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Carbon County PA Genealogy Collection #1 - CD
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Carbon County Pennsylvania Genealogy Collection #1

This collection consists of the major historical and biographical volumes published on Carbon County, Pennsylvania.  Published between 1845 and 1913, these volumes include over 5,200 pages, providing a wealth of information on the history of the county and its residents.  Hundreds of individuals and families are covered, outlining their lives, their ancestors and descendants.  In fact, these books are often the primary references used in genealogical research of families who lived in this county.

This is a wonderful opportunity to own your own library on Carbon County.  To find and purchase all of these publications would be a huge investment in time and money.  Yet, here you can have all of this information to use at your convenience - and in a format that makes research much easier.  The work in collecting this information has already been done, and now you can take advantage of it!

This collection is an excellent place to begin or continue research in Carbon County.  In addition to this collection, Carbon County Collection #2 provides another great set of resources including church histories, directories, town and township histories and more.  This additional set of information can be found in the PA-Genealogy Store, along with many other titles of interest.

1) History of the Counties of Northampton, Lehigh, Monroe, Carbon and Schuylkill Counties
I. Daniel Rupp, 1845, 578 pages
The full title of the publication is:
   "History of the Counties of Northampton, Lehigh, Monroe, Carbon and Schuylkill Counties: Containing a brief history of the first settlers, topography of townships, notices of leading events, incidents, and interesting facts in the early history of these counties: with an Appendix, containing matters of deep interest, embellished by several engravings."

The publication begins with an account of the settlement of Pennsylvania and dealings with the Indians. Following this, a chapter is devoted to each of the following immigrant groups; Germans, Welsh and Irish. Next, attention is given to the counties outlined in the title.

A - Journal of James Young, Commissary General who visited Fort Allen in 1756.
B - Journal of Captain John Van Etten, at Fort Hyndshaw, Fort Hamilton, Etc.
C - Journal of Colonel James Burd, who visited a number of forts in 1758
D - Fragment of a Journal giving an account of events at Fort North Kill, 1755-1756.

2) History of the Lehigh Valley

M. S. Henry, 1860, 477 pages
From the Title Page: "A copious selection of the most interesting facts, traditions, biographical sketches, anecdotes, etc., etc., relating to its history and antiquities with a complete history of all its internal improvements, progress of the coal and iron trade, manufactures, etc."

The historical account covers the Lehigh valley including the counties of Northampton, Lehigh, and Carbon.  The account also contains a history and description of Phillipsburg, NJ, Easton, South Easton, Bethlehem, Glendon, Allentown, Catasauqua, Mauch Chunk, Hazelton, and several other smaller towns.  Some of the pages are difficult to read but still discernable.

Arndt, Foster, King, McCartney, Maxwell, Packer, Porter, Sitgreaves, White, Wolf

3) History of the Counties of Lehigh and Carbon in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Alfred Mathews & Austin N. Hungerford, 1884, 933 pages
This is an early historical and biographical work on Carbon and Lehigh Counties, PA.  It begins with a general history of each county, followed by sections dealing with their respective townships and boroughs.  Each section gives a history and description of the township or borough including biographies of its prominent persons.

