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Jul 11, 2011 19:09:56 PDT
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VIRGINIA/CSA, United States


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For your bidding consideration we present you with a Authentic Civil War Era, Maker Marked, Confederate Pike/Spear/Lance made at Augusta Arsenal and its in PRISTINE, NON DUG condition.  This is one heck of an AMAZING Confederate Pike used throughout the War Era by Rebel Soldiers and this particular Pike has some VERY "UNIQUE" Provenance with it.  As shown above, we placed a few pics of this EXACT Pike Photgraphed in the Reference book called, "Warman's Civil War Collectibles" and as shown in pics above, you can see this Pike has some SPECIFIC details which Proves its that Pike pictured in the book just mentioned.  If you refer to the 2nd pic above, you'll see that one side of this Pike has a small indention, or wear spot within the tip portion of the blade and the one shown in Warman's book is EXACTLY the same way.  But what proves this even more is the fact that the one in the book has 5, light color Patina spots WITHIN that "Indention" area of the Pikes tip and you can see these Same 5 spots in this Pike were offering here.  As most of you know, there is NO way to reproduce that patina effect as it takes 140 plus years to produce. PLEASE refer to that 2nd pic for better details, and Be sure to pay close attention to the other Reference book pics this way you can pick out specific patina spots, pitting, etc, this way you can see these are the SAME, Identical Pikes.  Now, a few years ago, we traveled to a Civil War Show in Fredericksburg Virginia, at the Expo Center, which we try and visit every year and we met one of the nicest Dealers we have ever came across in ALL our travels....his name was Billy and he is a VERY, WELL-Known Civil War Dealer.  He had this Confederate Augusta Arsenal Pike and we fell in love with it, therefore we purchased it from him for $2100.00 dollars...he then sold us a few other relics for our personal collection and then he told us how this Pike was featured in a couple civil war books, however, we couldn't understand him as he has a speech problem,  but we weren't sure as to which books they were and later we found out this "Warman's" book was one of them.  We did Not get any papers from him stating this, so this is why we want you to Pick out certain specifics within the book pics and the pics we have provided here for you, so you can see these are Exactly the same Pikes.  Another detail which can't be mistaken is on the VERY end of one of the pole straps, which these are the 2 thin pieces located just below the Pikes guard,on either side of the Pikes Tang, there's a small bend to the very end of that pole strap and you can see this Exact same bend in the 3rd picture from the Top there in Warman's Ref. book listing.   But Nothing shows More PROOF then that small Wear spot, which curves slightly inwards towards the middle of the blade and the first 2 Warman book pics show this very well and that wear spot in the book is on the bottom edge, same as it is in our 2nd photograph shown above.  If you look at that second Warman pic above, you'll see a small piece of the guard at the bottom of the picture, that guard's tip is inline with the indention or Wear spot, which were speaking of here. And I point this out just encase someone can't see what were talking about.  We do Guarantee for Life this is the SAME Pike as shown in Warman's Civil War Collectibles book, the 2003 edition.  If you notice in those same ref. book pics, this Pike sold for $1,195.00 dollars and that was in 2003!  As most of you know, these relics Never decrease in price and with this being the year of the 150th Civil War Anniversary, items of this sort have doubled in price, especially when you can find one with history as this one has.  Now, we DON'T expect this to be doubled in price here on ebay of course, but if the winner has the time to sell this at a civil war show or to a private dealer, then they would DEF. make a great profit.  We fell upon some hard times within our family and now were taking care of one of our kids as well as our grandkids, so, we HAVE to part with this RARE Confederate Pike to stay afloat, plus our grandkids want a summer vacation, so were putting the money from this very Pike towards that summer vacation.  This Pike has been displayed in our collection since we purchased it from Billy and it has Never been taken out of that sealed case until we photographed it for this listing, then we placed it back in the display case until it sells, at which time will remove it for the final time.  As the book states above, this Confederate Augusta Arsenal Pike Head is Complete with Retainer Bands and rivets still in place.  Wooden Pike Handle was either burnt out or rotted away.  Metal pieces are all in attached position as shown above.  And these parts are ALL in solid condition and have NEVER been messed with, taken apart or cleaned in anyway.  The rivets are firmly intact and they are NOT weak in anyway and I say this because one may think they are not strong, but these are rather big rivets or pins that would take a GREAT deal of force to break. The tops of these pins STILL have the File marks throughout from when this Pike was originally placed on a Wooden, Ash Pole and this is a GREAT bonus.  