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Apr 18, 2012
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US $102.50
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Maricopa County, AZ, United States


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Seller State of Residence: Arizona Acreage: 40
Property Address: Maricopa County Area Acreage (acres): 40.00
State/Province: Arizona Opt in Real Estate Map: Allow users to see a map for this location
City: Maricopa County

Attention all Vets, we appreciate your service for our Great Country and in thanks for our Freedom we are offering you a 10% discount.

Thank You




Why not ask yourself: Why own just a few nuggets when you can own the whole dang mine???


Do you know that about 1.1 ounces of gold recovered will pay for this claim at today's spot gold price. 

Do you want to do something exciting this year like parking your RV near your very own mining claim and explore for the


Make Your Dream a Reality Now

We are not here to just sell you a claim, our goal is help you buy a claim that best suits your individual needs!

If you are new to Bay and have less then 5 positive feedback please contact us prior to  bidding


Gold @ $1900.  per ounce in September,  2011

Do You Want To Get In On The 2012 Gold Rush?
If so, we have the claim for you…

But before we get into describing your beautiful mining claim please take a moment to check out our


“How YOU Can Make Thousands of Dollars from Your Mining Claim”

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Please read the following terms before bidding on this claim.

•The total purchase price of this 40 acre unpatented placer mining claim is $1895.
•YOUR Bid (the highest bid) will be the down payment.
•There are no interest charges.
$249.00 Documentation and Transfer Fee will be added to the down payment. •Your down payment will be deducted from the $1895. and the balance will be paid in monthly payments of a minimum of $200 monthly until the claim is paid in full.
If you pay the claim in full at auction end we will waive the $249. doc & transfer fee.
We realize that times are tough and therefore we have reduced the price of many of our claims and offer monthly payments to make it more affordable for you.
We have already handled the 2011/2012 BLM and County filings and will provide you with the necessary paperwork that will be due September 1st, 2012.

•Your deed will be recorded when the claim is paid in full. There are no other costs to the buyer.
•There are no taxes on Arizona mining claims


No two mining claims are created equal.
Just like people, there just ain't two exactly alike and that is the main reason they are not priced alike.

  •      They may look exctly alike, same topography, geology, drainages, even situated side by side but...
  •      One claim may have a million dollar paystreak while the other has a hundred dollars give or take.
  •      One claim may have been worked by the old timers while the other remains a virgin.
  •      There ain't no one in their right mind gonna' sell you a mining claim paved with GOLD nuggets. You are gonna' have to prospect, test and mine that dang claim and having a little Lady Luck doesn't hurt either.

Bigger is better ...  Yep, this is generally true.

  • The bigger the claim or area the better your chances are of discovering the MOTHER-LODE except...
  • I would rather have a 20 or 40 acre claim in a known GOLD mining district or along a mineralized GOLD trend rather then...
  • A 160 acre claim next to a farmer's alfalfa field or next to a Safeway parking lot.
  • Once the claim is purchased it costs you no more to own a 40 acre claim with the BLM & County then a 20 acre claim.
  • This is especially true in Arizona where there are no taxes on unpatented mining claims. Other states often tax mining claims.

Now here is the description of Your Mining Claim

The "NUGGET WASH  #1  is a 40 acre placer Mining claim and is conveniently located about 15 miles south of  Wickenburg, Arizona,  and about 60 miles northwest of Phoenix. This claim is located in the NE 1/4 of the SE 1/4, Section 22, Township 4 North, Range 7 West, Gila and Salt River Base and Meridian, Maricopa County, Arizona.  The AMC # is  414390.

This claim is due east and down slope of the famous Black Pearl Mine. The  famous Vulture Mine was discovered by Henry Wickenburg in 1863 is about 10 miles due north. 

This beautiful claim is located on the  northern flanks of the Belmont Mountains, home of some of the VERY RICHEST MINERALIZED MINING DISTRICTS  IN


 It is located in Maricopa County in the well known Vulture Mining District. Many gold-copper & gem stone rich past producing mines surround this claim.  Elevations on the claim average about 2700  feet.