Ainey, Albright, Allen, Alson, Andrens, Arner, Bachman, Baldanf, Balliet, Bansh, Barber, Barner, Bassler, Bast, Baxter, Bauman, Baumann, Bear, Beck, Beer, Beitel, Belford, Beltz, Berger, Berkhalter, Bertolette, Bertsch, Berkenstock, Bieber, Biery, Blakslee, Blank, Bolzins, Bortz, Bowers, Bowman, Boye, Boyer, Breinig, Bridges, Brinker, Brobst, Brodhead, Brown, Buchman, Bunton, Burnham, Butler, Butz, Chapman, Christman, Clader, Cooper, Cortright, Craig, Creitz, Danner, Danowsky, Dash, Davis, Deiber, Desch, Deshamer, Deshler, De Young, Dickenshied, Diefenderfer, Diehl, Dillinger, Dimmick, Dinkey, Dodson, Doney, Donnelly, Dorney, Douglass, Drake, Driesbach, Dubs, Eadie, Earle, Eberhard, Eckert, Egner, Engleman, Erdman, Erwin, Evans, Ewing, Fatzinger, Faust, Fenstermacher, Fields, Flentze, Flores, Fogel, Folweiler, Foster, Frautz, Frey, Freyman, Frick, Fries, Fryman, Fuller, Gabel, Gangwere, Gausler, Gehringer, Gehman, Geisinger, Gibbons, Gilbani, Gilbert, Gillespie, Ginkinger, Glace, Good, Gorman, Graft, Greensweig, Greenwald, Griffith, Grim, Groff, Gross, Guth, Hagenbuch, Haines, Halsey, Handwerk, Handy, Hankee, Harleman, Harvey, Hartman, Hartsborne, Hartz, Hassler, Hazard,  Heil, Heimbach, Heistand, Helffrich, Heller, Henninger, Herber, Herbst, Hermany, Higgins, Hoffecker, Hoffman, Hoffstetter, Holben, Holcomb, Horn, Horne, Huber, Hudson, Hunsicker, Hunt, Hunter, Hutter, Hyneman, Ihrie, Iredell, Jacob, Jameson, Jarrett, Jennings, Jeter, Jones, Kalbfuss, Kauffamn, Keck, Keefer, Keiser, Keiper, Kelchner, Kemerer, Kemmerer, Kennel, Kern, Kidd, Kiepes, King, Kirby, Kistler,  Kleckner, Klein, Klotz, Kohler, Kolb, Kost, Knauss, Knepley, Knerr, Krauss, Kremmer, Kriebel, Kutz, Lackey, Ladd, Latham, Laubach, Laudenslager, Lauer, Laury, Lazarus, Lehr, Leisenring, Lentz, Leonard, Levan, Lichtenwaltner, Lieberman, Limbach, Linderman, Line, Linn,  Longnecker, Longshore, Longstreet, Loose, Martin, Marx, Masser, Matherson, Mathias, McConalogne, McConnell, McCrea, McDaniel, McDowell, McLane, Mechlin, Mehrkem, Merkle, Metzgar, Meyer, Mickley, Miller, Mohr, Mohry, Moll, More, Moritz, Moser, Musselman, Nagel, Neff, Nevins, Newhard, Newmiller, Nicholas, Nimson, Nonnemacher, Notestine, Obert, Olewine, Oliver, Ortt, Owen, Packer, Painter, Peters, Pretz, Probst, Provost, Rachel, Rapsher, Reber, Reese, Rehrig, Reichard, Rematy, Rex, Rhoades, Richardson, Righter, Rinker, Ritter, Rives, Rober, Roeder, Romich, Romig, Roth, Rothrock, Rouse, Ruch, Ruddle, Ruhe, Runk, Rupp, Saeger, Salkeld, Samnelds, Savitz, Sayre, Schadt, Schall, Schantz, Scheurer, Schmoyer, Schneck, Schneller, Schreiber, Schultz, Schumacker, Seagreaves, Seiberling, Seiple, Semmel, Sieger, Siewers, Sigmund, Singmaster, Sites, Shaffer, Shifferstine, Shimer, Shoemacher, Shoemaker, Shoener, Slough, Smith, Snyder, Solt, Stahler, Stapp, Stauffer, Steckel, Sterner, Stettler, Stiles, Stine, Stout, Strauss, Stroh, Strohl, Struthers, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Trexler, Troxell, Tweedle, Van Buskirk, Wagner, Wannemacher, Warbus, Watering, Weaver, Webster, Weida, Weider, Weiss, Weitzel, Werley, Wertman, Wertz, Wetterholt, Wetzel, Wheeler, White, Wieand, Williams, Wint, Wittman, Woodring, Woolever, Worman, Wright, Wycoff, Wyeth, Yeager, Yeakel, Yoder, Young, Younger, Yundt, Zaogerly, Zellner, Zern, Ziegenfuss, Zimmerman

4) Portrait and Biographical Record of Lehigh, Northampton and Carbon Counties, Pennsylvania
Chapman Publishing Co., 1894, 984 pages
This publication is a rare biographical volumes published for Lehigh, Northampton and Carbon Counties, Pennsylvania.  It begins with biographies of the Presidents of the United States up to the date of publication.  Following these are biographies of important citizens and families of Lehigh, Northampton and Carbon Counties, PA   Also included are portraits of some of the subjects of the biographies.  This is an excellent resource for historical or genealogical research in this area of PA.

