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Sep 19, 2012 10:41:17 PDT
US $2,495.00
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Cedar Rapids, IA, United States


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New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is ... Read moreabout the condition
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Multifuel, pellet, corn, biom

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Multifuel Pellet Corn

2008 Model:

High Tech, No Clinkers

Corn Pellet Stove Furnace Boiler

Corn Pellet Stove Furnace Boiler

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MODERN Design for NEW Homes
52,500 BTU/Hr, Heats up to 2000 Sq. Ft., 65lb Hopper Bin
Fully Automatic or Independent Control


     Introducing the FIRE RITE FIREPLACE INSERT, more commonly known as the FRF, with surround included and fully automatic features. It is a Modern design that will fit nicely into newer homes. Our stainless steel agitator will agitate the corn/pellets in the fire pot creating a thorough burn and eliminate clinkers. The all digital electronic control features either AUTO CONTROL or independent control of each feature such as feed rate, burning rate, exhaust fan speed, fuel-air mixture, room blower speed, and agitator speed rate. There are nine speeds of each feature controlled by a push button digital readout. We are the only corn/pellet fireplace insert/stove manufacturer that has HIGH TECHNOLOGY design to enable independent control of all of these features. Our high quality construction results in a three year warranty. Load up our 65 lb hopper bin and burn up to 52,500 BTU/Hr to heat up to 2000 Sq. Ft. Note that a POWER OUTAGE Module is available for $179. The manufacturer's recommended retail selling price MRSP is $2,756. It is still wise to buy one now and get it installed and in place this summer/fall so you don't miss any cold fall months ahead. It can be arranged over Ebay. We have other fireplace inserts that are made of cast iron and simulate the antique colonial look with bar-window doors. See them in our Ebay Store by clicking: Visit My eBay Store: Corn Pellet Stove Furnace Boiler.

     Ebay Rules allow the highest bidder to Buy-It-Now immediately with an early auction ending. There has to be more than 12 hours left in the listing. To do that call us at 1-319-298-0500 or contact us at Ebay's Ask-a-question labeled in blue located at the bottom of this listing in the far lower left-hand side or use Ebay's Contact Seller. This is consistent with Ebay rules and we have no intent to bypass them or bypass Ebay in a sale.


     Highlight features are: it will burn corn, wood pellets, sunflower seeds, wheat, any bio-mass. It has a HIGH TECHNOLOGY Design, all-digital electronic control, either fully automatic or independent control. High Technology allows independent control of feed rate, burn rate, fuel-air mixture, exhaust fan, room-air fan, agitator speed. It has a thermostatic control option and a POWER-OUTAGE add-on feature.. The High Technology stainless steel agitator with seven kicker-legs eliminates clinkers. There is a Fresh Air Damper , Ash Dump drawer, Ash-cleaning slide plates, easy firepot cleaning and ash dump, 3 year warranty. See the ADD-ON FEATURES in a paragraph below. NOTE: It does not need a Chimney as you can create a fake simulated fireplace surround and route flue exhausts straight back and out the rear or side of the house...as this is now commonly done in new construction homes.


     At a low particle emission rate of 1.50 grams/hr this unit meets or exceeds the EPA Certified Phase II Emissions Standards at 7.5 grams/hr for non-catalytic wood stoves and 4.1 grams/hr for catalytic wood stoves. Wood pellet stoves are non-catalytic. It also meets or exceeds the strict CALIFORNIA Standards, COLORADO Phase III Approved, state of WASHINGTON Standards (less than 4.5 g/hr.), and the strict OREGON Standards (less than 2.5 g/hr) for particle emissions.


     A Power-Outage Module (1000 watts) is available at $179 to supply 115 VAC to your crucial electrical devices ... a smart item to have as backup in power outages. Use this module for POWER OUTAGES and you can run it from any 12 VOLT BATTERY either a Car battery or a Deep Cycle Battery. It supplies 1000 WATTS of 115 VAC POWER with two outlets and battery cables are supplied. It will will run a variety of devices such as a CORN STOVES, WOOD PELLET STOVES , furnaces, computers, appliances, lights, sump pumps. It even has a USB Type A outlet that allows charging of IPOD's, Blackberrys, and Cell Phones. SIZE: 10 inches Wide, 5 inches High, 15 inches Long, WEIGHT: 15 lbs. Larger 1575 Watt POWER priced at $250, still Larger 2500 Watt POWER priced at $350.


    First-time buyers (users) of corn stoves can feel comfortable about their purchase and installation because included is an installation DVD Video. It is included in the shipment.