 Small & large desert washes traverse the claim and act as a catch basin for highly gold mineralized ground on the claim and surounding the claim. Visualize millions of years of wind, rain and flash floods attacking and eroding the mineralized outcrops and carrying the heavy minerals and gold into this major drainage system.

This claim has GOOD HIGH CENTERED TWO WHEEL DRIVE ACCESS THROUGH  THE CLAIM VIA VULTURE MINE ROAD, AND ABOUT 25 MILES  FROM THE FRIENDLY FULL SERVICE TOWN OF WICKENBURG Great  large level campsites nearby. Some of these campsites are large enough to accommodate a dozen or more large RV’s, or travel trailers.  There are mile after mile of jeep trails to take your jeep, dune buggy, ATV, dirt bike or even horses on. 
 #2 PHOTO IS DOWNTOWN WICKENBURG AND THE OTHER 10 WERE TAKEN ON THE  ACTUAL CLAIM OR OVERVIEWS. SOME OF THE  PHOTOS ARE A GOOD EXAMPLES OF THE DESERT WASHES YOU CAN EXPECT TO FIND IN THE AREA. PLEASE NOTE THE BLACK SANDS STUCK TO THE MAGNET IN PHOTO #1. Gold and other valuable minerals are found in the small and large washes and gravel benches. The washes carry a lot of  mineral rich black sands. Great rusty quartz-gold-copper bearing specimens can be found in the nearby mine dumps, washes and benches as float. This claim is in a very highly mineralized area. This area is great for rock hounds, metal detecting, high banking, meteorite hunting and dry-washing. 

The corners are well flagged and marked with metal tags, designating the claim corner and the name of the claim (as required by the State of Arizona). Please note that this is an unpatented mining claim meaning that you are purchasing the surface mineral rights only. The Government retains the surface rights. We will provide the buyer with GPS coordinates, allowing you ease in locating the corner posts and the claim lines.

This unpatented placer claim, means that you can process the gold bearing sand and gravel through a dry washer to recover the gold or run a high banker if you have a water supply. Or if you are lazy like myself, use a metal detector and hunt for the lunkers or specimens. The Federal Government owns the land. This 40 acre placer claim consists of about 1,700,000 square feet.  More than enough area to dig on if you so desire or have the energy. Think of it like this, the average city lot is about 60' by 100', or about 6000 Square Feet. Seven lots will easily fit into one acre. 40 acres equals over an amazing 290 city lots. How long do you think it will take you to adequately prospect 290 city lots?..........

A good high centered two wheel drive road leads to the claim. Just park, unload your gear and you'll be mining in less then one hour. There are numerous jagged bedrock exposures and crevices on the claim so good luck exploring these. This claim is off the beaten path and has not been worked to death as many areas in the west.
We will supply the winning bidder a topographic map of the area, which is very detailed, and will show the claim boundaries outlined. Dozens of small prospects, shafts and tunnels on nearby mineralized zones, make this area great for rockhounding, metal detecting, drywashing etc. Gentle rolling hills, large and small washes with good bedrock exposures and lots of black sands.

Spring rains and recent heavy monsoon rains have undoubtedly uncovered areas that have never been exposed before. Consider the tremendous force of flood waters moving huge boulders downstream, freeing gold nuggets that were trapped under the boulders for thousands of years. These nuggets may be re-deposited at the first natural trap they encounter, sometimes under a mere few inches of sand and gravel.