Surnames Indexed:
Achenbach, Adams, Ainey, Albright, Amole, Amy, Anderson, Andres, Andrews, Anewalt, Anthony, Applegate, Arner, Arthur, Ash, Bachman, Bacon, Balliet, Barner, Barnes, Barrall, Bartholomew, Barton, Beck, Becker, Behler, Beidleman, Beighe, Bender, Benner, Berlin, Bertolet, Betz, Bevan, Biery, Birkenstock, Bittner, Bitz, Blakslee, Blocker, Blose, Bloss, Borger, Bortz, Bossard, Bower, Bowman, Boyd, Boyer, Brader, Bray, Breder, Breinig, Brinker, Briody, Broadbec, Brobst, Brodhead, Brophy, Broughal, Brown, Bryan, Buchanan, Bush, Butler, Butz, Buzzard, Caffrey, Calvin, Campbell, Canam, Caskie, Chandler, Chapman, Charman, Christman, Clark, Clause, Clemens, Cohn, Coleman, Colt, Conway, Cooper, Coppee, Corby, Correll, Cortright, Cottingham, Cox, Craig, Crater, Crilly, Croll, Danner, Dash, Davies, Davis, Dech, Deemer, Degnan, Deibert, Delcamp, De Long, De Schweinitz, Desh, Deshler, Detweiler, Dewiller, Dickenshied, Diehl, Dietrich, Dinan, Dodson, Dorney, Drake, Dreisbach, Dubbs, Duerr, Dunbar, Eadie, Ealer, Earle, Ebbert, Eberhart, Eckert, Edelman, Edwards, Egge, Ellis, Ely, Emanuel, Engelman, Enzian, Erb, Erdell, Erdman, Erwin, Eshleman, Estes, Evans, Evrard, Farber, Fatzinger, Fegley, Fehnel, Feldman, Fenicle, Fenner, Fenstermacher, Fichter, Field, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Flad, Flexer, Follweiler, Foote, Fox, Frack, Freeman, Fretz, Freudenberger, Freyman, Fritchman, Frutchey, Fry, Fullagar, Fuller, Gabel, Gallagher, Gangaware, Gardner, Garis, Gaumer, Geiser, Gerlach, German, Getz, Gilbert, Godshalk, Goldsmith, Goth, Graham, Green, Greenawald, Greer, Griffith, Grim, Gross, Grubb, Hacker, Haines, Hall, Hankee, Hapgood, Hark, Harleman, Harps, Harrison, Hartzell, Harvey, Hayes, Heckenberger, Heckman, Heilman, Heintzelman, Heiny, Helfrich, Heller, Henn, Henry, Herbst, Hersh, Hess, Hill, Hills, Hirner, Hirst, Hoch, Hoffman, Hofford, Hollenbach, Hom, Hopkins, Horlacher, Horn, Hornbeck, Horner, Houser, Howell, Hower, Huber, Huff, Humphrey, Hunsicker, Hunt, Hutchison, Ibach, Illick, Jackson, Jacobs, Jacoby, James, Jefferson, Jeter, Johnson, Johnston, Johnstonbaugh, Jones, Kasten, Kauffman, Keck, Keim, Keiser, Keiter, Keller, Kemerer, Kemmerer, Kennedy, Kern, Kessler, Kichline, Kiechel, Kirby, Kistler, Kleckner, Klein, Kleinhans, Kleppinger, Kline, Klotz, Klusmeyer, Knauss, Knecht, Knerr, Koch, Kocher, Koehler, Koplin, Kostenbader, Kraemer, Kramlich, Kramm, Krause, Krauss, Kreamer, Kressly, Kuebler, Kuhns, Kunkel, Kuntz, Kurtz, Kutz, La