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Details about  2013 405w FSF Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar Chrome Grow light Flowering LED-L021

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2013 405w FSF Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar Chrome Grow light Flowering LED-L021
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Lighthouse Hydro


Blackstar Chrome 405FSF


Complete Grow Light




LED (Light Emiting Diode)


405 W



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Gotham Hydroponics
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Product Description

2013 Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar Chrome 405 FSF

Blackstar Chrome 405fsf

We are proud to introduce the 2013 Lighthouse Blackstar Chrome Series. The new Blackstar Chrome represents the most powerful and most energy efficient grow light in the world with no exceptions. Simply put, there is no light on the planet that will put out more PAR per dollar spent. Typical PAR output of the chrome series is 3X to 4X more than a comprable Blackstar (non-chrome) and up to 8X that of a typical Chinese LED light. The proof is in the videos below and on the thousands of forum postings on Blackstar lights.

180w BlackStar Chrome vs 180w Ebay Knockoff vs 252w X-Type Pro - 3X The PAR Output

Blackstar Chrome series lights are meant for the advanced grower and those who wish to use LED in conjunction with traditional HID (HPS & MH) lighting systems. Because of the patent pending lens system, penetration is increased, PAR is increased, and the ability to “back the light off” of the canopy is now possible. Don't be fooled by knockoff's that look similar because internally the chips and the lenses are NOT the same. These lights are ideal for plants that can utilize maximum PAR output. It is possible for these lights to produce too much PAR for some plants! For this reason the chrome is recommended for experienced growers who know their crop well.

The first Blackstar Chrome was created in June 2011 and we have been testing in actual growing environments ever since. Our Patent Pending lens design has evolved and has been continuing to evolve ever since. Essential oil production from plants that can tolerate the increased PAR is typically increased by 15-20% under the Blackstar Chrome. With over 5 years and tens of thousands of grows, the team at Lighthouse Hydro has developed the most advanced light, lens and beam angle combination of any lighting company. The wavelengths and LED chipsets used have been painstakingly refined to deliver the maximum yield for any gardening venture.

The Blackstar Chrome was redesigned for maximum reliability. The chrome operates 30 degrees cooler than the previous Blackstar series.


  • Size:16" L x 16" W x 3"H
  • Coverage Area: 3' x 3' (@ 18”), 3.75' x 3.75' (@24”), 4.5' x 4.5' (@ 36”)
  • LED Chipset: 3w High Output – 60mil
  • Number of LED's: 135
  • Red/IR: 680nm, 660nm, 630nm
  • White: 12000k
  • Blue/UV: 425nm, 460nm
  • Worldwide Voltage: 100v-240v
  • Modular Power Supply (Available in US, UK, EU, AU)
  • Daisy Chain Ready (Link up to 3 Chrome 405's using 1 power cord)

  • SHIPS within 1 business day.
  • FROM THE USA, North American Based Hydro Company.
  • Complete "Bumper to Bumper" Warranty from North America..

Image Gallery

Images of Blackstar Chrome 405 FSF



The core feature of the Chrome series Blackstar are the patent pending compound LED and lens system. It has been developed by the engineers at Lighthouse Hydro over the last 2 years. The technology is patented because it is drastically different than lenses used by other LED companies which were designed for traditional lighting. Many of you will see simple “bubble lenses” which are just a magnifier similar to the bubble on a watch that makes the date look bigger. Making things look bigger does nothing for your grow.

The Lighthouse lens is actually a hybrid compound lens inspired by the lenses used in Lighthouses around the world to maximize the power and penetration of lights. When Lighthouse tested the traditional lenses used by other companies we found that the coverage area was either too narrow or too dispersed, the lenses were made for traditional white light and in some cases the intensity of the light was too much of one spectrum or the other. With the introduction of 3w and 60mil chips it was now possible to overpower your grow. The revolutionary lens is actually a compound of 5 different lenses in one. Each lens has characteristics of a 30, 60, 70, 90 and 120 deg lens. Additionally each lens is fabricated to match the wavelength produced by the individual LED 660nm is different than 630nm etc. Just as a prisim bends light in different ways, the patent pending lens created by Lighthouse optimizes PAR at various distances allowing the light to cover larger areas and have a bigger “sweet spot” than any other light available. The lenses are different from one LED to the next and work all together in the modular design to make sure that your plant is getting a perfect mixture of all wavelengths.