9 Good Reasons To Own Your Own Mining Claim…

1. Experts are predicting gold prices to go much higher as the U.S. Dollar declines and world conditions continue to deteriorate.
2. Spot Gold has recently closed at more than $1900. per ounce.  Kitco Metals.
3. The price of quality claims will increase as gold rises and good ground becomes scarce or staked up.
4. Some or all of your expenses may be tax deductible (check with your accountant).
5. A great place to hang out or hide out for part or all of the winter.
6. Gold prospecting and recreational mining is a fun, healthy, exciting and often rewarding hobby.
7. Peace and quiet, away from phones, faxes, computers, television or nagging demands by others.
8. One heck of a lot cheaper than staying in R.V. parks or paying the government fees to camp on public campgrounds located on public lands.
9. Winters in Arizona are just wonderful

Some of the BONUS Benefits and Features are as follows:

                •    You can easily access the claim with any high centered two wheel drive.
                •    About 60 miles NW of Phoenix, AZ.
                •    Numerous gold, copper, silver, lead, zinc, geodes and agate specimens at nearby mines.
                •     Wickenburg is a small full service (friendly) community, with many points of interest about 14 miles ENE.                
                •    Beautiful winters, warm clear days, clear star filled nights.
                *   The claim is about a 2.25 miles west of the famous Vulture Mine, (which produced about $600,000,000 in gold at todays prices).
                •    The Claim is located within  a large cluster of  past gold & basemetal producers.
                •    And YOUR very own FREE SPECIAL REPORT  

All claim corners are in place, with the name of the claim and identifying corners (as required by the State of Arizona) on each 2”x 2”x 4’ wooden corner post. All of our corners are tied in to USGS Brass Caps.  We will provide you with GPS coordinates to guide you to the property and assist you in locating your claim corners and property boundaries.

Don't waste your time trying too locate this claim on Google Earth. We use 1927 NAD as about 85% of the topo coverage in Arizona is such. You could be off as much as a thousand feet or more using Google Earth.

For those of you who want or need a guided tour of your new mining claim we have a full time miner with 30 years experience who will give you a tour showing you your property lines, corners, and other points of interest with pointers on where to find gold for $150.00 PLEASE give us a 10 day advance notice to arrange his schedule. WE RECCOMMEND TAKING THIS OPTION ON YOUR FIRST VISIT OUT TO THE CLAIM!



Gold Mining.....The 21st Century Gold Rush

Some of you are probably wondering why there are still quality gold mines and prospects available this day and age. Well, there are a number of reasons that first class gold mining properties are still available. In 1942 President Roosevelt passed War Production Board (WPB) Limitation Order No. 208 that closed down almost all of the active gold mines in the United States. The emphasis during the war was on mining base metals and other strategic metals and minerals needed for the war effort. A severe shortage of skilled labor developed in the nonferrous metal mines. This was due in part to the expanding need for nonferrous metals, and in part to a depletion of mining manpower as a result of the military draft and the attraction of higher wages paid by other industries. It became apparent that the only reservoir of skilled mining labor was that which remained in the gold mines. Pressure was brought to bear on the WPB to close down the gold mines with the expectation that many gold miners would thus be attracted to the nonferrous mines. By the time the war had ended many of the gold miners had died off, drifted off or were involved in other types of mining or other professions. While shut down during the war a large number of the gold mines had deteriorated, or the equipment removed and relocated to be used for base metal mines, or the mines were flooded and consequently abandoned.

In the boom years that followed the war the price of gold remained fixed or frozen while other metal prices climbed skyward. Base metal prices continued to climb into the 1960's yet gold prices stayed dormant. In the mid 1970's gold became active and by the end of 1979 had climbed to over $800.00 per ounce. This increase generated considerable interest in the yellow metal. The base metal mining companies began to explore for gold and a large number of large low grade gold deposits were discovered and put into production. Even the large oil companies formed gold exploration subsidiaries and the chase was on.

Gold recovery technology continued to improve and coupled with strong prices a tremendous amount of gold was produced from large open pit low grade deposits. The smaller high grade deposits were basically ignored. If a company could not easily discover a million ounces or more in the ground, they dropped the project and moved on to greener pastures. In the past few years the yellow metal price dipped several times into the $250.00 per ounce range. The experts are predicting gold prices to continue to climb to the $2000-2500 range within a year. And maybe they are right with the weak U.S. Dollar and world conditions continuing to deteriorate.