Bar, Lambert, Landis, Laramy, Lattig, Laub, Laubach, Laury, Lawall, Lawfer, Lawler, Lazarus, Leh, Lehr, Leibert, Leickel, Leidich, Leininger, Leisenrign, Leith, Lenhart, Lennon, Lentz, Lerch, Leuchel, Levan, Levers, Lewis, Lichtenwalner, Linderman, Litch, Litzenberg, Lobb, Lockhart, Long, Lovatt, Luckenbach, Ludwig, Lumley, Lynn, Mack, Mackey, Malcolm, Malone, Mann, Markley, Marsteller, Martin, Masland, Masters, Matchette, Mauser, Mayer, McAtee, McClure, McCready, McEnroe, McFall, McHose, McKenna, McMahon, Meixell, Menner, Merrill, Messinger, Metzger, Meyer, Meyers, Michler, Mickley, Miksch, Miller, Milson, Mitman, Mohr, Mohrey, Moll, Moore, More, Morris, Moser, Mosser, Moyer, Mulhearn, Mulligan, Mumford, Murphy, Musselman, Myers, Nace, Nadler, Nagle, Neff, Neisser, Neumayer, Newhard, Newhart, Nolf, O'Brien, Ochs, Odenwelder, Olewine, Oplinger, Ormrod, Osterstock, Ott, Otto, Packer, Paff, Pascoe, Pearson, Peckitt, Peifly, Peter, Peters, Pierce, Pollock, Powell, Price, Prince, Prosser, Rabenold, Radley, Raesly, Rafferty, Raub, Rauch, Redington, Reeder, Reichenbach, Reitz, Remmel, Reninger, Reyer, Rice, Richards, Rickert, Reigel, Rinck, Ritter, Robbins, Roberts, Romich, Romig, Roney, Rose, Roseberry, Roth, Rouse, Rueter, Ruhe, Rupp, Saeger, Sage, Salade, Sandt, Sawtelle, Schaadt, Schadt, Schaeffer, Schafer, Scheidy, Scheirer, Scherer, Schilling, Schleiffer, Schlosser, Schmidt, Schnabel, Schneck, Schneebell, Schneider, Schneller, Schoeneberger, Scholl, Schreiber, Schropp, Schultz, Schultze, Schwedes, Seaboldt, Seaman, Seidle, Seimetz, Seip, Semmel, Sensinger, Sepp, Shaffer, Sharkey, Sheckler, Shenton, Sherer, Sherrer, Shimer, Shipman, Short, Shupp, Sieger, Sigley, Smith, Snyder, Solt, Sowden, Speer, Stahler, Statler, Steckel, Steinmetz, Steitz, Stem, Stemmetz, Stephens, Sterner, Stewart, Stier, Stiles, Stofflet, Storm, Stotzer, Stoudt, Stout, Stroh, Stubblebine, Stubbs, Swartz, Taylor, Thomas, Threlkeld, Titlow, Tombler, Topfer, Trexler, Troxell, Tweedle, Tyler, Uhl, Ulrich, Unangst, Ux, Von Steuben, Wagner, Walk, Walp, Walter, Walters, Warner, Watkins, Weaver, Webb, Weber, Wehr, Weida, Weidnecht, Weil, Weiss, Weller, Welz, Wentz, Wesner, Westen, Wetherill, White, Wieser, Wilbur, Wilhem, Williams, Williamson, Wilt, Wint, Wolf, Wolle, Wonderly, Woodring, Worman, Wright, Yaeger, Yeager, Yeakel, Yingling, Yoder, Yost, Yotter, Young, Zearfaus, Zearfoss, Zern, Ziegenfus, Ziegenfuss, Zulick

5) Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of the Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania
John W. Jordan, 1905, 1370 pages
This publication is an extensive biographical volume on the Lehigh Valley, comprising the counties of Lehigh, Northampton and Carbon, PA.  Originally published as a two-volume set, it includes biographies and historical data on hundreds of families from these counties.  Many of the biographies extend back to the colonial period of Pennsylvania's history.  This is an excellent resource for historical or genealogical research in eastern Pennsylvania.

Index Volume I
Abel, Ackerman, Adamson, Ader, Albright, Aschbach, Babp, Bachman, Bacon, Baer, Ball, Balliet, Bango, Barr, Bayer, Begel, Beidelman, Beitel, Berger, Bieler, Bittner, Bixler, Blakslee, Bolles, Borhek, Bowlby, Boyer, Brady, Brinker, Briscoe, Brodhead, Brown, Buckley, Buckman, Buss, Butland, Butz, Buzzard, Callahan, Cassler, Chipman, Christman, Clemens, Clewell, Coffin, Coleman, Collum, Cornell, Correll, Cortright, Cottingham, Coyle, Crist, Danner, Dash, Davies, Diavis, Dech, Deitrigh, Dent, Dernberger, Dery, deSchweiniz, Desh, Deshler, Detweiler, Dewees, Diehl, Dilliard, Ditchett, Dunn, Ealer, Eckard, Edwards, Eggert, Erdman, Evans, Eyer, Eyerman, Farmer, Fehr, Fenner, Ferren, Fichter, Field, Fitzgerald, Flory, Focht, Folkenson, Forman, Fox, Frace, Fraunfelder, Freeman, Fritz, Frutchey, Fulmer, Gangewere, Gerber, Gies, Gilbert, Gough, Gould, Graver, Gray, Green, Griffith, Grim, Grosscup, Guiley, Guth, Gwinner, Hagerman, Hahn, Handwek, Harris, Hartzell, Harvey, Hay, Heller, Hemminger, Hess, Hoffman, Holvey, Hongen, Hooven, Horn, Howell, Hulick, Hunsicker, Hunt, Iredell, Itterly, Jacobs, James, Jeter, Johnson, Jones, Kauffman, Keck, Keefer, Keller, Kemerer, Kemmerer, Kern, Kettra, Kichline, Kidd, Kidney, Kiefer, King, Kirkpatrick, Kistler, Kleckner, Kleppinger, Kline, Knapp, Knauss, Knecht, Knerr, Knight, Knouse, Koch, Koehler, Kraemer, Krantz, Kratzer, Krause, Kressly, Krum, Kuntz, LaBarre, Lachenour, Laubach, Lauderburn, Lawall, Lawrence, Lazarus, Leh, Lehr, Leibert, Leinbach, Leith, Lentz, Lerch, Linderman, Livingston, Long, Longacre, Luckenbach, Lynn, Mackey, Mansfield, March, Martin, Marx, Mauser, McCauley, McCormick, McFadden, Meixell, Merrill, Messinger, Michler, Middaugh, Miesse, Milson, Montague, Moore, More, Morgenstern, Morrow, Moyer, Mutchler, Nagle, Neff, Newhard, Nichoff, Noble, Ochs, Odenwelder, Ormrod, Overholt, Peckitt, Person, Peters, Phifer, Pittenger, Pollock, Prince, Rader, Raesly, Randolph, Rasley, Rau, Raub, Reagan, Reeder, Rehr, Reimer, Rex, Rhoad, Rhoda, Richards, Richert, Ricker, Reigel, Rinker, Roberts, Roehner, Roney, Ruch, Saeger, Sampson, Sandt, Saylor, Sayre, Schan, Schneebeli, Schropp, Schug, Schultze, Schwab, Schwartz, Seibert, Seiler, Seiple, Sendel, Serfass, Shelling, Sherrer, Shimer, Shoemaker, Shook Shuman, Siegfried, Simon, Smith, Snyder, Speer, Steckel, Steele, Steiner, Stewart, Stier, Stocker, Stofflet, Storch, Strom, Stotzer, Straub, Straup, Swartz, Tanner, Tarleton, Taylor, Traill, Trexler, Trumbower, Uhler, Unangst, Updegrove, Venter, Wagner, Waltman, Walz, Warner, Watson, Weaver, Weiss, Wentz, Werner, West, Westmoreland, Whetstone, Whitelaw, Wilford, Wilhelm, Williams, Williamson, Wimmer, Wirebach, Wise, Wolle, Wood, Yeager, Yeakel, Yoder, Young, Youngman, Zehnder, Ziegler, Zoll