The patent pending LED and lens used in the Chrome lights can outperform other LED's even at 2X and 3X the distance! If you remember high school physics, when you double the distance from a light source your light intensity goes to ¼ of what it was. As shown in the video below, this loss is not true for the Blackstar Chrome series. In the video below, watch as the chrome puts out more than 2X the PAR at 2X the distance against a light that pulls more wattage costs 50% more and is sold by one of the largest hydro manufacturers on the planet!

At twice the distance (30") Our lights output 2X the PAR and have 2X the coverage area

Chrome distance performance

60mil 3w LED CHIPS

Upgraded from the traditional units, the new chrome series uses 60mil chips for improved power and reliability. These new chips increase output and life expectancy and also improve cooling resulting in more PAR, longer life and a more efficient chip. As seen in the video above, the new chips pull less power, create less heat and outperform anything in the industry.


All of the chromes use multiple power supplies to power the modules of LED's. This make for a more reliable grow light. Although it does not happen often (less than 1% of the time), power supplies can fail on LED grow lights. By powering different segments of the light, your light will never fail completely leaving you in the dark. In the case of a power supply failure, you can continue to operate the light at slightly reduced power while waiting on a replacement PS. The Blackstar chrome is an easy fix. A Phillips screwdriver is all you need to swap out a misbehaving PS and get you up and running at 100% in no time.


Increased heat and operating temperatures reduces the lifespan of LED's. The new Chrome series has increased the heat-sink surface area by 400% from the 2012 model of the Blackstar. This increased surface area allows for a 30 degee lower operating temperature and a more reliable LED grow light.


To maximize airflow throughout the grow light, the Blackstar Chrome series LED uses a high axial-flow 120mm bearing fan with sealed bearings and thin-profile chrome fan cover for maximum air throughout. This design improves airflow by 30% thus decreasing temperature. Because fewer fans are used, less energy is consumed, adding more efficiency to the most efficient LED in the world.


Others may look similar but no other light in the world can use the patent pending compound single-plane lens developed by Lighthouse Hydro. As shown in the video below, there are many companies who use both lenses and non-lens systems. Only the Lighthouse Chrome has a patent pending lens developed right here in the USA by leading engineers. The “GUTS” of any grow light is the quality of the Chips, the power supplies and the lenses used.

The patent pending lens system was developed specifically for the Lighthouse Chrome series is specifically design for horticultural applications. Unlike LED's used by other companies which use lenses made for traditional commercial lighting, the Chrome lens is a hybrid lens designed to with with LED's in the spectrums of 400-480nm and 600-680nm. It combines a hard focus 8x magnifier 30deg and has 5 focal points to maximize coverage area.


On average, the Chrome models put out 50% more PAR than a comparable Blackstar LED at the same distance from the canopy. This is about 3 times the total output of a similar Chinese light of the same wattage rating. The coverage area of the Chrome is smaller than that of a Blackstar of similar wattage specification. Vegetative grows, beginner grows and those who need maximum coverage should continue to use the original Blackstar LED's. More advanced individuals or those with hearty plant varieties can choose the Chrome series to maximize output and production. The Blackstar Chrome is also the perfect LED light for those who wish to use a hybrid flower (part LED, part HPS). Because the lights do not lose intensity, the Chrome can be placed along side the HID lighting and “backed off” the canopy with minimal reduction in PAR intensity.

LED Coverage Area

LED Coverage Area Comparisons

The Lighthouse Hydro Advantage:

  • Lighthouse Hydro is the world's #1 selling LED Grow Light Manufacturer
  • 20% More PAR than other companies 1w & 3w LED (See Video Below)
  • Larger Heat Sink & Fans = Cooler Running = Longer Life
  • More Energy Efficient & Higher Light Output (See Video Below)
  • Producing LED Grow Lights For Over 4 years (One of the first to manufacture effective LEDs)
  • North American Distribution & Rock Solid Warranty (Other companies tell you to pay to ship back to China)
  • Actual Manufacturer (Not an importer!)
  • Single Diode 3w Chips (not cluster chips like 90% of other 3w chips sold)
  • Computer Generated PAR optimized 60deg, 90deg, 120deg custom LED beam angles
  • Cornell University refined grow spectrum
  • Over 10,000 successful grows
  • NO BS guarantee, No False Claims! Call us anytime 845-504-5723

LED Grow Light More Power Draw Does not = more PAR output?