The large visible surface gold mineralized prospects have been explored, mined and are basically gone now. Another possibility for a Mother Lode discovery is in areas concealed by soil, gravels and rocks. What is clearly visible and remains now are the smaller high grade mines and prospects, ignored previously by the big boys. There is little doubt that as gold prices continue to rise that these smaller gold deposits will be acquired by companies with the desire to stay in the gold mining business.

We believe that this creates a tremendous opportunity for those with the vision and desire to get into an exciting and potentially profitable venture. The time to act is now, while many quality properties exist.

Ask us about our 'One of a Kind Guarantee'

Below is text copied from the Bureau of Land Management website,

The local Phoenix office can be reached at 602-417-9200.

• Placer Mining Claim.
Located upon deposits of loose, unconsolidated material, such as gravel beds, or upon certain consolidated sedimentary deposits lying at the surface. There are few limitations on the exterior dimensions of a placer mining claim, but
a single individual cannot locate more then 20 acres in each placer claim. An association of two owners may locate 40 acres, three may locate 60 acres, etc. up to a maximum of 160 acres in a single placer claim located by eight or more persons. Corporations are limited to 20 acres per claim.

• Transfer of Interest.
If there is a change of ownership, the notarized transfer document must be filed with BLM and the County Recorder.

This is what you need to do:
The winning bidder will need to make contact with me within 2 days following the close of bidding. I will accept cashiers checks, personal checks or Paypal for payment. Personal checks will need to clear first. If you have fewer than 5 or negative feedback or don't fully understand what a placer mining claim is, please contact us prior to bidding on this claim. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have not covered in this listing. Negative feedback will be left for those that fail to perform. We reserve the right to cancel any bid. This mining claim is available for sale elsewhere.

You do NOT need to pay with PayPal, but you will need a PayPal account in order to bid. If you don't have a PayPal account an want to bid contact us first at  623-465-5076 or if we are out in the field please leave a message.

This is what we will do:
Upon final payment, we will pay for, record and send to you a quitclaim deed naming you as the new owner for this mining claim. All fee's and documents required by the BLM have been filed for this assessment year. You will need to file either an annual maintenance fee, or an affidavit of performance of annual work ($10.00), with a waiver form with the BLM before September 1st 2012. And each following year. If you fail to file the paper work properly, the BLM will close the claim. We will include the required forms to maintain the claim in good standing with the BLM, and send you copies of the following;

1. Location Notice.
2. Location Map.
3. GPS coordinates to get you there.
4. A  7.5 minute topographic map detailed to guide you right to the claim.
5. You will receive the BLM recorded "Quitclaim Deed" after the claim is paid in full and you will receive the County recorded copy  4-6 weeks later.

Thank You for looking and Good Luck on the Bidding!

© July 2006-2012 by Minefinder7 with all rights reserved including text and photos.

 How to Find GOLD on this Claim !
1. Spend as much time as possible scouting the property. Noting such important features as topography, thickness of alluvial cover (soil, sand & gravel cover), types of rock float found in washes and of course quartz, especially rusty, iron stained quart or rusty, copper stained quartz float. Often you may find specks of visible gold in these rusty quartz specimens, a very good clue indeed.

2. Look for exposed bedrock in the washes, not just any bedrock but rough, ragged bedrock with deep crevices or fractures that will trap the gold as the heavy minerals are washed downstream by heavy rain storms. Probably the ideal setting is where the wash makes a sharp turn and widens, so that any gold traveling downstream will slow at that point and drop out or be deposited on the inside turn or curve.

3. Try to locate several of these areas before you begin testing. Some of you may ask why? Why not test that first good looking spot that you find? Well my answer to that is simple enough. Let us say that you test the first spot that you locate and find some gold. You will probably hang in there and work the area to death, right? You might be recovering pennies, when with a little extra testing you might be recovering dollars with the same amount of effort, fifty feet away. Now let us say that you spend the extra time and identify at least three promising areas. You test Area A and find a lot of fine gold but no nuggets. You test Area B and find nothing and finally Area C produces several small nuggets and some fine gold. Which area would you spend some extra time? My guess is that you would work Area C until you run out of gold, Right? Remember that one small nugget might be equivalent to hundreds or even thousands of specks of fine or flour gold. THE KEY POINT TO HITTING A PAYSTREAK IS TEST, TEST, & TEST.