     Worried about RISING corn prices?...well don't worry. Just buy a MULT-FUEL stove, furnace, boiler, or fireplace insert and SWITCH to another fuel such as WOOD PELLETS or big HARD RED WINTER WHEAT ... or switch grass, or any BIO-MASS fuel of-the-future. The latest prices are posted in bags of sizes 40lb, 50lb, or 55lb where a bushel of corn is 55lb bag. BLUE SEAL STOVE CORN is in 40lb bags. Whole corn at a farm feed dealer is usually bagged in 50 bags. Only elevator grain (corn) is bagged in 55lb bushel bags. WOOD PELLETS come in a smaller bag (40 lb), and they burn less-hot than corn or other bio-mass material.

  1. CORN in IOWA............................................... July 1, 2011.........$6.76/bu. bag
  2. CORN in EASTERN OHIO ................................July 1, 2011 .......$7.07/bu. bag
  3. CORN in NEBRASKA ......................................July 1, 2011 .....$6.72/bu.bag
  4. Blue Seal STOVE CORN in NH.........................July 1, 2011 .....$9.79/40lb.bag
  5. Blue Seal STOVE CORN in VERMONT ..........July 1, 2011.......$9.92/40lb.bag
  6. Blue Seal STOVE CORN in MAINE ................. July 1, 2011......$9.41/40lb.bag
  7. Blue Seal STOVE CORN in MASS ....................July 1, 2011.......$9.99/40lb.bag
  8. Blue Seal STOVE CORN in NEW YORK .........July 1, 2011.......$9.99/40lb.bag
  9. Blue Seal STOVE CORN in PENN ....................July 1, 11..........$8.63/40lb.bag

  10. WOOD PELLETS in IOWA ..............................July 1, 2011 .......$4.49/40lb.bag
  11. WOOD PELLETS in NEBRASKA ........................July 1, 11 .......$4.87/40lb.bag
  12. WOOD PELLETS in OHIO........ ........................July 1, 11 .......$5.25/40lb.bag
  13. WOOD PELLETS NEW YORK ........................July 1, 11 .......$5.49/40lb.bag
  14. WOOD PELLETS in PENN .............................July 1, 11 .......$5.98/40lb.bag
  15. WOOD PELLETS in MAINE ......................July 1, 2011 .........$5.00/40lb.bag
  16. WOOD PELLETS VERMONT ........................July 1, 11 .......$4.98/40lb.bag
  17. WOOD PELLETS NEW HAMPSHIRE............July 1, 11 .......$4.98/40lb.bag
  18. WOOD PELLETS IN MASS .....................July 1, 2011...........$5.99/40lb.bag

  19. SOYBEANS in IOWA................................ Juy 1, 2011 ..........$12.97/bu. bag
  20. SOYBEANS in NEBRASKA...................... Juy 1, 2011 .........$13.60/bu. bag
  21. BIG RED WHEAT NEBRASKA ......................Jul 1, 2011 .....$6.87/bu. bag
  22. BIG RED WHEAT MONTANA.................... July 1, 2011 .....$5.74/bu. bag
  23. BIG RED WHEAT CANADA ....................July 1, 2011 .........$6.23/bu. bag
  24. CHERRY PITS MICHIGAN.......................July 1, 2011..........$6.25/50lb.bag
  25. CHERRY PITS OREGON..........................July1, 2011...........$6.75/50lb.bag
  26. CHERRY PITS CALIFOR.........................July 1, 2011...........$7.25/50lb.bag
  27. OLIVE PITS CALIFORNIA.........................July 1, 2011..........$6.25/50lb.bag
  28. SUNFLOWER BLACK SEEDS..............July 1, 2011..........$15.95/50lb.bag

     We sell other fireplace inserts, stoves, furnaces, and a boiler in our Ebay Store and you can check them out by hitting on the little RED Button, or you can just click here on the blue line link...Visit My eBay Store: Corn Pellet Stove Furnace Boiler

