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Details about  1892 Antique SIOUX Indian War Horrors DAKOTA Plains CUSTER Sitting Bull OLD WEST

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1892 Antique SIOUX Indian War Horrors DAKOTA Plains CUSTER Sitting Bull OLD WEST
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Seller Notes: Very Good antique condition. Please see main description for additional details.
Binding: Hardcover Year Printed: 1892
Subject: Military & War Special Attributes: Illustrated
Topic: Indian Wars Origin: American

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ONCE THEIR HOME Or Our Legacy from the Dahkotahs. Historical, Biographical and Incidental from Far-Off Days, Down to the Present. By Frances Chamberlain Holley. Published in 1892 by Donohue & Henneberry. 9” x 6” decorated cloth hardcover. Illustrated with rare black and white photos and other illustrations. 419 pages.

Condition: This rare antique book is in VERY GOOD CONDITION. The handsome and unmarked exterior appears as shown in the photo above. The front inner hinge is cracked but otherwise the binding is strong, with firm text block. The text is clean and complete. There are no torn, loose or missing pages. A beautiful example of this very rare 121-year-old Indian War title.


ONCE THEIR HOME is a rare historical-biographical record of the Lakota Sioux and the Dakota Territory where they lived. Personally and painstakingly researched by Frances Chamberlain Holley, a historian of Bismarck, North Dakota, this richly detailed book describes the settlement of the Dakota Territory and the displacement of the Lakota people by white settlers – a swift, often violent transition marked by war and bloodshed, climaxing with the Custer massacre at the Little Big Horn in 1876.

The author writes:

The prime object of this work, which has occupied the past two years, has been to give an intelligent representation of our Western civilization and life, and of the powerful nation whose people for centuries were the great landholders of North America …

To do this, I have spared no pains, but have carefully sought information from every available source. Intimate acquaintance with the most cultivated and noted Sioux, and protracted visits among them, have afforded me unexampled opportunities for obtaining valuable and correct instructions, as well as for personal study of the race. Into city and hamlet, mansion and teepee; from university to the little government school on the plain, from general to scout, from the ex-governor to the fur-hunger and wood-chopper of the earliest date, I have made my way and listened to the story of the past.

Dakota's past is identified, not with the white man and interests growing out of civilized life, but, on the contrary, with a war-like nation of Indians. Indian tribes, for the most part, as untamed and ungovernable as the broad river which bore them in their rude boats from place to place. Many of her records are already lost to us, while others, written not by loving hands, but with the deadly arrow-point, dipped in warm life-blood, are fading out with the passing years. And it was to rescue such, and to preserve for our children and the people that will in future come to dwell in this new land, a record of the personal experience, incidents, historical facts, brave deeds, customs and romances, which have made the early days of Dakota and the Dahkotahs a period of unusual interest, that I sought both people and places, and made my long journeyings over this marvelous country in quest of memoirs from lips that would soon be voiceless. And the visits that I have made among the men and women of both nations, at their homes and at the reserves; the heroes and heroines that I have found among white and red, and the lessons learned; all has conspired to make the labor incident to such a work, a pleasant thing to remember. And as I recall, in some instances, the tremulous voice, eyes from which the light was fading, and one, especially, around whose tired feet even then the chill waters were unconsciously creeping, I rejoice that I have had the honor of clasping their hands and looking into their faces.

The Custer-Reno battles occupy too important a chapter in the annals of Western history, not to have received careful study; and the descriptive facts, I give as they appear from the standpoints of six different participants, of different rank, while engaged in their several duties; together with personal information received from General Sturgis, Colonel Benteen, Dr. Porter, and F.F. Girard, Scout.

ONCE THEIR HOME tells the story of the Lakota Sioux as thoroughly as humanly possible for an author who was both an outsider and a white woman. Mrs. Holley had personal and intimate access to the last generations of Sioux who were able to recall life before the white man. She describes Lakota traditions, rituals, legends, stories associated with the land, significant events, tribal heroes, great chiefs and much more.