Lighthouse Hydro Cree Blackstar vs LH 90UV vs HTG 90w LED Grow Light Comparison

Producing LED Grow Lights Since 2007

5 years may not sound like a long time, but Lighthouse Hydro was one of the original three companies to have a dedicated production line of LED grow lights. They opened their factory in 2007 and now produce more LED Grow lights monthly than any other company in the world. What this means for the consumer is more experience and a trusted name.

Over 30,000 sold and over 1,000 grow journals published.

The vast majority of LED manufacturers hide behind anonymity and comments posted on their own websites which are controlled by them. We proudly sell our lights on public outlets not controlled by us so that the consumer can read real reviews and life experiences with the lights. While we can not satisfy all the people all of the time, Lighthouse Blackstar is the most well reviewed light in the world for the simple reason that there is no Bull and no smoke and mirrors. We pride ourselves in the best support in the business and the best prices

American Distribution & Warranty

If they honor their own warranty, most online sellers make YOU responsible for the cost of shipping a failed LED back to China for repairs! In addition, repair and shipping times are usually 3+ weeks before you get your light back. Lighthouse Hydro’s distribution is located in the USA, and the warranty is fully covered by Gotham Hydroponics. If anything goes wrong in the first 30 days we pay for shipping and will ship you a replacement light BEFORE we get the failed unit back from you! Now that’s customer service! We also support (Lighthouse) lights outside of warranty so if anything happens, usually we can find a solution for you.

Last year, there were 83 companies who sold lights on Ebay with a “warranty”. As of this year 89% of those are no longer in existence or selling the same brand lights. The “warranty” is only as good as the company behind it. With 5 years in the industry, Lighthouse is the most secure warranty available

Actual Manufacturer - Not Just an Importer

Lighthouse Hydro is a US company that has their own factory (Lighthouse Shangkong LTD) in China. No other seller we know about actually operates their own factory. While many LEDs may look similar, only Lighthouse has control over the components and care of construction. By having such a vested interest in the LED grow light industry and manufacturing process, Lighthouse is able to produce a high quality product at an excellent price.

No false Claims - No BS Guarantee

Over the last 5 years the LED grow light industry has had an amazing number of false claims from manufacturers and sellers. Be wary of LEDs that have promises that are "too good to be true". Many LEDs claim to cover far too many square feet, or have useless light spectrums (green, orange, etc). Lighthouse Hydro gives you exactly what you pay for - A great light at a great price. Call us to find out and we’ll tell you exactly the coverage, performance characteristics and pros and cons of any LED grow light solution. 845-504-5723

Cornell Developed Grow Spectrum & Beam Angle

Lighthouse Hydro created the world’s first 6 spectrum grow light. In the era of 2 band and 3 band LED’s Lighthouse Hydro pioneered the development and research into the effectiveness of additional wavelength and their positive effects on growing. While many others try and duplicate, none have done the research. Companies selling 8 band, 10 band, 12 band, including green and yellow LED’s, are fooling the customer into a "more is better" situation. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Lighthouse Hydro uses the bands and the ratios that it does specifically because they have been proven to work. If a wavelength is not in a Lighthouse Hydro LEDs, there is a good reason why not. Typically extra wavelengths result in wasted light, energy, and electricity. Lights that use all 60deg LED’s are too focused and do not cover enough space to be effective. Lights that use all 120deg LED’s do not have the focused beams that make the flowers “pop”. A combination of 60, 90 and 120 degree LED’s are used in Lighthouse lights to maximize coverage while giving the focused light intensity that growers enjoy.

Best Selling LED Grow Light In The World

Buy in confidence when you buy a Lighthouse LED. With 5 years of LED grow light experience and over 30,000 units shipped to 57 countries in the world, you join the most advanced and well researched group of growers on the planet.

Rock Solid Warranty & Support

Lets face it, all electrical devices have some kind of failure rate. For traditional ballasts the average is 10% and for LED's it is about 4%. For those customers who are unfortunate enough to experience a problem with their light system it is very important that the warranty of a light is rock solid and etched in stone. Every year there are hundreds of upstart importers or sellers who enter the LED grow light industry. Within 18 months 95% of them are no longer in existence. A warranty of any duration is only useful if the company supporting it is still in business. For 5 years Lighthouse has provided customers with rock-solid American based support for all products both within and outside of warranty. Based in North America, Lighthouse Hydro does not require lights to be shipped overseas for support.

