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Details about  1998 Acura Integra HIGHEST DEMANDED MODEL: GS-R with the VTEC ENGINE

1998 Acura (and BMW) Integra GS-R with RARE "VTEC" ENGINE"! FULLY CUSTOMIZED!!

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SEE PHOTOS FOR ANY COSMETIC WORK. Some front and rear end fiberglass work if wanted but not

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May 07, 2014
US $4,999.00
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Kissimmee, Florida, United States


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Last updated on  May 03, 2014 12:54:53 PDT  View all revisions

Item specifics

Condition: Used
Seller Notes: SEE PHOTOS FOR ANY COSMETIC WORK. Some front and rear end fiberglass work if wanted but not necessary. DVD/CD Stereo (Video monitor in front and two (2)video monitors in rear (one behind each seat)just recently stopped working. There is a DVD/CD player in the center glove box that broke by accident. Option to just replace and re-wire or leave as is. Lamborghini type LIFT UP doors could use some adjusting, but not necessary, for easier opening and closing of the doors. I apologize, but I truly know mostly nothing about cars in general. The car runs and handles absolutely perfect and for such a small engine is VERY FAST with the super "low profile" and wide tires, and manual transmission always helps! Turning signals also just recently stopped working for unknown reason. Additional normal "wear and tear" areas on interior and exterior. I am able to provide you with the website/store and the special Chameleon paint color name so that you are able to obtain the same exact same paint.
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): JH4DC2385WS001582 Year:



Manual / Must be with this VTECH ENGINE!!!



Body Type:

Coupe / Hatchback



Vehicle Title:



2 door coupe hatchback


DVD/CD System with three (3) Video Screens, Front Dashboard Light Color Change Controller, Lamborghini style Doors / Open straight up, Two (2) Speaker Subwoofers in trunk, Custom Chrome Wheels (see photo), Extreme Low Profile and Wide Tires, Cold Air Intake (for Better Engine Performance), Door Knobs Removed, Side Rearview Mirrors from a BMW M3, Rear End from a BMW 5 Series, Front End BMW M3 Grill (Kidney Shaped), Custom Gear Shifter Knob, Cruise Control on Steering Wheel (from Factory), Interior is totally customized (color coordinated), 4 Coats of "Clear Coat" on $12k Custom Paint Job, SEE PHOTOS FOR ALL "COSMETIC" CUSTOMIZATION!!!, Custom Air Vents/Intakes on exterior body, Entire DVD/CD/MP3 Stereo is fully REMOTE CONTROL, Power Sunroof, (500 watts x 1) Power Amplifier on Subwoofer only, GS-R VTEC ENGINE



Safety Features:

Nitrogen Air Suspension with 10 Knob Controller, Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag

Drive Type:


Power Options:

No Power Door Locks due to having NO DOOR KNOBS, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Windows



Fuel Type:


Sub Model:


For Sale By:

Private Seller

Exterior Color:


Disability Equipped:


Interior Color:



Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty

Number of Cylinders:

4 Cylinder "VTEC ENGINE"

*Quick and important note:  Please know that I apologize for the bad photos in this auction due to the rain and it is very important for you to know that there is nothing at all wrong with the hood of the car, it was purposely opened by myself.  When the hood is normally closed, there is absolutely no way that ANYONE could ever tell that the original hood was replaced with a brand new "custom" hood that looks totally awesome!

*I am currently (on 5/3/14) revising this listing and lowering the price all of the way down to the crazy low price of: $4,999.00
I started the auction's "Buy it Now" feature at $9,995.00! 
I have now listed the price SO LOW, I can finally sell this car for sure!  If I did not NEED the money SO BADLY, I would not even be selling this car! 
It is absolutely killing me to sell this car, and selling it at SUCH A LOW PRICE!