She furnishes equally vivid and detailed descriptions of the coming of the white man: the pioneer families and their “Red River carts,” the first appearance of steamboats on the Missouri River, the establishment of military forts and outposts throughout the Dakota Territory, the rude cabins thrown up in the wilderness, the arrival of “black-robe” Christian missionaries hoping to convert the Indians, the birth pangs of cities like Bismarck and Yankton …

Mrs. Holley also recounts both sides of the Custer Massacre at the Little Bighorn. For this very important section of the book she interviewed many Sioux associated with the battle, but also sought out personal information from General Samuel Davis Sturgis, a surviving member of Custer’s ill-fated 7th Cavalry (Sturgis was on recruiting duty at the time of the Little Big Horn battle), Colonel Frederick Benteen (a captain of the 7th Cavalry who has been criticized through the years for not immediately rushing to Custer’s aid after receiving a message from Custer seeking reinforcements), Dr. Henry Rinaldo Porter (assigned by Custer to Frederick Benteen's battalion during the march to the Little Bighorn River in May-June 1876) and F.F. Girard, a scout who was with Custer at the “Crow’s Nest” when the Indian encampment was first discovered on the morning of June 25, 1876.

ONCE THEIR HOME is wonderfully illustrated with a series of black and white photos – rare Indian portraits, portraits of Custer and others connected to that fateful day, scenic views – and other illustrations.

Don’t miss your opportunity to own this rare authoritative record of the Lakota Sioux and the Dakota Territory. For your convenience, I have included chapter summaries and a summary of the illustrations below. You can even see some of these historic images further down the page. I hope you’ll take a moment to have a look.


CHAPTER ONE: Thev now Dwell Together in Peace * 4,100 Miles from Their Summit * Rolling Plains * Sioux Chieftains * Progressive Qualities of the Settlers of the West * Deadly Arrow-Point * A Pleasant Thing to Remember * Dakota's Unwritten Pages * Milk and Honey * Millions of Teeming Acres * Let Them Bear the Ancestral Name * Misrepresented * The Plain Truth * "Treeless Desert" * Who Knows Best * An Immense Tract of Land, 430 Miles in Length * Garden-Farms of New England and Middle States

CHAPTER TWO: Thomas Jefferson * Indian Territory * Bedecked with Gold * 28.000,000 Acres * Great Sioux Reserve * VV. W. Brookings * One of Those Sturdy Pioneers * Major DeWitt * Over to Red Wing * Early Records of the Dakotas * Keep Their Word Strictly * To Manage the Interests of Commerce Among the Indians * Wandered Over the Western Plain * Finally Became Hostile * Dakota organized as a Territory * The Civil War * Tears and Blood * Yankton, May 27, 1861 * William Jayne * First Legislature * Mourning Over the Land * Judge Bliss died * Political Warfare * Dr. Burleigh * J. P. Kidder was Elected * Bartlett Tripp * The Governors of the Territory * Acting Governors * Secretaries * -Justices * U. S. Attorneys * Sioux Falls * Jasper Mines * Granite Piles * Banks * Court-house * Pioneer City * Nearest Railroad * Not Believe Their Own Eyes * Musical Falls * Lance and Tomahawk * The Penitentiary * This Handsome Structure * Warden Kanouse * Christian Efforts * Vice and Misery

CHAPTER THREE: January, 1861 * In the Surveyor-General's Office * "No, I do not Want Anything to Drink" * Something in his Voice and Manner * Robear's Saloon Flourished * "He Gave Me the Keys on the Spot" * Fort Randall, in August, 1863, appointed Governor * President Lincoln * "Do You Think So, Sir?" * Colonel Tavlor Went Over to the Other Side * Chas. F. Picotte, Interpreter * They saw Approaching 2,000 Indians * "No, I Guess Not" * The Chief Held a Little Conversation With His People * Treaty Finished in 1866-Old Fort Union * Found the Indians Silent and Stubborn * Spotted Tail Made the Best Speech * Bishop Whipple * Pine Ridge * The Great Father * Bishop Marty * "I Know This Man" * Major McLaughlin's House * Gall * William Penn * Branches of the Elm Tret * The New-born Territory * Intelligent Family * Long, Busy Day