LED Grow Light 101

What's the deal with 2w and 3w LEDs? Are they better?

In terms of actual PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) output, the 2w and 3w LEDs produce more usable light when compared with the 1w LEDs. This also means that they will penetrate better. That said, in terms of efficiency the 1w chips are more efficient in Watts / PAR Flux. Overall, the 2w and 3w chips are incredibly bright and allow you to get the additional boost of more power with a lower initial cost.

Why are you the best company to order this from?

With over 7000 satisfied customers and a 99.9% Positive Feedback rating, we pride ourselves on customer service and providing the highest quality Hydroponic equipment. Read about us in the Forums. Our customers love us! We do not cut corners and never make claims that are not legitimate (No... A 90w LED will not replace a 400w HPS). Just give us a call and decide for yourself. We love LEDs, but we also sell HPS, MH, T5, and CFL. We know the advantages and disadvantages of all lighting products, and never make claims that are not 100% valid and true.

Why do some of the LEDs seem dark or broken?

This LED Grow Light has 2 LEDs that may seem dim or not to be working at all. This is not the case - These individual LED diodes are emitting light in the InfraRed (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV) spectrums. This light is outside of the light spectrum that the human eye can see, and is used because of the beneficial properties for plant growth. Don't panic, this is by design. (These LEDs are typically found in the center of the light).

Why buy from a USA seller?

Buyer beware - Buy from China and wait up to 5 weeks for shipping. If the light is defective or damaged in transit, you must pay international shipping fees to ship back to China to claim warranty (if any). Additionally, many Ebay sellers are not experienced with grow light technology and advertise one thing, then sell you something completely different. Inferior LED chips, exaggerated coverage area, etc. Do your research before you buy.

Never buy from any company you can not talk to - 845-504-5723

We are not just an Internet company selling products we do not know anything about. We are a brick and mortar Hydro distributor, with over 15 years of hands on experience in the industry. Call us with any questions, big or small. We're here to help you make the best decision.

How is this different than your 6 band HO model and why are you using these bands?

More bands does not mean a better light. The light spectrum used in this Lighthouse Hydro LED contains the most efficient and proven wavelengths for flowering. For over 4 years, Lighthouse has refined the wavelengths of their LEDs. The 50W UV model has a majority of LEDs in the 660nm, 630nm range which is perfect for flowering. This light will work for VEG also, but if you are looking for a VEG/Clone light only then we would suggest an HO (High Output) LED (available in 90W, 180W, 240W, 500W), which have a higher concentration of white LEDs.

I live in Europe, will this light work here?

Worldwide voltage (90v-240v) is standard on all our LED lights. Customers in the UK will receive a UK power cord. Customers in Europe will receive an EU power cord. Customers in Australia will receive an AU power cord. If you are still concerned about power compatibility in your specific country, please call or email us.

How Many Plants will this light cover?

We do not exaggerate any claims. Coverage is limited by the physical size of the unit. Our suggested coverage for this light is about 2 feet by 3 feet. Any LED light this size claiming to cover more area is a gross exaggeration by the seller, and an injustice to the buyer.

How does this light compare with HID lighting performance?

We sell HID lighting too, so there is no use in us claiming anything that is not 100% true. LED lights are more money up front, but you save about 50% on the electrical consumption of the light, cooling costs (very expensive in the summer) and annual bulb replacement. You can look forward to paying back the cost of the light in electricity savings over about 12 months of use. The most common error made when using LEDs is that people do not use enough of them. Follow the guidelines for recommended coverage area, and your LEDs will impress you with their yield. The much reduced heat output of LEDs when compared with HPS/MH bulbs also substantially reduces the risk of a fire hazard, especially in an enclosed space.

Does this light put off much heat?

LEDs are the most efficient lights in existence today. They produce so little heat; you can actually let the plant touch the light (although it's not recommended - as you will reduce the size of your growing area). Any heat produced by the unit is absorbed by the heat sink and disippated by the fans in the rear of the light.

What makes this LED different?

Lighthouse Hydro uses quality components, better LED diodes, and is a reliable company. All together, this produces an LED grow light that outshines and outlasts the competition. With more lights sold than any other LED manufacturer, Lighthouse Hydro is the name to trust. This is the only LED we sell in our storefront because it is the only one that has proven its success.

