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Details about  CUSTER 7th Cavalry OFFICERS & TROOPERS 1 Army MILITARY

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May 31, 2011
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The FAT DADDY's Closet

The FAT DADDY's Closet

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Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer and the 7th Cavalry

U.S. Army ... Indian Wars ... Battle of the Little Big Horn



Publications & Chap Books

"Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it."


of the 7th CAVALRY

Set 1

(9) Chap Books

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IMG_0046.jpg picture by thefatdaddyscloset


Volume 1 "Reminiscences of General Custer: Custer's Last Battle" by Richard A. Roberts ... This is the book the "Liberal Politically Correct" enemies of Custer hate because the facts in it cannot be refuted. There are thousands of publications dealing with Custer's Last Stand.  Few of these deal with it as seen from a first person view.  This is one that Custer scholars consider the very best. The full title is: "Reminiscences of General Custer: Custer's Last Battle", by Richard Roberts.  Roberts was Custer's personal secretary at Fort Lincoln in 1876, and was on the campaign to the Little Big Horn.  While at the fort, Roberts became almost a member of the family, and got to know not only the Custers, but the other Officers of the 7th Cavalry. Like a good secretary, Roberts had a keen eye for detail and took note of all that was transpiring at the fort; plans, life, etc.  He would accompany the 7th on its march from May 17, 1876 to June 25, 1976, and kept records of all that was going on. On the day of the Battle, Roberts was in the rear and survived the Battle.  On his return to Fort Lincoln, Roberts became aware of the just begun Army and Government coverup of what actually took place.  Too many in high offices had too much to lose had the truth come out.  It was easy to blame the dead Custer. Roberts was a man of high integrity, and being a civilian could not be pressured into being silent.  He composed a manuscript of his time at the fort and on the march and what took place the day of the Battle and things going on after the Battle. In this work he spared no one and wrote as he saw it.  Once done he showed his work to the General's widow who asked him not to publish it for all the turmoil and hard feelings it would cause.  He respected her wishes and gave her the manuscript.  The work lay forgotten in her personal belongings until the 1950's when these were bought by Custer scholar Dr. Lawrence A. Frost.  Frost would publish the manuscript in a very limited edition just for fellow scholars; this is now a collector item with prices to match. This is the exact re-print done in an Limited Edition of only 200 copies for members of the Little Big Horn Association in 2000. It is a shame for history this material was not published in 1876, as it reveals much even modern writers do not have access to. The history of Custer and the Last Stand would be very different today had it been published to begin with.  Custer authority Robert M. Utley has stated no research library on the Last Stand is complete without this reference work.

Volume 2 "Custer's Last Command" by Captain Francis M. Gibson ... With the death of Lieutenant Donald McIntosh, command of Company G of the Seventh Cavalry fell to Lieutenant Francis Gibson.  Over the years, it seems, he wrote or spoke little of the Battle. his work by him was written some time after the Battle. It was found in the Archives of the North Dakota Historical Society with no indication as to date or publication;  if indeed, it was ever printed in this form.  This paper was put together in his own handwriting when he was a Captain...a promotion he achieved in 1880.  Short and to the point, it is one of the most precise accounts by the surviving officers.