CHAPTER FOUR: Intelligent Yankton Half-Breed * Picotte Family * Major Day * A Journey of Twenty-one Days * Smutty Bear Bottom * Agent Redfield Went to Reside at Yankton * Black Hawk * " Oh, Charlie, Keep Still" * Dr. Hayden * Hills Dripping with Fatness * Struck-by-the-Ree * Mr. Galpin a Trader at the Post * 1864, Judge Brookings Appointed to Open a Wagon-Road * I found Them to be Yanktons * That Pipe * Government Interpreter * Buffalo Chase near Vermillion * Built the Capitol Building * Black Moon * Sioux! Sioux! * That is the Kind of Treaty * Left His Mother for School at St. Louis * "Cut My Hair" * A Man Covered With Blood * Married in 1872 * The Rev. J. W. Cook * Loved and Honored * In a Dual Current * A Debt of Gratitude

CHAPTER FIVE: Fall of 1861 * After a Journey of Thirty Days * Col. Redfield, Dr. Burleigh * Not Slow to Grasp the Situation * Hideous Guise * Blockhouse * Room is Given to the Helpless * Gen. John Cook * Chas. F. Picotte * Gov. Faulk * A Most Cowardly Act * Chief of the Half-breeds * Little Band at the Yankton Agency * So He Killed An Ox * Struck * By the Ree * Such Glimpses Into the Past * Dr. F. V. Hayden * The Treaty of Fort Laramie * Grasshoppers * Gen. Sherman Against it * Important Councils were Held* * Big Mouth * Troops were Ordered Out to Quell Them * The Yanktons had always Been at Peace With Us * Neetmok * Bald Eagle * Retired from the Public With Its Esteem and Confidence * Still Dwelling in the Valley * A Peaceful Harbor

CHAPTER SIX: Struck-by-the-Ree * The First Newspaper * Ex-Secty. Hand * A Small Settlement at Pembina * O. 8. Goff * S. J. Morrow * Yankton College * Dr. Ward * May 25th, 1881 * Has become the Pride of Yankton * A Handsome Structure * Fine Library * The Rev. Dan Bradly * Dr. A. L. Riggs * Three Ex Governors * Old Fort Pierre * Capital City * 1880 * Big Sioux Reserve * Pierre University * Department of Indian Affairs * Important Business Center * Vale of Minnekahta * Bethesda * Battle Mountain * Fifty Years Ago * Unique Tub * Proud Chief * The Spirit of Health * Soldiers' Home * Masonic Grand Lodge * Dakota Hospital for the Insane * At Yankton S. Dakota * A Most Charming Spot * 30 Acres of Land, 4,000 Fruit Trees * Struck-by-the-Ree * Ten Years Old when Lewis and Clarke * Truthful and Kind * Royal Patriarch * His Grave at the Yankton Agency * University * Vermillion * West Hall * East Hall * Everything for Comfort * Dr. Edward Olson * Chatauqua * President of the University * Killed in the Minneapolis Fire

CHAPTER SEVEN: Lawrence County * But Gold was There * Going Slow * Mounted upon their Flying Ponies * The First Coach * The Grand Central * Hard Character * First Newspaper Published * Hillsides Covered with Tents * On Sunday Aug. 10th * Gen Sheridan Learned Through the Press * The Great "Stockade * Cap't. Mix * Mr. Russell * Mr. Williams * I Built My Shack * Took out $70,000 * Lead City * The School of Mmes * The Gate City * Fort Meade * Bear Butte Creek * Gen. Crook * Black Hills * This, Section Covered with a Deep Sea * From Harvey's Peak * " The Race Course " * Homestake * Old AbeHoist.

CHAPTER EIGHT: In the year 1834 * Business Compact with J. B. Astor * He at once Declined * Locks the Stable Before the Horse is Stolen * At once sent to Gov. Ramsey * Indians of Birch Coolie * Gen. Sibley * Little Crow * They Would Kill Everyone of Those Captives * Something Besides Old Men * '' Round Wind " * To Move the Hardest Heart * He Remained there Several Days * Col. Marshall * Military Commission, President Lincoln * 380 Prisoners * Gen'l. Pope * 2,000 Cavalry * But no Time Was Lost * Lake Emily * Most Welcome news to Gov. Sibley * Big Mound * The Fleeing Enemy * Where the City of Bismarck Stands * 55 Warriors Killed in Action * Does not relinquish her Claims upon Gen. Sibley * Belongs to the Same Family * Best Gifts and Honors * Her Own * To the Tented Fields Beyond

