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This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.

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Details about  500GB 500G Hard Drive for HP Pavilion DV2 DV3 DV4 DV5 DV7 DV8 Laptop Notebook

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500GB 500G Hard Drive for HP Pavilion DV2 DV3 DV4 DV5 DV7 DV8 Laptop Notebook
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Jul 17, 2012 19:41:34 PDT
US $60.16
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Item specifics

New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is ... Read moreabout the condition

Western Digital,Seagate, Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi

Rotation Speed:

5400 RPM



Drive Capacity:

500 GB


 Factory Warrenty     Sealed Factory Static Bag    Super Fast shipping


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 Item Description:

Get the optimum performance out of your notebook.

This  hard drive offers the best combination of high performance, capacity and mobility in a 2.5-inch drive. With an impressive 500 GB capacity, this drive provides you with ample storage space for your applications, games, music, videos, pictures, data files, and much more!

The hard drives are ideal for mainstream and performance-class notebooks, small-form-factor PC's and many other small or mobile environments where performance and size are critical. This drive features a 5,400 RPM spindle speed and 8 MB buffer for enhanced performance and reliability.

 WARNING:The solder used in this product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm. Please wash hands after handling internal components and circuit boards and avoid inhalation of fumes if heating the solder.


Warranty Period: 180 Day Warranty

Condition : Factory Recertified to New

Packaging : Bulk



It works for the models listed below and all other laptops with SATA interface. 