IMG_0041.jpg picture by thefatdaddyscloset

Volume 3 "Captain Myles Walter Keogh" by G. A. Hayes-McCoy ... This material was originally published by Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland in a very Limited Edition. This is a reprint of that material done only in this Edition. America, in the 19th Century, had a group of individuals, unique in History ...the likes we will never see again. At the top of the list one could find Myles Walter Keogh. He was the personification of a man's man. Born of an upper middle class family in Ireland, Myles could have led the life of a gentleman there. However, like many of his blood, adventure called to him like a Siren. Keogh would enlist and fight in Italy's Papal Wars and win commendation after commendation ...including two rare medals by the Pope himself. He would return to Ireland for a short period, and then leave for the U.S., where he joined the Union forces in the Civil War. Here, again, it was commendations galore for initiative and bravery. He would become an aide to General Buford of Gettysburg fame and win even more laurels. After the Civil War, the Army was mustering out thousands of Officers, especially those of foreign birth. However, it asked Keogh to stay on ...he was simply too good of an Officer to lose. Keogh would join the newly formed Seventh Cavalry, and at once become a favorite of Custer's and one of the Army's shinning stars. Many say it was Myles who introduced Custer to the song "Garry Owen" ...which became and remains the fighting song of the Seventh Cavalry. However, Keogh had his problems. His love life never led to marriage, he so seemed to want. Like many Officers of the frontier, loneliness set in and led to whiskey problems. These were to the extent that on payday he had to have his Company Sergeant hold his money so he would not spend it all on whiskey and cigars. With all his problems, he never gave up on searching for love, good whiskey, a good cigar and, especially, adventure. At the Last Stand, according to Warrior testimony, his Company put up the hardest fight ...with Keogh in the front of his men, directing the action as a rear guard for Custer. Instead of retreating from his position, he fought on to buy time for Custer. Wounded in the leg, he fell from his horse and was later found in a firing position, surrounded by his Company Sergeants. His body was one of the few not mutilated. Warriors would testify, the heaviest fighting of the battle took place here, as Keogh fought for time to allow Custer to set up a defense on Last Stand Hill. His horse, Commanche, would survive the battle ...and go on to a great career himself. A great look at a superb soldier. Why Hollywood has never made a film of him is hard to understand. A VERY DIFFICULT PUBLICATION TO LOCATE, SINCE IT WAS FIRST PUBLISHED IN IRELAND!

Volume 4 "Captain Louis Hamilton" ... The first Officer to report to Custer with his newly formed Seventh Cavalry in 1867, was Captain Louis Hamilton. Hamilton and Custer hit it off at once. Both were in their 20's and both had promising careers ahead of them. Hamilton, as the Grandson of Alexander Hamilton, was highly thought of and was watched carefully as a promising Field Grade Officer. At the Battle of the Washita in 1868, Hamilton had been nearly blinded in a snow storm the night before the attack and Custer assigned him to the rear pack train. Hamilton pleaded to be allowed to lead his Company. Custer said if he could convince another Officer to take his place to the rear, Hamilton could go on the attack. Hamilton did and was alongside Custer as the Regiment attacked ...yet was almost immediately shot and killed. Some say it was a wayward soldier's bullet - or one meant for Custer. This is a biography of Hamilton and includes his role in the Seventh ...and mysterious death.

IMG_0042.jpg picture by thefatdaddyscloset

Volume 5 "Custer's Last Battle" by Captain Charles King ... Today, except for dedicated military historians, King is unknown.  That is a shame, for in the late 1880's and early 1900's he was the nation's foremost military historian.  In addition, his speciality was Custer's Last Stand.  King knew many of the surviving Officers and many of the Troopers, and he gathered every item he could find on the Battle...including access to records of the Army, not available to civilians.  Combing all of these, he published this booklet.  This is an exact reprint...which details the Battle.  King had a keen eye for detail and  was a no nonsense writer...his views are very valuable. That his work is not included in bibliographies of today's books on Custer is a true shame.  It may be because this work is very rare to find...or King's facts upset the scenarios civilian writers today want people to believe is the ultimate work on the Last Stand.

Volume 6 "The Court-Martial of Captain Thomas Henry French: Justice or Cover-Up?" by John M. Carroll ... Captain Thomas French was one of the few surviving Officers of the Last Stand to acquit himself well that day, and he certainly was the most  out-spoken. Just after the Battle, both the Army and Government began a massive coverup of what happened that clouds the Battle to this day.  Too many in high places had too much to lose had the truth come out. Custer scholar John M. Carroll related the case of Captain French.  In the Reno Valley fight, as Custer was trying to flank the Warriors, French was the only Officer who was able to stand up to Warrior fire...indeed he put himself to the front of his men as an example.  His was the only Company to get in proper skirmish formation to stop the charging Warriors.  When Major Reno began his panic retreat that would doom Custer, French stayed to the rear of the retreating soldiers, calmly firing his special edition rifle to the admiration of his men. After the Battle, of all the Officers, only French would initially jeopardize his career by refusing to go along with the "official version", and would defend Custer and his actions to all the Army's consternation and he was kept away from the public on remote duties.  In 1879, when the Reno Court of Inquiry convened, French made it clear he would not be part of that coverup and would speak the truth.  For this the Army came up with phony charges against him and would not let him testify, stating he was under court-martial charges.  At the same time, Major Reno was also under charges for another incident but he was allowed to testify and have an attorney who had many connections in the Army and Government. Carroll discusses all this and French's court-martial in a great study showing how history can be manufactured and an honest man ruined for life...for French's life would soon become one of horrible tragedy.