Now, keep in mind, these rivets/pins would NOT have been placed on here UNLESS this Pike head was ATTACHED to a wooden pole at one time or another, and this is a VERY important detail that Helps prove this Pike has SEEN Battle use.  Another is details throughout this pike which will explain now.   This Pike has been in Battle and SEEN ACTION as there's a small bend within the structure of the blade that normally takes place when the Soldier has held his ground and rammed the Pike into a horse's chest.  Which that may sound awful, but thats Exactly what these pikes were mainly used for.  The Soldier would hold the long wooden pole at a angle towards the fast approaching, enemy upon horseback, and his one foot would be pressed at the very butt end of the pole, many times this butt was pushed in the ground at the base of a rock for more security, then the Soldier held the pole with his hands at this angle, then when the Union Soldier approached on Horseback, the Pike would slam through the Horse's chest, bringing the Soldier to the ground for a more, equal fighting position.  Normally though, the Rebel soldier would shoot or stab that Fallen Union Soldier before he was able to get to his feet and more often then not, the Rebel Soldier that carried this Pike also had a 18" bowie knife on his side, which was used to finish off the Soldier as mentioned above.  Now, this 18" inch blade knife were speaking of was ordered for troops carrying a Pike Per the book by Rodney Brown, called, "American Polearms."  It also says that on Feb.20th,1862, Joseph E. Brown wrote a letter that he NEEDED these Pikes as well as a Side Knife eighteen inches blade, weighing about three pounds, to be made by EVERY mechanic that was able to Turn them out and that anyone who could do this would be supplied with the patterns for making them. He goes on to mention how they needed large forces supplied with these two accouterments and he already had many of these pikes and knives, but he wanted TEN THOUSAND More within the Next MONTH!  That is truly amazing and this Confederate Pike we have here is one of those CONFEDERATE MADE type of Pikes which he ordered to be made.  Of course we have no idea if it was made during 1862 or if it was made before that in 1861, but with it having certain details which you'll read about next, we believe it was made AFTER he wrote this letter.   In the North South Trader C.W. Price Guide 12 Edition, it mentions this Augusta Arsenal made pike and shows it as PLATE 106 per Rodney Browns book, and that Plate can be found on Page 128 of American Polearms by Rodney Brown.  This page shows several Augusta Arsenal made pikes with Diff. maker marks and it mentions directly under this picture that:  "A group of CONFEDERATE GOVERMENT Pikes made at Augusta Arsenal."   I'm pointing this out because MANY collectors believe these Pikes were made by local blacksmiths and they were Not "Ordered" to be made by the Confederate Goverment, yet this style we have here WAS ordered to be made and its marked as such.  Then the book goes on to mention different makers throughout the South, as well as Georgia, and how some of them marked these Pikes with their Manf. name, but some also marked them with only their Initials, but what was VERY interesting is how he Specifically mentions the Augusta Arsenal Pike being marked with, "C.S.A, CSA & 11 Stars, CSA & 1 star on one side of the blade and the other side with a dotted outline of the Conf. Flag, also some with a single star, (the stars were NOT 5 pointed, but looked like asterisks, then some had Single dots and others with the Letter "T" in a sunken cartouche."  So, this shows how many diff. markings there was for this Confederate, Augusta Arsenal made Pike.  Now, it "Appears" to be a "V" marking on the one side of this Pike's Ricasso, however, it's actually 2 different maker marks, which were just mentioned above per the Rodney Brown book.  The right side of that so called "V" marking, at the very top, is a RAISED Single "Dot"  and then the left side, which makes the other portion of the so called "V" marking, has a dot with ridges coming off it...this would be the STAR they were speaking of and it DOES look like a asterisks.  This star as its called is pretty small as you can see above, and one will NEED a eye glass to see it perfectly, keep in mind, its been worn down from age and use, but its DEFINTELY there.   We do GUARANTEE 4 LIFE that this marking has the "Raised" single Dot that Rodney Brown's book says it should have, as well as that Star on the left side of what "Appears" to be a "V" marking.  This is a MAJOR Bonus to this Pike as MANY of you know and its a GREAT find for us as we NEVER knew this until just now.  We had Always thought this was just a marking that looked like a "V" and never considered taking our eye glass out to look at them. But we do want to point out, the star portion of this marking isn't as "Raised" as the single dot is. Both are there and we can clearly see them now that we know what to look for, but others may need an eye glass to clearly see them, so please keep this in mind if your the lucky winner.   Most Pikes are unmarked, atleast the ones we have run across over the years, so this is a real treat for the winner and ANY Confederate, "Marked" Accouterment is EXTREMELY Rare these days, so Don't let this one get by you as you may NEVER seen another one like it!    