  • HP Compaq Pavilion: dv2000, dv6000, dv9000, dv6500 Series, dv6500t Series, dv6500t Special Edition Series, dv6500z Series, dv6500er, dv6500ew, dv6501AU, dv6501TU, dv6501TX, dv6502AU, dv6502TX, dv6503AU, dv6503TX, dv6504TX, dv6505TX, dv6506TX, dv6507TX, dv6508TX, dv6509TX, dv6510el, dv6510er, dv6510TX, dv6511TX, dv6512TX, dv6513TX, dv6514TX, dv6515TX, dv6516TX, dv6517TX, dv6519TX, dv6520er, dv6521TX, dv6522TX, dv6525TX, dv6526TX, dv6527TX, dv6530el, dv6530TX, dv6531TX, dv6532TX, dv6535TX, dv6536TX, dv6537TX, dv6538TX, dv6539TX, dv6540TX, dv6541ev, dv6542ev, dv6543ev, dv6543TX, dv6544TX, dv6546TX, dv6547eg, dv6547TX, dv6548TX, dv6549TX, dv6550ec, dv6550er, dv6551TX, dv6552eg, dv6560us, dv6563eo, dv6565el, dv6565us, dv6567cl, dv6568se, dv6570er, dv6570us, dv6573cl, dv6575ca, dv6575us, dv6580el, dv6585ca, dv6589us, dv6599eg, dv6601au, dv6601ax, dv6601tu, dv6602au, dv6602ax, dv6602tu, dv6602TX, dv6603au, dv6603ax, dv6603ca, dv6603tu, dv6603tx, dv6604au, dv6604cl, dv6604nr, dv6604tx, dv6605ca, dv6605ed, dv6605tx, dv6605us, dv6606tx, dv6607cl, dv6607nr, dv6607tx, dv6608tx, dv6609tx, dv6610ew, dv6610tx, dv6611ca, dv6611ed, dv6611tx, dv6612ca, dv6612tx, dv6613tx, dv6614es, dv6614tx, dv6615eg, dv6615es, dv6615ew, dv6615tx, dv6616tx, dv6617ed, dv6617tx, dv6618ca, dv6618tx, dv6619tx, dv6620ej, dv6620em, dv6620er, dv6620la, dv6620tx, dv6621tx, dv6622ca, dv6622ef, dv6622em, dv6622tx, dv6623tx, dv6624tx, dv6625ca, dv6625ew, dv6625us, dv6626ca, dv6626us, dv6627ca, dv6627om, dv6628us, dv6629ca, dv6629us, dv6630ej, dv6630er, dv6633us, dv6635es, dv6636nr, dv6640er, dv6640ew, dv6640us, dv6642ca, dv6645BR, dv6645ca, dv6645us, dv6646us, dv6647cl, dv6647nr, dv6648se, dv6650er, dv6653cl, dv6654us, dv6660ej, dv6660se, dv6661se, dv6662se, dv6663ca, dv6663cl, dv6663us, dv6670ca, dv6670eg, dv6670ej, dv6670er, dv6670ew, dv6672us, dv6675us, dv6680ej, dv6690ej, dv6699er, dv6699es, dv6699ew, dv6700, dv6700ef, dv6700t Series, dv6700t Special Edition Series (CTO), dv6700z Series, dv6701au, dv6701ax, dv6701ca, dv6701us, dv6702au, dv6702ax, dv6703au, dv6703ax, dv6704ax, dv6704ca, dv6704nr, dv6704tx, dv6705ax, dv6705ca, dv6705ew, dv6706ax, dv6707us, dv6710ea, dv6710ed, dv6710ef, dv6710et, dv6710ew, dv6713ca, dv6714ca, dv6715ed, dv6715et, dv6715ew, dv6718ca, dv6720ed, dv6720ef, dv6720eo, dv6720es, dv6720ew, dv6720ez, dv6720la, dv6722la, dv6724ca, dv6725ca, dv6725ed, dv6725ee, dv6725ef, dv6725en, dv6725es, dv6725et, dv6725us, dv6727ca, dv6729us, dv6730eb, dv6730ed, dv6730eg, dv6730en, dv6730eo, dv6730er, dv6730ew, dv6731eo, dv6732ee, dv6732en, dv6732eo, dv6735en, dv6735es, dv6736nr, dv6737ez, dv6740eo, dv6740er, dv6740es, dv6740ew, dv6740ez, dv6741er, dv6742eo, dv6742er, dv6744eo, dv6745eo, dv6745et, dv6745us, dv6746eo, dv6747cl, dv6747eo, dv6748us, dv6750ea, dv6750eb, dv6750ee, dv6750ef, dv6750eo, dv6750er, dv6750es, dv6750et, dv6750ew, dv6751eo, dv6751us, dv6752er, dv6752tx, dv6753ca, dv6753cl, dv6753eo, dv6753tx, dv6754tx, dv6755ee, dv6755en, dv6755us, dv6756eo, dv6756us, dv6757ca, dv6758tx, dv6758us, dv6759tx, dv6760ef, dv6760er, dv6760es, dv6762tx, dv6764tx, dv6765eg, dv6765tx, dv6766tx, dv6767ez, dv6768eg, dv6770eg, dv6770ez, dv6770se, dv6772nr, dv6775eg, dv6775us, dv6780se, dv6785se, dv6790es
  • HP Compaq Pavilion Media Center: dv6505eo, dv6505ez, dv6507eo, dv6510eb, dv6510ef, dv6510ej, dv6510eo, dv6510ep, dv6510ew, dv6511ef, dv6512ef, dv6513eg, dv6514ej, dv6515ef, dv6515ej, dv6515eo, dv6519ea, dv6520ea, dv6520eb, dv6520el, dv6520eo, dv6520et, dv6520ez, dv6521ea, dv6521eo, dv6522ea, dv6522ei, dv6523ei, dv6524ei, dv6525ea, dv6525em, dv6525eo, dv6526ea, dv6527ea, dv6528ea, dv6529ea, dv6529em, dv6530ep, dv6530ew, dv6531ef, dv6533ez, dv6534ea, dv6535ea, dv6535ef, dv6535ep, dv6536en, dv6540eb, dv6540eg, dv6540eo, dv6540ew, dv6544eo, dv6544ev, dv6545eb, dv6545eg, dv6545eo, dv6547ea, dv6548ea, dv6549ea, dv6550ea, dv6550eb, dv6550ed, dv6550ee, dv6550eg, dv6550en, dv6551ea, dv6551eg, dv6552ea, dv6555ea, dv6557eo, dv6558ea, dv6560ea, dv6560ec, dv6560ee, dv6560eg, dv6560el, dv6560en, dv6560eo, dv6560et, dv6560ez, dv6561ee, dv6563cl, dv6565en, dv6565eo, dv6565ez, dv6570ed, dv6570ee, dv6570eo, dv6570es, dv6570et, dv6573et, dv6575ef, dv6575et, dv6578ea, dv6579et, dv6580ea, dv6580ec, dv6580ee, dv6580en, dv6580es, dv6580et, dv6581ee, dv6585ef, dv6590ec, dv6590ep, dv6590et, dv6594es, dv6595eg, dv6597es, dv6598ee, dv6598eg, dv6599ea, dv6599ee, dv6599ef, dv6599en, dv6599eo, dv6599et, dv6599ew, dv6770ea, dv6770eb, dv6770ef, dv6770es
  • HP Compaq Business: Nx6325, Nx6315, Nx6330, Nc8430, Nx6310, Nx6320, Nx7400, Nx8420, Nx9420, Nc2400, Nc4400, Dv8339Us Media Center, Nc6320, Dv8372Ea, Nc6400
  • HP Compaq Presario Media Center: V6107Us
  • HP Compaq Presario: V2618Tn, V2620Tn, V2625Tn, V2633Tn, V3000T, V3010Ca, V3012Tu, V3015Ca, V3015Nr, V3016Us, V3017La, V3018Cl, V3018Tu, V3018Us,V3020Au, V3020Ca, V3020Us, V3026Tu, V3029Au, V3030Ca, V3035Tu,V3040Tu, V3041Tu, V3060Tu, V3111Tu, V3192Tu, V5000T , V5000T, V5100Tu, V5100Tu, V5102Tu, V5102Tu, V5201Tu, V5201Tu, V5202Tu, V5202Tu, V5204Nr, V5204Nr, V5207Nr,, V5207Nr, V5209Us, V5209Us, V5214Ea, V5218La, V5218La, V5232Tu, V5232Tu, V5233Tu, V5233Tu, V5234Tu, V5234Tu, V5236Ea, V5244Tu, V5244Tu, V6000T, V6000Z , V6001Au, V6001Au, V6012Ea, V6014Ea, V6016Ea, V6024Ea, V6025Ea, V6030Us, V6030Us,V6048Cl, V6048Cl, V6057Ea, V6065Ea, V6066Ea, V6105Nr, V6105Nr,V6106Au, V6106Au, V6110Us, V6110Us, V6120Us, V6120Us, V6126Tu,V6126Tu, V6129Tu, V6129Tu, V6137Us, V6137Us, F500EA, F502EA, F502EU, F502LA, F504EA, F504EM, F504EU, F505EA, F505LA,F506EA, F506LA, F545EA, F545EU, F550EN, F550EO, F550ET, F552LA, F553CL, F553US, F555LA, F555US, F557US, F557WM, F558US, F560EA, F560EM, F560ET, F560US, F562LA, F564LA, F565CA, F565LA, F566LA, F572US, F577CL, F579WM, F706LA, F710EE, F712NR, F715EO, F722CA, F729EM, F730US, F732NR, F739WM
  • HP pavilion C300 C500 C700