IMG_0043.jpg picture by thefatdaddyscloset

Volume 7 "Charles C. DeRubio" by Charles K. Mills ... The American frontier Cavalry had more than its share of characters in its Officers Corps.  But none seem to approach Lt. DeRudio of the Seventh Cavalry.  His is the life of Hollywood-type legends, and he had enough adventures to fill the lives of many men. DeRudio came on the stage in France, as a radical opposed to the rule of Napoleon III.  In one instance, he among others, threw a bomb at the carriage carrying Napoleon and his wife and narrowly missed killing the Emperor.  Captured, he was sentenced to life in prison.  In a fantastic plot, his wife was able to arrange his escape, and a nationwide hunt was on with his recapture.  This time the authorities sentenced him to the escape-proof Devil's Island. Somehow, he again , with his wife's help, managed another escape from an island that should have been his grave, and made his way to the United States.  DeRudio knew little of America or even the language, but was a very intelligent and convincing person, and he managed to get an Officers Commission in the Union Army during the Civil War.  After the War when the Army was dismissing literally thousands of Officers, especially foreign ones, DeRudio managed to get himself attached to the newly formed Seventh Cavalry. With the Seventh he both entertained brother Officers with his tales of his life, and managed to be such a braggart at times, Officers would actually hide when they saw him coming.  Apparently, though, he was received well for the most part.  At the Little Big Horn, he took part in Major Reno's valley fight.  When Reno panicked and led a retreat out of the valley, DeRudio was left behind and hid in the woods with a few other soldiers, where they viewed the action.  At night they made their way through the Warriors surrounding the troops atop the bluffs and where all held out until two days later when relief forces arrived. The author relates DeRudio's life using his letters, diaries, records, etc.  It can really be said in this Officer's case, truth is stranger than fiction.  DeRudio would live into the 20th century, retiring from the Army with promotions and a good record ...some say undeserved.  Apparently, he and his wife were one of history's greatest romances.

Volume 8 "Lieutenant Godfrey's Diary: Little Big Horn Campaign" ... Edward S. Godfrey was simply one of the best Officers ever produced by West Point or the American Army. He is largely forgotten by history. That is a shame because he was a great soldier and man ...all that anyone could ever aspire to. Godfrey joined the newly formed Seventh Cavalry in 1867, aan at once became one of Custer's favorites. At the Battle of the Washita in 1868, his actions saved the Seventh from a surprise Warrior attack that could have led to hundreds of Army losses. He would take part in all the Regiment's campaigns, including the Last stand. Promotions in the Army at that time were extremely slow ...in 8 years, he was still a Second Lieutenant. Most West Point graduates left the service after a few years, as they could find high paying civilian jobs as engineers. But Godfrey loved the Army! At Custer's Last Stand his actions, once again taken on his own, saved five Companies from the same fate as Custer's. After the Battle, when a huge coverup began in both the Army and Government over the real cause of Custer's defeat, Godfrey risked his career in refusing to take part in it and he became a defender of Custer. On his death bed, his last words were, "Not a shot is to be fired". These were the words Custer ordered when a large part of Indians were rounded up and volunteer soldiers wanted to kill them. This publication was originally issued at his death by fellow Officers at West Point in 1932. It has faithfully been reproduced here in the original form. Simply, if you admire Custer, you'll love Godfrey. This material was done for a special meeting of the Little Big Horn associates at West Point.