This is truly CRAZY that I am doing this.  I don't care who you are or what you know about cars, I am 100% confident that EVERYONE that sees this spectacular custom car priced this low using the "Buy it Now" option, knows that this is an example of a TRUE, "DEAL OF A LIFETIME"!! 
I have to be honest here and tell you that if "someone" does not buy this car, especially with the "Buy it Now" option NEEDS to seriously do their homework on this car.  Do as much research as you want and you will find out for sure that buying this car at this low of a price with such LOW MILEAGE is IMPOSSIBLE.  Don't just take my word for it, go ahead and actually do the research yourself so that you know that what I am telling you are FACTS and not "just what I think".  The car was already priced before WAY TO LOW and it was priced easily to SELL FAST, now it is GUARANTEED to sell SUPER FAST!  I know that you have read and heard hundreds, if not thousands of people selling things on eBay and everywhere else, that this is the "DEAL OF A LIFETIME" and "DON'T LOSE OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY", RIGHT?  Well, I can honestly "SWEAR" (which I very rarely do) to the thousands of people on eBay right now that when I say the above statements, that I TRULY MEAN (from the bottom of my heart) WHAT I AM SAYING.  This is not a joke, I consider this to be a very important investment for whoever purchases this car and I would NEVER take advantage of anyone when it comes to getting the lowest possible price possible.  Put it this way, when I personally buy a car, the most important thing for me (once I know which car I want to buy) is that I get the lowest price possible for it.  I never, ever trust anyone who sells cars for a living.  I always think that they are just trained to say what they say so that the dealership gets rid of another car from their lot!  We are just a "number" to them, they could care less about what our name is, or what is going on in our lives, they could care less!  Come on, you all know what I am saying is very true.  Well, to be as honest as possible, there happens to be a very small percentage of people selling cars that TRULY DO care about what your name is and are also interested in what is going on in your life (which is ME). 

Do you see, how I could have very easily just erased/changed the price without telling you all of this information?  But, because I am honest, I am telling you EVERYTHING!  That should be something for you to think about when it comes to trusting someone during this very important investment/transaction that you are making now.

*Be certain to read ALL of the "features", "options" and "custom work". Just knowing basic math, you should be able to figure out that based on the total investment made on this vehicle, that the price I am asking for this car makes absolutely no sense at all.  It will be extremely obvious to you that this vehicle is really worth a LOT more money.  Also, very important for you to be aware of, I purchased this car the way you see it. I personally did NOT do any of the customized work on this vehicle.  The only thing I have done since purchasing this car was normal maintenance.  I also ONLY USE "FULLY SYNTHETIC OIL" for every single oil change!  It is more expensive, but well worth it, especially for this "engine sent from heaven"!  Unfortunately, since I did not do ANY of the work on this car, nor do I know how to do ANY of this type of work, I may be unable to answer certain questions that you may have regarding anything to do with specifics on the customization or general work process of this car.  

The front end, rear end and side rear view mirrors were all used from the actual manufacturer of BMW, this also includes all of the BMW badges on the car.  This is why most people that see the car think that it is a BMW.    My honest opinion when I first purchased the car, I assumed that it was some type of a BMW vehicle.  After I purchased the car, I purchased chrome letters and numbers to put on the rear of the car for a "made up" model number!! LOL!! These can obviously be removed if you do not want this on the vehicle.

This car drives, runs and handles EXTREMELY WELL.  Everyone that I have driven in the car is always extremely impressed!  For such a small engine, this car is SUPER FAST!!!  This is due to the fact that this vehicle has the RARE GS-R Model engine with the VTEC (Vortec) ENGINE.  Also, having a manual transmission helps a lot too!  This car is also extremely FUN TO DRIVE.  You will never get sick of driving this car. 

The exhaust system is also truly "INCREDIBLE"!!!  Again, since I do not know much about cars at all, I do not know what he installed (he told me when I purchased the car, but I forgot).  All I can tell you is that when you "feel" a car pass you on the road from the exhaust system, it usually means it is excellent quality!  It has an extremely low and deep rumble sound, and when you "push it", that is when it sounds and feels the sweetest!