Now, MANY people "Like" to say how they don't believe Pikes were used very much in the War, yet Rodney Brown's book puts that theory to rest as he gives DOCUMENTED accounts of Regiments being ordered to carry them, other C.W. Soldiers who saw them being carried by other Regiments, Soldiers who used them and some that noted how they saw these pikes being carried into battle within their diarys.  MUCH MORE is mentioned within his book, which proves their usage throughout the War Period.  Now, this Pike has a Very Uniform Patina throughout, same as the LIGHT Pitting throughout as shown above.  The Patina throughout is a DARK color and almost looks like the Pike was "Blued" when it was made? Were not sure if it actually was, but we DO know that hundreds of these Accouterments WERE blued during the War Era, so this is something we wanted to point out just encase it was.  And PLEASE don't mistake us and think this "may" have paint on it, as it does NOT, and this is guaranteed as always.  Blade is Double Edged and from the Tip back about 8 3/8" inches in length, these edges have MORE of an edge then most swords would, and were NOT saying they are Razor Sharp by ANY means, but the do have more of edge then most items.  They will NOT cut you under normal handling, so please don't take us wrong here.  The remainder of the blade gets thicker on the edges back to the ricasso.  Blade has the high Median Ridge that runs down the Center of the Blade.  If your holding the Pike AWAY from you with the side that has the Marking on the ricasso Facing UP, then the LEFT side of the blade, just below the tip has a SMALL wear spot that goes inwards about a 1/16th of an inch wide and this spot only measures 2 1/2" inches long TOTAL.  So, you can see, this worn spot in the blade is NOT hardly anything, but you can see it and this is what the Pike has in the Warman's book as mentioned throughout this Description.  There's tiny "Usage" Nicks throughout Both sides of the blade and None of them are deep in anyway. This may have come from the Pike hitting bone, which may show it was used against a horse or several horses.  Another GREAT detail the winner should remember.  Diamond shaped Guard is in Solid condition and has the SAME patina and pitting as the rest of this Pike has.  Tang portion of this Pike has the Pole "Straps" still FIRMLY intact with the large Ferrule or Collar in great, solid condition and with no bends to this collar.  There's a small bend to the end of "One" Pole strap, measuring LESS then a 1/8" of an inch wide, so VERY small and could EASILY be bent back if one wanted.  NUMEROUS File marks throughout the ENTIRE Pike from its original construction.  Rivets or Pins through the Pole Straps and Tang are Firmly intact and the heads are wider then the actual holes showing they were actually placed on this Pike to secure it to the Wooden Ash Pole and you can see file marks throughout these Pins, especially the tops from when they put this Pike Head on the Pole.  We have NEVER cleaned, polished or anything to this Pike, so one could easily clean this up to make it look MUCH better if they wanted.  We DON'T recommend ANY polishing of course, but this is always left up to the new owner.  So, with ALL that said, here's a Once in a LIFETIME oppurtunity to own a Maker Marked, Confederate Made, Augusta Arsenal Pike in GREAT, SOLID condition throughout and the Pike still retains ALL its original parts from when it was attached to a wooden Ash Pole during the Era. Quite possible the pole rotted or burned as the book mentions after the Soldier left it behind during Battle, and we say this as many Soldiers did this because once they were shoved into the horse, and the horse fell, it broke the wooden pole, therefore the soldiers would leave them lay and continue fighting, or what happened many times during battle, the Soldiers would run after the enemy, so this may be why the wooden pole is long gone today.  Wish we knew what battle it took part in, but atleast we KNOW it was used and that means EVERYTHING when purchasing a Civil War Relic in our opinion.  A Confederate Accouterment like this that can be PROVEN it was used is worth FAR more then one that CAN"T be Proven it was used, and there's NO question this Pike was used.  Confederate Augusta Arsenal Pike measures 17 3/8" inches long OVERALL and the Blade ALONE measures 11 3/4" inches long.  So, a LARGE Confederate Pike by Anyone's standards!   The winner gets a LIFE TIME WARRANTY that Guarantee's this Civil War Period, Confederate Augusta Arsenal Made Pike is Authentic to the Civil War Period.    There will be a 7 day Auction with NO Reserve!!!  And, YES, thats NO Reserve folks!!!  We have hesitated for some time now about placing a reserve on this ONLY because of the amount of money we have wrapped up in it, but we also want it to be cherished by those that LOVE the Civil War and its History, therefore with this being the year of the 150th Anniversary, we decided to list this with no reserve as a way of saying Thank You to ALL of you Wonderful Ebayers that help us get by in these hard times by placing your bids on our relics and this also makes it Fair for EVERYONE to own a RARE piece of CONFEDERATE History.  So, bid Hard and GOOD LUCK to you ALL!!!!!!!    Be sure to check out our other listings this week as we have some GREAT ones!  You WON'T want to miss them, thats for sure!   Please read our terms & conditions below for this Auction Listing.