Volume 9 "Notebook of Lieutenant McIntosh" ... Lt. Donald McIntosh was from Canada and was also part Indian. A valued member of the Seventh Cavalry and a favorite of Custer's, he had a splendid record as an Officer. Like almost all Officers, he kept a diary of different events. These included his purchases and costs and personal items. It is a nice look into the daily life of an Officer on the frontier. There is a particular emphasis here on Officer relationships. These concern fellow Officer, Benny Hodgson. Just prior to the Little Big Horn, both Officers had been stationed in the South, and did not get along well. This was surprising, for both were very popular with brother Officers and the enlisted men ...a rarity in itself. McIntosh was writing in his diary of bringing up Hodgson on court-martial charges he explains here. Both men were killed in the Reno Valley fight at the Battle, so nothing ever came of this. The original diary was found on the battlefield with a bullet through it and very bloody. It had been displayed at the Battlefield until poor security led to its theft. Later, recovered, it has been locked away ever since and not available.

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These publications contain RESEARCH MATERIAL and are over-sized, soft cover photo copy re-print publications, with a plastic comb binding and are about the size of a Time magazine.



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"ARROW and TROOPER Publications & Chap Books"

... where Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer, Officers and Troopers of the 7th Cavalry

and the Battle of the Little Big Horn "COME ALIVE"!

ARROW and TROOPER is a company that specializes only in rare Custer Publications and Chap Books. Today, major publishers do not want to do books of this type because there is no mass market for them. That is a shame because much vital American History is being lost!

George Armstrong Custer - young, ambitious, courageous, handsome - remains one of the stars of the United States Military. On June 25, 1876, he led his famed 7th Cavalry into battle against over-whelming numbers of a great gathering of American Indians in the valley of the Little Big Horn River in Montana. Some say it was a "glorious Last Stand"; others say it was a massacre - "over in just a few minutes". Some call it Custer's Last Stand or the Battle of the Little Big Horn; others call it the Battle of the Greasy Grass. It is, perhaps, the most controversial and most studied battle in United States Military History!

ARROW and TROOPER Publications & Chap Books only puts out the rarest of Custer and Last Stand material. This scholarly and researched material cannot easily be found today. These publications are written for the curious and the seekers of truth ... those who enjoy the hunt for the solutions to this still controversial and unexplained mystery. This material is written by researchers, experts and Custer and Last Stand historians. It is designed to allow the reader to make up his own mind on the events surrounding the Battle of the Little Big Horn and the exciting life of Lt. Col. George Armstrong "Autie" Custer.

Our MISSION at ARROW and TROOPER Publications & Chap Books is to inform and enlighten ... not to push a pre-planned agenda - or even to be "Politically Correct". Our publications are done in very Limited Editions - usually in runs of only 50 to 250 copies (many will not be printed again).


On a hot Sunday in June, 1876 Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer led five Companies of soldiers from the US 7th Cavalry on to a grassy ridge rising above the valley of Montana's Little Big Horn River and into history and legend. On the ridge, about 225 7th Cavalry Officers and Troopers fought desperately against hopeless numbers and fierce Warriors from a combined Indian Nation. When the guns fell silent, the dust settled and the smoke lifted, no soldier survived. Some say that Custer and the 7th Cavalry rode to Glory...some say to Infamy! The only thing for certain, it was a staggering defeat to the United State's Military by the hands of Warriors of Native Americans.

Custer and the Battle of the Little Big Horn has served as a focus of changing popular attitudes. During the first half of the 20th Century, Custer was paraded through literature and across the movie screens as a Hero ... a symbol of the the noble forces that opened the West to America's westward expansion. Later, Custer became a different kind of symbol. He personified all that was evil and brutal in America and her historic treatment of Native Americans.

The Battle of the Little Big Horn or Custer's Last Stand is one of the most studied and most controversial battles in American History ... HERO or GOAT; MILITARY GENIUS or INCOMPETENT GENERAL; GREAT LEADER or MADMAN ... all have been used to describe George Armstrong "Autie" Custer. Therefore, our emphasis, is to provide you with books and material based on facts and research ... not a pre-planned agenda.

With that in mind, WELCOME to the exciting and controversial world of Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer, soldiers of the historic 7th Cavalry and Native American Warriors from many Indian Nations!



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"The FAT DADDY's Closet" and "ARROW and TROOPER"

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