The Truth about Wavelengths

Traditionally, successful indoor hydroponic lighting solutions employed powerful High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights in order to simulate the intensity and required wavelengths for Photosynthesis. It is an adequate solution but a very inefficient one. Even the highest quality High Pressure Sodium bulb produces only 30% of usable wavelengths for photosynthesis, with 70% of the light completely wasted. This loss can be measured by specialty scientific instruments and advanced light spectrum analysis devices. Traditional HID lighting systems consume more power, produce an inefficient spectrum, and produce significant heat. These factors contribute to a very high operational cost and the need to address cooling solutions which can come with additional energy requirements of their own.

LEDs have existed for almost 50 years, but until recently, they lacked the light output and energy efficiency necessary to make them a viable alternative to traditional lighting solutions. Since 2008 the lumen output per watt of LEDs has doubled, and the best LEDs are now on par with HID lights in terms of lumens/watt with one exception, they are far more efficient.

LEDs have existed for almost 50 years, but until recently, they lacked the light output and energy efficiency necessary to make them a viable alternative to traditional lighting solutions. Since 2008 the lumen output per watt of LEDs has doubled, and the best LEDs are now on par with HID lights in terms of lumens/watt with one exception, they are far more efficient.

Based on research done by scientists at Cornell University and other horticultural centers, Lighthouse Hydro has developed LED lighting products that optimize the usable light wavelengths absorbed by your plants. Neither HPS nor MH bulbs provide significant light output below the 580nm wavelength. This means that one of the largest portions of the light spectrum used by plants (420-455nm) is not supplied by either HID product. Additionally, the majority of HID output is in the green-yellow spectrum which is not only reflected by plants but also barely used in Photosynthetic reactions. The most important wavelengths for plant growth and flowering is found at the 420nm, 450nm, 630nm, and 660nm wavelengths. Red is more important for flowering and yields, and blue more important for node intervals & faster growth and absorption. We deliver these wavelengths, scientifically balanced for maximum efficiency. What once was 70% of light wasted is now light harvested. Lighthouse Hydro LEDs use a optimized blend of individual 60 degree, 90 degree, and 120 degree LED chips. In the configuration Lighthouse Hydro has designed, light coverage for the grow area is maximized and light penetration is increased when compared to lights using a single spread angle LED light.

Not all light is created equally. And neither are LED lights! At least not as far as plants are concerned. HPS, MH and T5 bulbs produce a spectrum that is fixed and based on the filament or phosphors in the bulb. Even the industry's best bulbs are only 32% efficient.

The above graph is the output of one of the leading HPS bulbs in the market. As you can see the majority of light emitted is in the yellow and green spectrum. These colors are NOT used by plants (hence the reason the leaves are colored green, they reflect it!)

Take a look at the graph below, this is the spectrum that the plants actually USE!
This is commonly referred to as the "Photosynthetic Action Spectrum".

Lighthouse Hydro UV LED lights use a specific ratio of individual LEDs to maximize the vegetative growth and flowering production of your plants. With a greater percentage of individual LEDs in the red spectrum, and the added Ultraviolet spectrum to signal day and night light cycles that naturally occur in nature, use of the UV light will result in faster flowering times and greater yield for your plants.

The graphs speak for themselves. Neither HPS nor MH provide much lumen output under 580nm. This means that the largest portion of lights used by plants 420nm-455nm is not supplied by either light solution. The peak lumen output is 580nm, 595nm & 615nm. As you can see, that translates into a loss of about 70% efficiency when overlaid with the light used by growing plants. Thus, a 40,000 400W HPS bulb translates into 12000 actual usable lumens. These charts are available from the HID bulb manufacturers and widely distributed, touting that they are closest to the natural light output of the sun. The most important thing is, plant's don't use all the light from the sun, they flourish when very specifically tailored wavelengths are used.

The final analysis is that the most successful growth is found at 420nm, 450nm, 630nm and 660nm wavelengths. Red is slightly more important for flowering but blue produces faster growth and absorption. It is also important for plants to get more 630nm-660nm wavelengths because it is reported that those wavelengths determine leaf diameter. Larger leaves will make a larger plant. And who doesn't love a big tomato plant! Larger leaves lead to larger surface area for further absorption.

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