CHAPTER NINE: Steamboating on the Missouri River * The Transport * American Fur Company * Floating Palace * The Mackinaw * Held the Cordelle * Old Fort Pierre * 1829 * Choteau * Extend the Trade * Steamer Yellowstone * 1831 * St. Louis * Anchored at the Confluence * 1835 * Poplar River in Montana * Destroyed by Fire * Opposite to Bismarck * A Hewn Tree * Captain Marsh * 1875 * The First Steam Wheel Boat * Chippewa * Key West * High as Fort Benton * Great Canoes with Pinions * Old Reliable * Coulson * Benton Line * Doherty’s description * Down the Missouri * 5,800 tons * D. W. Marattn--Between Bismarck and Benton * Wm. D. Evans * S. B. Coulson * Montana and British * N. W. Territory * H. C. Power * Capt. J. C. Barr * Elegant Steamers * Captains Wolfolk, Braithwaite and Talbot * Proud Benton Line * Mandan Across the River * Morton * General Rosser * On the let * A City Began * Heart River * Wide Awake * Mandan took its Name * Hidatsa * Howard Mandan * Henry Eaton * Minnetaree

CHAPTER TEN: In the Library of Parliament at Ottawa * Alexander Henry * Along the Red River * We came to the Pembina River * At Salt Point, Above the Red River * At Grand Forks * White Buffalo are Very Scarce * They Pitched on the North Side * The City of Pembina has Risen * In August, 1801, Arrived at the Forks * The First Red River Cart-men now go for Meat with Carts * Henry Made a Trip from his Fort at Pembina to Fort Souris * The Roof was Thatched with Willows * Several Children whose Hair was Gray * Make Use of Large Earthen Pots of Their Own Manufacture * Henry's Party Left the Missouri on the 28th of July * Drowned in the Columbia River * Pioneer of Pioneers * Collector at Pembina * Mr. Kittson Anxious to Get Home * On the Bridal Tour * Stopping Two Weeks at Com. Kittson's * A Fatalist * Hale and Happv * County of Cavelier * Mayor * Trembled * Grazing Bison * Trail of the Elk and Bear

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Hunters and Trappers Lead the Way * Lewis and Clarke * J. C. Fremont * 1832 * General Harney * Fort Randall * At Pembina * 1796 * Arrival of Lord Selkirk, 1812 * Known as the Fur-Bearing Country * An Expensive and Lavish Gift * Died at Pau, Southern France * The Orkney Girl * First White Woman * Valley of the Red River * Melting in the Hot Summer Sun * First Master * Captain Griggs * Capt. McCormack * Pembina * Hon. J. La Moure * The Ursulino Order * Grand Forks, North Dakota, University * Homer B. Sprngue * September 8th, 200 Students Enrolled * Training of Persons in the Theory of Teaching * President Sprague

CHAPTER TWELVE: Eighteen years ago * Great German Prince * Spring of 1873 * Dr. W. A. Burleigh * E.A. Williams * Camp Hancock * Grace Greenwood * Lieutenant Greeley * August 29th * Wm W. Pye * Strong Advocate * O.S. Goff * Dr. Wm A Bentley * M H Jewell * Base Ball * Steward on the Nellie Peck * Dan Eisenburg * C.B. Holley * D.F. Barry * Pioneer Banker * Alex. McKenzie * Jewelers on Main Street * The Tribute * W P Moffett * Bismarck of To-day * Lamborn Hospital * Capt I.P. Baker * Capital * Elegant Halls * Trees and shrubs * Laying the cornerstone * Honored Guests * Mr. Villard * General Grant * Governor Ordway * Prince Bismarck * Proud of Our City’s Name * Baron Von Eisendecker * I Can Only Wish * Golden Spike * With Mr. Evarts * Rev. I.O. Sloan * Beautiful Scene * Foreign Office * Old Fort Lincoln * Seventh Cavalry * Fort Seward * Costly Blood * Pentitentiary * Warden Williams * Soiled and Tangled

CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Sixty Years among the Indians * A Native of St. Louis * 1814 * Eighteen * At Fort Pierre * Union * Remained 16 years * All Sioux * General Harney * Mr. Primeau * Old Tecumseh * 1837 * Fort Clarke * Meant Plunder * Caches of Corn * Reckless Bloodshed * As far as the Gate * Changed His Mind * In Ambush * The dead Men * Running Water * Stabbed by Brules * For the Platte * Lost His Men * Along the Raw Hide * Frost and Atchison * City of Pierre * Fur Crop * Fox Ridge * Sharp Cleaver * Louis Agard * Carry-the-Lodge * 1000 Warriors * Fort Berthold * Troubles and Losses * Mrs. Keller * Alcohol * Standing Rock Agency * Boyhood * Faced Dangers * Tremulous Voice * Wheel of Progress * Talked of the Early Days * Behind the Counter * Living Links * Bear’s Rib * Royal Ancestry * Cannon Ball * Kingly Palace * He lay like a warrior * Bear’s Rib the First * A trip to Standing Rock * Porcupine and Cannon Ball Rivers * High Hill * Killing Day * For Their Rations * Fleet Pony * Sweet Corn * Back on the Plains * Bishop Marty * Mrs. J.J. Astor * Surrender * Major McLaughlin * Trusted * Armed Troops

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Education in the East * Bishop of Niobrara * At St Luke’s Church * Bishop Robert * Indian Territory * Left a Deep Impression on my Mind * Half Awe-struck * Vested Missionaries * Bore Choice Fruit * Bishop Hare’s Great Work * Not a Single Boarding School * Late Wm. Welsh * Indian Children of the Niobrara * The Dean of Dakota * Dr. Hoyt * All Saints’ School Building * St. Paul’s School * Harrison Hall * Hope School * Dr. J.W. Wick * St. John’s * In 1884 by the Rev. Swift * St Mary’s

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Taciturn * Fearless of Personal Danger * A Dreaded Enemy * Introduction of Horses Among the Sioux * Quarrelsome and Jealous * Silently Pass out of the lodge * Moaning and wailing* In solitude * Sits by her dead * She feels a pain in her breast * Nearer, My God, to Thee * Dahkotah Months * Relationship of Families * Medicine Man * Supernatural Virtue in Paint * My Grandfather * To be Shot by Indians in waiting * Carefully buried * Cause of the disease * Quite as senseless * Claims to intelligence * The Family Symbol * Much veneration * Knighted Ancients * Ojibways * An Eagle * A Squirrel * Gnawing is Rind * When a man Died * Marked upon his Grave * Algonquins * For Centuries * Secret Clans * No force nor Influence * Divulge their rites or proceedings

CHAPTER SIXTEEN: The Beautiful Women of the Clouds * Tradition * Nine Hundred Years * Wearing a Scalp Coat * Human Hair * Exceedingly Beautiful * God’s Son had died * Blood shed * The strange visitor * Sacred Pipe * His directions * Sing and pray* Tie themselves to the Cross * Nip bits of flesh * Blowing a whistle * After many years * Their prophet * Two young men * Strains of music * Song floating slowly down * Yellow buck skin * A string of beads * Bad Indian Youth * The woman that was to come* Rotting flesh * Unwise sportsman * His ears should be cut off * Sacred legacy * Sun Dance Only * Take their oaths * Chief of the Black Robe * Women Yet to come * Some vow to God * Druids * Wafted on the breeze * Medicine Man * The Calumet * Law and Gospel * Never Failing Comfort * Indian Politics * The Sun Dance * A Tree * The Virgin Mary * By the Pole * Cannot Eat or Drink * A Brave * Four Ghosts * Feast * A Friend Dies * No scolding * Feast Lodges * In Full Dress* Final Departure * Twins

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: Early days going for water * Single file * Rebeccas * The young men pluck at thin robes * Timid eyes * To see his best girl * Ghostly appearance * White sheet * To his beloved * Generous piece of muslin * Sub-rosa * Buffalo Chase * Shoot them with arrows * Very destitute * Boiling the meat * Dinner pot * Hot stones * Armor feast * Hellen * Delphic shrine * War God * Sing and Pray * Off in High Glee * Comb Out their Long braids * The War Dirge * Victim’s Heart * The Scalp Dance * Shaking the Rattle * Freshly Painted * Burn and Bury * Thunder and Lightning * Great Bird * Winking * It struck * Has shot * Geese flying south * Indian dreamer * Milky Way * Long Branch * The Good Pass * Wicked * Second Death * From the west * Persian Origin * Like God * Through Syria * Father De Smet * Along the Missouri