  • General Features:
  • 500 GB storage capacity
  • SATA/300 interface
  • 5,400 RPM spindle speed
  • 8 MB cache buffer
  • 4.17 ms average latency
  • 11 ms random read seek time
  • 13 ms random write seek time
  • 2.5-inch form factor
  • 9.5 mm drive height
  • Highest available laptop hard drive performance for maximum productivity
  • Superb reliability
  • Rugged mobility
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Power Specifications:
  • +5V, 0.62A
  • Regulatory Approvals:
  • cULus
  • CE
  • MIC
  • C-Tick
  • BSMI
  • TUV
  • Product Requirements:
  • Serial ATA controller
  • Serial ATA data connection
  • Serial ATA power connection
  • Slot at least 9.5 mm high
 Package Content:
  • 500 GB Western Digital,Seagate or other major name brand SATA/300 2.5-inch Hard Drive only
 Payment and tax:

Payments must be received within 7 days of sale

7% sales tax will be charged to all items shipped to IA

 Shipping policy:
This item is fully guaranteed against any defective

Only defective product returns will be accepted after two weeks for repair or replacement only. If no replacement available, store credit or refund will be issued

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 Return Policy:

This item is fully guaranteed against any defective

Customer must inspect all merchandises upon receipt and notify us within 3 business days if anything is missing or damaged

Only defective product returns will be accepted after two weeks for repair or replacement only. If no replacement available, store credit or refund will be issued

Products sold with a Manufacturer or Direct Warranty must be returned directly to the product manufacturer for repair or replacement. The warranty policies of these items from the product manufacturers explicitly require that any returns, repairs etc. must be requested and processed directly by the end-users of the items





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