War individuals.

Against this backdrop we will provide a fundamental description of how a Geiger counter detects nuclear radiation. First a few words on radiation, and a particular type called ionizing radiation.

Radiation is all around us. The sun radiates energy, radio stations radiate electromagnetic waves and radiators in apartment buildings radiate heat to keep residents warm in cold weather. However, nuclear radiation is a different type of radiation known as ionizing radiation.

Ionizing radiation alters the structure and, by association, the electric charge of individual atoms by a process known as ionization. The substances that produce ionizing radiation are said to be radioactive.

There are four types of ionizing radiation – alpha, beta and gamma radiation as well as x-radiation

Generally, an alpha particle can travel no more than one to three inches in the air before stopping, and can be stopped by a piece of paper. However, they can pass through a thin mica window. As we will see later, this property of mica is very important in radiation measurement.

Beta radiation can pass through a sheet of paper and some clothing, but not through thin metal or glass. Beta particles can damage skin, however, both alpha and beta radiation are most harmful when inhaled or ingested.

Gamma radiation occurs naturally in nature and is almost identical to x-rays. Generally, they can travel into and often times through anything. Gamma particles can be shielded with several feet of water or concrete, several inches of steel, or a smaller amount of lead.

X-radiation is man-made radiation with a number of valuable uses in medicine and dentistry. X-rays are electromagnetic radiation of the same nature as light and radio waves, but they are also ionizing. They can penetrate a variety of materials, including body tissue. The shielding techniques for x-rays are similar to those for gamma radiation. This is why the x-ray technician will wear a lead apron when taking x-rays.

Having discussed the nature of radiation and the four primary types of ionizing radiation, we will now move to discussing how a Geiger counter operates. Please the figure below for the following discussion.

Geiger Counter Tube (LND 712 Shown)

The key element within a Geiger counter is a Geiger tube that consists of two electrodes separated by a mixture of gases. High voltage is applied to the electrodes which creates an electrical field within the chamber.

When radiation passes through the chamber and ionizes the gas, a pulse of electrical current is generated. This detection will typically result in a flashing of an LED and sounding of a “beep” on most Geiger counters. The pulses are electronically processed by the instrument and the radiation level measurement is displayed. The mica window on the tube allows alpha particles to pass so that they can be detected.

Some Geiger tubes only detect beta and gamma radiation leaving users blind to the presence of alpha particles.

Detecting alpha radiation is very critical because as radioactive substances decay they oftentimes decay into elements that produce alpha radiation. If these elements find their way into the food supply, individuals risk consuming food that contain alpha particles.

This is one of the key reasons that, at present, demand for high-quality, US-made, alpha-detecting Geiger counters is at record levels in Japan.


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