I want to let everyone know that PER the NEW Ebay/Paypal Policy, New Sellers "HAVE" to wait for their "Payment Funds/Money" for their "Sold" Products "UNTIL" the Customer/Buyer has received the item and left "POSITIVE" Feedback for the Seller, otherwise, the Seller HAS to wait for 20 PLUS days to receive their money for that Particular sold item.  As many of you know, in todays Horrible Economy, EVERY Penny is Precious, therefore, I want to KINDLY & RESPECTFULLY ask ALL Customers to PLEASE leave Positive Feedback for us SOON as you Possibly can, upon arrival of your newly purchased product this way we don't have to wait for 20 plus days to receive the money for the item you already have. I'm sure you can understand this and until we build a reputable feedback score, this will be the case with Every sold item per their new rules.  We will be Waiting for Your Feedback FIRST and we have to do this in order to know you have recieved your package and your happy with it.  Also, we were informed by a ebayer that some buyers do Not like feedback, therefore, we do not want to upset anyone and this is another reason we wait for your feedback first.  Then, one last reason we wait for yours first is, if we leave feedback for you and you decide that you don't want to leave it because you already have it from us, then we loose out and we NEED this feedback to build our reputation.  Once we have built enough feedback, we will remove this paragraph and leave feedback for ALL buyers soon as their payment clears.  Then it won't matter, "As Much",  if we recieve it or not, but we still hope everyone leaves it.  Were Very SORRY we have to ask everyone this, but were sure you all can understand as these are hard times right now and this extra income is keeping our Family alive and will "hopefully' turn into a Family Business our Grand children will run one day.  Now, if at ANY time you have a problem with a purchased item, then PLEASE email us right away so we can fix the issue for you. We WILL help in ANYWAY we possibly can, as we want ALL transactions to end with a SMILE.  We do encourage you all to read the new "Selling" rules at ebay and paypal so you can see this is Not something we've made up or something being done to just us as this rule applys to EVERY "NEW" Seller.     

  We started this ebay site as things are Hard in our family right now and without going into Great detail, were Grandparents of 6, Parents of 3 and were still raising 5 of the 9 in our home due to economic issues in their lives, then of course were "trying" to take care of ourselves as well. With my spouse & I having jobs, its still not enough anymore, therefore we put all we had into starting a "Family" Business in which everyone can work together.  We have our ENTIRE Family "picking" in their free time now and were spending each free moment of Our time "Picking" as well.  We go to Farms, Homes, buildings, Flea Markets, Yard Sales, and Auctions in order to find You the Rarest and Most Unique Antiques available. Thats almost a Dozen people searching for rare collectables to list here on Ebay!   And I MUST say, that we have some VERY amazing Antiques to part with so Please continue watching our site as I'm SURE we'll have something you like.  Feel free to email us anytime, Especially with any request you may have this way we can better serve our customers during our "picking" adventures. NO request is too Big or too small, so Please, don't hesitate to ask.  I thank you ALL for taking the time to look at our site and please feel free to email us anytime once again.  We will respond to ALL emails within 72 hours as long as its a Business Day, but please keep in mind, we do work other jobs, so your response may not come until the evening time. We do try an check emails throughout the day whenever our jobs will allow us though.  We hope you find something you like while visiting our store and Please keep checking back as were just starting to list these antiques and we plan to list items EVERYDAY for some time.  We'll be starting with a Great deal of Civil War Memorabilia to celebrate this years Anniversary, then will move into early items as well as some BEAUTIFUL Furniture!  Please let us know how were doing as your comments will help us better serve You. God Bless!      



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