Index Volume II
Acker, Ackerman, Adams, Albright, Andrews, Arbogast, Arndt, Ayers, Bachman, Baker, Baldwin, Balliet, Barch, Barner, Barnes, Bastian, Beary, Beck, Beers, Berkemeyer, Berlin, Biery, Bigelow, Bittner, Bixler, Blakslee, Blank, Bortz, Bowen, Boyer, Brinker, Brobst, Brodhead, Brown, Brunner, Burger, Butler, Butts, Butz, Buzzard, Carter, Chapman, Chase, Christman, Clemens, Cohn, Colt, Cooper, Cope, Craig, Crilly, Datesman, Daugherty, Davies, Davis, Dech, de Nisco, Dent, Derr, Dickenshied, Diehl, Doolitte, Dorney, Doster, Douglass, Downing, Drake, Dreisbach, Drumbore, Dryfoos, Dunbar, Durham, Edwards, Emery, Enbody, Erdell, Erdman, Erwin, Ettinger, Everett, Everitt, Eyer, Farber, Farr, Faust, Fogel, Follweiler, Fox, Frace, Frantz, Freyman, Friebolin, Fritchman, Frutchey, Fuller, Fulmer, Gabriel, George, Gerhart, German, Gildner, Giles, Godley, Gordon, Greiss, Grim, Gruver, Haas, Hahn, Handwerk, Hark, Harter, Hartzell, Haupt, Hawk, Hay, Haydon, Heberling, Hecker, Hechman, Heil, Hellick, Hemm, Henry, Herman, Hersh, Hertzog, Heydt, Hoffmeier, Hollenbach, Horn, Horton, Howell, Huber, Hunsicker, Huth, Insley, Iobst, Jacobs, Jacoby, Jarrard, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Kaiser, Kekc, Keifer, Keller, Kellow, Kemmerer, Kerchner, Kern, King, Kinginger, Kistler, Kline, Klotz, Knappenberger, Knauss, Knecht, Koehler, Kostenbader, Kramer, Krause, Kriedler, Kroninger, Kuehner, Kuhl, Kuhns, Laub, Lambert, Landes, Landis, Laros, Laubach, Laury, Lawall, Lawfer, Lawrence, Leh, Lehr, Leidy, Leisenring, Lentz, Lerch, Lesher, Levan, Lewis, Lilly, Lime, Litzenberg, Lobb, Loose, Loote, Luckenbach, Ludwig, Luttenberger, Malcolm, Mantz, Marks, Martin, Matcham, Mauser, McClure, McKenna, Meckley, Meixell, Mershon, Messinger, Mickley, Miller, Milson, Moessner, Mohn, More, Mosser, Moyer, Muffley, Musselman, Muhlenberg, Mutchler, Myers, Nagle, Newhard, Nonnemaker, Oberly, Odenwelder, O'Neil, Oplinger, Oswald, Oyer, Packer, Paff, Pardee, Pearsall, Pearson, Peter, Peters, Porter, Post, Rader, Ramsey, Raub, Rauch, Reber, Reeves, Rehrig, Reimer, Remmel, Repass, Rex, Riegel, Ritter, Roeder, Romich, Rothermel, Ruhe, Ruhl, Runk, Rupp, Saeger, Sander, Saylor, Schaadt, Schadel, Schadt, Schall, Schantz, Schell, Schertzinger, Schindel, Schoch, Schortz, Schreiber, Schuler, Schweitzer, Seagraves, Sebring, Seiberg, Seip, Serfass, Seybert, Shaffer, Shankweiler, Shannon, Sherrer, Shimer, Shook, Singmaster, Skeer, Slough, Smoyer, Snell, Snyder, Spangler, Speer, Stansfield, Statler, Staffer, Stecher, Steckel, Steinhaeuser, Steinmetz, Sterner, Stiles, Stotz, Stout, Strassburger, Stroh, Sykes, Taylor, Thomas, Tritschler, Ulrich, Waidelich, Weaver, Webb, Weida, Weidner, Weinsheimer, Weiss, Werley, Wert, Weysser, Whitehead, Wieand, Wiess, Wilbur, William, Wolf, Wolfe, Wolle, Wood, Worman, Wright, Yaeger, Yetter, Yost, Young, Zane, Zulick

6) History, Government and Geography of Carbon County Pennsylvania

A. E. Wagner, 1910, 199 pages

This was produced as a general history of Carbon County, PA for use in school.  It covers the early history of the area, its settlement and development as well as a number of historical events from the region.

7) History of Carbon County Pennsylvania
Fred Brenckman, 1913, 713 pages
This publication is a history of Carbon County, Pennsylvania with biographical sketches.  The historical section covers the settlement and growth of the area.  It touches on its industry, military involvement, education and other features.  It also describes each of the county's townships and boroughs.  The biographical section provides historical and genealogical details pertaining to the area's prominent citizens and families.

Text-Searchable PDF
This auction is not for the physical publication listed above - what we offer is a digital copy of that title.  The pages of this publication have been scanned into a PDF file which can be copied to a CD and mailed or downloaded (contact us for more information).  PDF files make research quicker and easier.  The text of these files can be quickly searched for family surnames or places.  PDF files can be read on PC's or MAC's using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You can download a current version of this program for free from the Adobe website.

Price, Selection & Service: (Please READ)
We offer an amazing selection of historical, biographical and genealogical titles, and many are available only through PA-Genealogy.  All titles are priced reasonably, and Collections offer an even greater savings.   We seek to provide our customers with valuable research material and to do so quickly and at low cost.  The feedback we've received from our customers testifies to their satisfaction.

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