  • FIREPLACE INSERT: High Technology, Multi-fuel Capability, 52,500 BTU/HR, Heats Up to 2,500 Sq Ft
  • FIREPLACE INSERT: Beauty Bay Elegant, Wood Pellets, 50,000 BTU/HR, Heats Up to 2,500 Sq Ft
  • FIREPLACE INSERT: Bay Window CORN/PELLET, 50,000 BTU/Hr., Mult-fuel Capability, 2500 Sq.Ft.
  • FIREPLACE INSERT: Colonial Cast Iron, 60,000 BTU/Hr., Multi-fuel Capability, heats up to 3000 Sq.Ft.
  • FIREPLACE INSERT: Vintage Cast Iron, 35,000 BTU/Hr., Multi-fuel Capability, heats up to 1500 Sq.Ft.
  • STOVE CORN/PELLET, High Tech, 52,500 BTU/Hr., Multi-fuel Capabilty, Heats up to 2500 Sq.Ft.
  • STOVE CORN/PELLET, beautiful BAY WINDOW, 50,000 BTU/Hr., Multi-fuel, Heats up to 2500 Sq.Ft.
  • STOVE CORN/PELLET, Colonial Cast Iron, 60,000 BTU/Hr., Mult-fuel Capblty, Heats up to 3000 Sq.Ft.
  • STOVE CORN/PELLET, Vintage Cast Iron, 35,000 BTU/Hr., Mult-fuel Capblty, Heats up to 1500 Sq.Ft.
  • FURNACE CORN/PELLET, Forced-Air Ductor, up to 100,000 BTU/Hr, Multi-fuel, Heats 3,500 Sq.Ft.
  • COMBO BOILER FURNACE, 70,000 BTU/Hr, Corn, Wood Pellets, Multi-fuel, Heats up to 3000 Sq.Ft.
  • MOBILE HOME STOVE, for Corn/Pellet/Mult-fuel, 52,500 BTU/Hr., Heats up to 1500 S.Ft.
  • FLUE EXHAUST KITS, for STOVES, UL Approved, Rated for Corrossive Burning Corn/Pellet Stoves
  • CHIMNEY FLUE EXHAUST KITS, for Fireplace Inserts, 25, 30, 35 FEET (or higher), UL Approved
  • FRESH AIR KITS, install one or use inside warm air and BURN-UP 100 dollar Bills! SAVE $$$$.
  • Buy a Stove, Furnace, Boiler, or Fireplace Insert from one of the leaders in the country...THAT'S US!
Visit My eBay Store: Corn Pellet Stove Furnace Boiler



     The add-on options to this fireplace insert are: (1) Chimney Flex Pipe 25 Feet (we sell longer) Flue Exhaust Kit $495, (2) Standard Flue Exhaust Kit $365, (3) Fresh Air Kit $145, (4) High Temperature Caulk $9.95, (5) Wall Digital Thermostats $68, (6) Remote Thermostat $225, (7) FANS Air Circulators Doorway and/or Room to Room $40 - $65, (8) POWER-OUTAGE add-on Module $179. This Fireplace Insert comes with the surround made of sheet metal. NOTE OPTION: We have other DIFFERENT Fireplace Inserts that have an antique cast-iron front to them. A further note is we have free-standing corn stoves. Just inquire about them or you can view them in our Ebay Store (just hit the little red icon). Or you can hit the violet colored letters: Visit My eBay Store: Corn Pellet Stove Furnace Boiler


     Note that we have other cast iron corn stoves and fireplace inserts availble. Two have cast iron with the colonial, vintage, historic look. One is a bay window. They are: (1) Colonial Cast Iron Fireplace Insert 60,000 BTU/Hr., (mentioned above), (2) Vintage Cast Iron Fireplace Insert Corn Stove, 35,000 BTU/Hr, (3) Bay Widow Elegant Gold Plated, (4) Colonial Cast Iron Free-standing Stove, 60,000 BTU/Hr., (5) Vintage Cast Iron Free Standing Stove, (6) Bay Window Elegant Gold Plated Stove 47,500 BTU/Hr. See these in our Ebay Store (just click on the little red icon), or just click on the violet colored letters: Visit My eBay Store: Corn Pellet Stove Furnace Boiler


     The physical dimensions of the REAREND fireplace insert that extends into the fireplace hole is 29 inch wide in the rear. The height is 24 inches and that includes the damper and ash drawer at the bottom. The Depth is 14 inches plus a rear flue pipe stub extension of 1 more inch. The Fresh Air Pipe Stub at the rear is also 1 inch long. The Rear of the fireplace insert is supposed to be 6 inches from the rear wall chamber. The leftside is supposed to have a minumum of 6 inch clearance, the top a 1 inch clearance, and the right side a 1 inch clearance.

The minimum FIREPLACE OPENING is Front Width 36 inches; Height 25 inches; Depth 20 inches. The rear wall of the fireplace chamber is supposed to be at least 6 inches from the rear of the fireplace insert. The left-side of the fireplace insert is supposed to be at least 6 inches from the wall, the right-side 1 inch. The top of the fireplace insert is suppposed to be at least 1 inch clearance to the top of the chamber opening.

FRONT OF THE STOVE OR INSERT sitting in front of the fireplace mantel is: 29 inches Wide, 24 High, 14 inch Front Extension. The top lid slides lifts up and you pour your corn/pellets into the hopper from here. Below there is a Damper and Ash Pan. One of the pictures shows this. .