Also be prepared to be the owner of a car that is a real "HEAD TURNER"!!  When I stop at traffic lights, get gas, go to the store, etc. people actually have taken photos from their cell phones, ask me a million questions, yell out compliments, etc.  People pull up next to me and want to ask me a million questions about the car (even while waiting at a red light or STOP sign! LOL!).  Also, whenever I have to leave the car or get into the car and people see the door lift straight up, instead of "out" like all other cars, they go literally crazy!  I would say that the Lamborghini type doors and Chameleon paint job bring the most attention.  I would say that the Chameleon $12k paint job brings the most attention to the car. Depending on how the light hits the car, it has three (3) different colors, BLUE/PURPLE/EMERALD GREEN (even though the paint manufacturer only claim that the paint has two (2) colors, purple and green in the name of the paint, you can easily see actually three (3) colors.  By the way, if you need more of the same exact paint, it is located at xoticcolours.com

Since the car's suspension is using Nitrogen Air along with the switch box (controls exactly which part of the car you want raised and/or lowered), you will need to have the canisters re-filled once they run out of air.  I will provide you with two (2) tanks upon the delivery of the car.  When I purchased the car, I was only given one (1) canister and then later purchased a second one.  This makes it a lot easier and less of a hassle to have the tank(s) re-filled as often.  The person I purchased the car from advised me that whenever he would "show" the car at a Car Show, he would DROP THE CAR ALL OF THE WAY TO THE GROUND, which makes it look extremely cool (you should NEVER drive the car in this low of a position.  He also advised me that he would change it up every once in a while, for example, he would have the rear end up high and the front end down really low, or the other way around, and have the front end up really high and the back end really low.  The great thing about having this air suspension is that you are able to customize the "lift" of the car at the touch of a button anytime!  You should also NEVER change the suspension level while driving the car.  Any suspension adjustments should be completed while the car is stopped and turned off (for safety reasons).

It is also really cool how people always ask me "what BMW is that"? or "what the heck kind of car is that"?  Believe me, you will get a million questions wherever you go with this car, especially if you have to open one or both of the doors on the car, because both doors open straight up instead of straight "out" like most cars. Once people see you get out or get into the car and have to open the door, you are pretty much guaranteed to get over loaded with people surrounding you, asking questions, yelling out compliments, taking pictures with their cell phones, etc. etc. 

The person I purchased the car from also installed some type of "Cold Air Intake" in the engine.  He advised me that it increases the power "big time".  Since I do not know much about cars or engines in general, I really have no idea what this added feature is and do not know exactly how it improves the overall performance of the car.  He also advised me that due to the installation of this Cold Air Intake, it makes certain lights on the dashboard light up, such as the "check engine" light and a few others. He told me that he was unable to hook this part up into the engine without these lights turning on the dashboard. He assumed that since the part was not installed by the manufacturer nor made by Acura (Honda), it will not accept it in the engine's computer.  To be honest, I was a little worried about the "check engine" light being on, along with some others, but now, after owning the car and driving it for so long, I now know that there is absolutely nothing wrong that I was made aware of.

Only 16% of ALL of the Acura Integra vehicles manufactured in 1998 have the GS-R Edition Engine with the "(VTECH) Vortec Engine"!!!  I would think that this alone makes this car at least double or triple in value!  Just think, obviously, anything that is extremely rare and hard to find increases the value automatically, in mostly any case, not just in cars alone, but in anything else also.