4. Now I will contradict myself with this revelation. The two largest nuggets that I've ever found were not found on bedrock. In fact the largest was found at least ten feet above bedrock with a metal detector. So I guess the old saying that "gold is where you find it" still applies. But to increase your odds, test bedrock first.

5. Remember that there is false bedrock. False bedrock might be cemented or compacted gravels, caliche or even impervious layers of clay. Gold and other heavy minerals will work their way down until they hit bedrock or false bedrock. At that point gold accumulates (under ideal conditions) in what we call "pay streaks".

6. If all you have is a metal detector, start with the bedrock theory and then work up stream, up slope and even test the tops of hills or ridges if your in gold country.

7. Always, and I mean always check the heavy concentrates in your pan even if you see no gold. Carry a good quality magnifying glass (hand lens) for this purpose. Check for black sands and especially for iron pyrite cubes. Black sands and pyrite cubes are an indicator that gold might be there. I often find placer gold associated with pyrite cubes. Ideally both black sands and pyrite cubes are a good clue, especially with a lot of rusty quartz float in the area. Please note: Not all placer gold is gold color. Several of the largest nuggets I have ever found were coated with iron oxide, giving them a rusty look. Another point to consider is some of your concentrates may carry a considerable amount of gold but none is visible to the naked eye. If in doubt get those cons assayed. You might be pleasantly surprised.

8. We occasionally get a lot of rain here in western Arizona, which may be considered either good or bad. Heavy rains fill potholes in bedrock creating miniature reservoirs. This is good. Great places to do your test panning without having to lug water. But the bad side is that it will take days of warm, windy weather to dry out the gravels for dry washer testing. The fast high waters in the washes have undoubtedly uncovered areas never exposed before, uncovering nuggets and pay streaks and relocating them. I’m guessing that some fabulous discoveries will be made this year, of course they may not all make the local newspapers as some prospectors are very secretive.

9. I have spent as many as six long back breaking days straight with pan, trowel, pick, shovel and whisk broom cleaning out crevices and cracks with no luck. I’ve also gotten lucky the very first hour and consequently recovered over sixteen ounces before lunch. a nice mornings work.

10. 160 acres is a very large area, almost 7,000,000 square feet. Remember that you will not find gold every where you dig, no matter how good the claim is. Placer gold values are generally very erratic, forming or occurring in those much sought after pay streaks. Play detective and seek out the clues that mother nature has provided and you may be well rewarded for your efforts.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. Can I build a house on the property?
A. No. This is for mining and recreational purposes only. The U.S. Gov't owns the land, you will get the "placer mineral rights".

Q. Can I keep all of the gold that I find?
A. Yes, Additionally, there are no royalties due either.

Q. Can I hunt on the property?
A. Yes, it is public land so check local hunting regulations with the Arizona Game and Fish Dept. first.

Q. How long can I camp on the property?
A. 14 consecutive days in the same spot if camping. If you are mining, there are other conditions that apply. Please check with the BLM (602) 417-9200.

Q. Do you provide proof of ownership?
A. Yes, upon request.

Q. Have you personally found gold in this area?
A. Yes. Every claim we sell has a valid mineral discovery.

Q. Why are you selling this claim?
A. Because we have several others, more than we can mine in ten lifetimes.

Q. What does it cost each year to maintain a mining claim?
A. As low as $10.00 per year for the BLM...if you qualify for the "small miners exemption", plus the recording fee at the county where the claim is located. Get additional details from the BLM, (602) 417-9200.

Q. How long can I keep the claim?
A. Forever, so long as you follow the maintenance requirements and the US Gov't doesn't change the mining laws.

Q. Are there taxes on mining claims?
A. Not in Arizona

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