The Fireplace Insert comes with a PANEL SURROUND and the size is a Basic Plain Panel 32 inches High X 45 inches Wide. The Surround extends 8 inches on the left, 8 inches on the right, and 8 inches above the fireplace insert.


     Note that a much bigger Fireplace Insert is available called the Colonial Cast Iron Fireplace Insert and it produces 60,000 BTU/HR and will heat up to 3000 Sq. Ft. (this was referenced above twice previously). This will add around $1350.00 to the list price, but you are encouraged to call us or E-mail us for a quote. You can see it in our Ebay Store (just hit the little red icon). Or you can click on the violet colored letters: Visit My eBay Store: Corn Pellet Stove Furnace Boiler


     There is a three year warranty. The THREE YEAR WARRANTY covers the heat exchanger, frame housing, door, fire pot, auger, agitator. Electronics are also under one year warranty. Be careful what you buy and from whom you buy. Individuals and un-authorized dealers can not offer a valid warranty! We are a Dealer specializing in corn stoves and can help you through the installation as well as any on-going trouble shooting if necessary. Be careful as others may not have the capability to do that. Read our feedback.


     Fresh air sources may be either a separate galvanized pipe shot up through the chimney or a straight horizontal shot from the back of the stove through the chimney wall.. A fresh air kit is especially recommended for newer contructed homes that have air-tight construction...as room air vacuum may be crated without it. Also inside air has impurities and is human-breathed, carbon dioxide saturated. Experience in the operation of Corn Stoves we recommend you: (1)Try to find local corn sources (farmers) with 12 to 14% moisture content from those who cater to corn stove owners; (2) Use crushed oyster shell with your corn and scatter or layer it into the hopper like layering soap in the laundry machine; (3) Learn how to run your corn stove with the least amount of air possible as too much air makes the stove run faster with waste, ash, and over heating; (4) High moisture content of corn 15% can be offset by burning crushed oyster shell and partial wood pellets; (5) Everyone should experiment with burning mixtures of wood pellets and corn. Your autolite feature will work better if you burn partial wood pellets. You should also experiment burning wheat. If corn prices soar, then you can switch to 100% wood pellets...or some other grain fuel like wheat. If you have experience burning it, then it will help. (6) Everyone should consider sprinkling crushed oyster shell into their corn to facilitate a cleaner burning and less ash.


     Included is our 50 page OWNER'S MANUAL with an installation VIDEO (DVD) with pictures that gives a wealth of information. We are the only ones that include a Video with the corn stove purchase. In the Owner's Manual is a step by step instruction for installation of a Chimney Exhaust Flue Vent Kit (not provided) and startup.  A Chimney Exhaust Flue Vent Kit can be purchased separately at your request and/or check our Ebay Store. You should install a fresh air inlet and you should install it to not only avoid room air vacuum, but also control the amount of air fed into your stove.


     Customer may pick this item up in person or have it shipped by a commercial freight carrier 400 lbs to the nearest large-city Main Terminal serving the customer's geographic area and the Customer will pickup the item at this large-city Main Terminal. We estimate Freight to range between $225.00 to $305.00 and we will charge an average flat rate of $265.00 for the U.S. mainland.


     Active bidders please provide me with your telephone number(s) and E-mail. This may increase your chance of getting the item in which you are bidding. Good communication exchange and successful bidding go hand-in-hand. Just a request and a suggestion.


     Heating capacity up to 2000 sq. ft., BTU output up to 52,500 BTU/Hr., Hopper capacity 65 lb, Fuel wood pellets or corn, EPA Particle Emission rate was tested at 1.50 grams/hour. Weight 350 lbs. Dimensions: Rear of the Stove Insert that sticks into opening: 29" wide X 24" high X 14" deep. The Outside Surround (included with price) measures from 32"h X 45"w (plain panel), Electrical 110 VAC, 3 Amps, 60 Hz, a POWER OUTAGE Module is available, Safety Tested and Listed to ASTM-E 1509, ULC/ORD- C 1482, (UM) 84-HUD, and EPA Approved. Manufacturer: Fire Rite Technology Company.


     For questions on the product(s) contact: Corn Stoves of Iowa, Dealer, 1312 1st Avenue, N.W., Cedar Rapids, IA 52405, 319-298-0500, FAX 319-298-0500 (call us to turn FAX on), E-mail: Use the Ebay Ask-a-question system that is highlighted in blue located at the bottom of the listing in the far lower lefthand side .... . Also check out my Ebay Store at: Visit My eBay Store: Corn Pellet Stove Furnace Boiler

On Nov-07-05 at 07:51:15 PST, seller added the following information:

Always buy from a DEALER. Never buy from individuals.

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