I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD "NEED" TO SELL THIS VEHICLE FOR THE REST OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!  This truly is killing me to be in this position to have to sell my most important item in my life.  I have been going through a 6 year divorce and have already spent over $300k between myself and my mother in order to get custody of my children.  How can you place a price tag on a child's head? The answer is you CAN'T!!!  My Mother just recently passed away in January after a long fight with cancer.  My Mother actually sold her "paid in full" home and used ALL of the money towards this divorce!  On top of that, myself and my Mother have accrued a ton of credit card debt.  Now that she has passed away, our Final Divorce hearing is finally coming up VERY SOON!  We have also finally hit "rock bottom" financially and I do not have a choice but to sell my car for a lot less than it is really worth.  Our original plan was to use my Mother's credit cards for the Final Hearing.  Now that she is no longer here, I am unable to use those credit cards to pay for the rest of this divorce hearing.  Therefore, the ONLY things that I have left worth any money is this vehicle and a very small amount of jewelry of my Mothers.  There also was NO LIFE INSURANCE.  It is now just myself and my three (3) children left.  I am currently on temporary disability until I am finally able to have an operation to repair a Severe Chronic Pain situation that I have been living with for many years.

The reason I am telling you all of this is so that you understand and and most important "believe" the reason for the sale and why the price is SO LOW!

Go ahead and GUARNTEE that you own this car and use the "Buy it Now" option, before someone else does do it!!


* The car does need some fiberglass work on the front and rear end.  I apologize, but since I do not know pretty much anything about cars at all, I am not able to provide you with exact details regarding any of the exterior and interior work that needs to be completed.  Keep in mind that when I purchased this car, I purchased it "AS IS" and ALL of the customized work had already been done.  To be honest, it really does not matter what repairs the car needs because the price is SO LOW that no matter how much it would cost to make this car look like it just drove off of the "NEW CAR" lot, there is still a ton of profit left over to actually be able to purchase another very nice car!  IMPORTANT:  I would suggest for you to review the full "DESCRIPTION" of the condition of the vehicle and most importantly, is for you to review ALL of the photos for as long as you wish!

p.s. Please also be aware that in the photos of the exterior of the car, the front hood was opened, and was NOT (out of line of the car).  The hood was opened because I was trying to work on connecting a cable to the front hood so that it can be opened "under" the front of the car (and hidden from site 100%) in case of an emergency and need to gain access to the car's battery and entry into the car (since there are no door handles).  Or if there is an emergency and need to gain access to the car, you can always open the hatchback and get inside of the vehicle.  I never even thought about this issue when I purchased the car!  Once I realized that the only way to get inside of a "regular" car is by using the door handles, I had to make sure that there were other options to gain entry.

PAYMENT:  Vehicle is to be picked up at the time of full payment being made to the seller (myself).  Buyer agrees that immediately upon the winning of this auction you will pay the $500.00 non-refundable deposit using PayPal ONLY.  Upon coming to pick up the vehicle the full balance must be paid in full using either CASH (suggested use), Cashier's Check, Money Order or PayPal ONLY. NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE EXCEPTED.  There are no returns or refunds after the sale is completed.

SHIPPING:  The buyer agrees to pick up the car within 5-7 days or sooner after the ending of the auction.  The seller will NOT pay for any delivery of this vehicle or ANY other associated costs involved with the delivery of the car to the buyer.  If Buyer wants to have car shipped anywhere, it must be in the USA ONLY and at the cost of the buyer only. The costs must be added to the winning bid amount.  Seller is willing to speak with you regarding the delivery of the car, but the car MUST BE PAID IN FULL PRIOR TO HAVING THE CAR SHIPPED ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES.  I am a very "open" person to suggestion, so if you have any ideas or concerns about having the car delivered, please email me in advance prior to the ending of the auction so that there is sufficient time to work out something before the auction ends and it is then too late.  Please understand that I am not interested in delivering the vehicle anywhere and only want the vehicle picked up by the new owner or whoever is going to pay for the vehicle.  The clear car title is here, and will need to be signed by both the seller (myself) and the buyer.

Again, if you have any questions and/or concerns feel free to email me anytime and I will get back to you immediately.  Please be certain to ask any questions or take care of any concerns PRIOR to placing any bids/offers or use the "Buy it Now" option.

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