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: Campaign against the Hostiles * General Crook * Fort Laramie * General Pope * Fort Fetterman * Powder River * General Reynolds * Crazy Horse’s Camp * May 29th * George Herendeen * Singing on the Bluffs * On a hunt * Sioux Retreated * General Terry * Seventh Cavalry * Fort Lincoln * Major Moore * Lieutenant Chance * Rosebud * General Gibbon * In Camp * Little Big Horn * Yellowstone * Sioux Trail * Little Wolf Mountain * On the Little Big Horn * Loss of the Custer Command * One Chapter in the History * Mournful Interest * June 26, 1876 * A Brief Story * Exultant Hostiles * The God of Battles * Dark Shadows * Commander of the Seventh Cavalry * Indian City * Sealed Lips * Farewell and Forever * Uncoffined forms * General Terry’s Report * To Col. R.C. Drum * With his whole regiment * Major Reno with three * Completely overwhelmed * No officer or soldier escaped * Heaped where halts * Supply steamer * Far West * Tulloch’s Creek * At midnight * Efforts were made * Withdrawal of the Indians * White Men fighting * Alfred H. Terry's Second Dispatch * Owe it to Myself * I Talked With Him * Gatling Guns * Misapprehension * General Crook * Major Reno's Report * Capt. E. W. Smith * The Honor to Submit * 9:15 * To Move at 11 p. M. * Lieutenant Cook * Did not see Him Again * Fast Trot * Dismounted * Vicinity of the Village

CHAPTER NINETEEN: Captain J. Stark Payne * Distance four miles, 160 rods * I Saw Bones of Horses and Men * Captain Calhoun's Company * Case a Hopeless One * Where Custer's Body was Found * But a Few Moments to Dispose of Them * Lieutenant Varnum * The Gray Horse Company * Captain Benteen Joined Reno on the Hill * A Little Pile of Stones * I Heard Firing Down the Stream * "Where in the World is Custer?" * No Feeling That He Had Been Used Up * There May Have Been Twenty * They Might Have Sent Him Into the Timber * Kickng up a Dust * Have got Nothing to Say Against Him * "No Signs of Cowardice" * One Was Shot Through the Knee * "I said, 'This Won't Do'" * " Pretty Badly Licked * Captain McDougal * Was Commanding the Rear Guard * Found Three Dead Indians * Lieutenant Hare * Seventh Cavalry * I Rode to the Edge of the Timber * They Would Work Out to the Foot-hills * Constantly 200 Indians in His Front * Ed. St. Claire * Were Well Closed Up * Most of Them Disappeared * Dr. DeWolf was Killed * Would not Have Lasted More Than a Few Minutes * Would Support Major Reno, Which He Had Not Done * Heard Firing * I Went for the Pack-train * He Had 24.000 Bounds * It Was the Best Tactical Movement * Estimated the Ponies at 20,000 or 25,000 * Did Not See Calhoun's Company * Did Not Last Over Three-Quarters of an Hour

CHAPTER TWENTY: The Hero of Little Big Horn * Colonel Benteen * "To the Field" * Unflinching * June 25, 1876 * Hotter Places * Every Whit a Soldier * Badly Handled * Talked With Major Reno * Lieutenant Hodgson * The Lay of the Land * Grand Village * Captain Weir * Not Indians Enough * His Charge to the River * Soldier of Soldiers' * A Sacred Memory * Entirely Innocent * Absurd * An Impossibility * His Own Actions * About the Same Time * Harrington, Porter and Sturgis * General Sturgis * Happy Boyhood * From West Point * At St. Louis * Fort Lincoln * J*ck Came Over * All Sang for an Hour * Captain Smith * The Soul of Honor * No Two are the Same * On Steamer Far West * Darling Mother * Died at Twenty-two * Without Stars or Stripes * Surgeon Porter * Bravely Resisting * Back to Lincoln * Watching * Dr. DeWolf * Beyond Help * Dr. Porter * Arizona * Honorable Mention * Camp Hancock * Highly Satisfactory * C. H. Crane * Custer's Farewell * "Come On, Mv Boys" * On the Far West * Capt. Grant Marsh * Dr. Porter * Reacfi Bismark July 3d * Did Not Flinch * Fifty-four Hours * Lieutenant Hodgson * For God's Sake * Lieutenant Mcintosh * Shot Him On the Spot

CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE: Nothing Deserving Censure * President Hayes * L. D. Gilbert * Vindicates General Custer * Mouth of the Rosebud * A Roving Command of Fifteen Davs * Bloodv Knife * Shall Fight Them Whenever I find Them * Who Moved Out That Command * Major Take Your command * Forward Men * All Right, Says Captain Cook * To Try To Reach Reno * Hid Them From Sights-Major Reno * For Meritorious Conduct * Died in Providence Hospital * Memory of His Brave Deeds * General Crook * A Barren Country * Slim Butte * Named It " Keogh" * General Miles * The Final Surrender * Major Clifford * Gall Meets His Mother * Mrs. Capt. Harmon * Father Stephan * Treat for the Big Reservation * John Grass

CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO: Now Living at Standing Rock * A Fine Specimen of an Indian * Student Giles * I Was Sitting in My Lodge * Came in From White River * "Oh, Everybody Was Fighting " * Rode Into the Jaws of Death * Not Learned at West Point * Facts Concerning the Custer Battle * Knew That " Lone Star" Was Coming * Soon Saw General Custer * From Which They Took Out the Liver * Black Moon * Spotted Tail * Surprised by Eighteen Soldiers * Shot the Lieutenant * Came to His Death at the Hands of Crow Dog * Sitting Bull the War-Chief

CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE: Mrs Galpin * The Famous Sioux Woman * Two Lance * Iron Hill * Died Before She Was Born * The First White Men * Youngest of Eight Children * Brought. Vermilion * Small Pelfries * Singed the Beaver * Packed all the Skins * Take Fire Along * No Horses * Early Rising * No Blankets * Baby Carriage * Tie the Skin on One shoulder * Bitter Enemies * "Rattlesnake" * The Fox Dance * White Horse * Porcupine Tails * Fear of the Cholera * Mother Stricken Down * Handsome Man * Henore Picotte * Mrs. Van Solen * Mrs. Capt. Harmon * Plum Creek * Piece of Looking-Glass * Into the Creek * Major Charles Galpin * Mrs. H. S. Parkin * Cannon-Ball Ranch * Captured on the Grand River * Dead Child * Indian Fired * "Kill Them!" * White Lodge * Major Galpin * White Captives * Allowed to Go * At Pierre * Little Dick * "Fool Band" * Mourned as Dead * White Massacre * 1863 * Had Passes * Disarmed * Pouting-Eye * Murder * " I'll Get Pay " * Ordered a Yawl * Avenged * Visit Washington * President Grant * Grand River Agency * Her Cow

CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR: Many Schemes * United States Government * Race Questions * Extremely Knotty * Every Human Heart Can Be Reached * Banded Together * The Indians Were In Possession * He Carries On the warfare after the Manner of the Military Schools * May Not Erect a Scaffold * Another Indian Massacre * Term "Savage" * Built their Lodges Around the Forest Lakes * Fondness for Anatomy * Residence in Dakota * Native Minister * Homes for the Boys and Girls * Semi-Monthly Killing-Day * Prepared and Cooked * So Many "Maids" * The Religion of the Indian * Pantheism * Extreme Scruples * Takoo * Wakan * Not the Jehovah Himself * Creation of the Earth * Like the Greeks * When a Soul Leaves, the Body Goes Southward * The Indian's Ideal Heaven * Happy Hunting-Grounds * Roaming and Camping * Prized by the Race * With Them

CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE: The Wise Men Meet * Hail to the Chief * Samuel W. Pond * Dahkotah Village * Dr. Thomas A. Williamson * Fort Snelling * 1834 * Mr. Joseph Renville * A. S. Huggins and Wife * Stephen R. Riggs * Mary A. Longley * Green Mountains * Trackless Way * 1836 * A Stranger in a Strange Land * In the Stockade * French Bible * Mark’s Gospel * Grammar * Literati * The Entire Bible * The Fairest Land * Dakota Missions * Churches Organized * Around Sitting Bull * 1867 * Sisseton Wahpeton * Bringing Tents * Baptized * Standing Bear * Misses Dickson and McCreight * Wolf Point * Mother-Tongue * Made with Chalk * Dr. J P Williamson * Led to the People * Never Forgot his name * Crossed the Missouri * On the Ice * 1877 * “Iapi Oaye” * 1873 * Stephen R. Riggs

CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX: Fort Totten * Fur Company Post * Major Forbes * To Give up their dance s * Major McLaughlin * Urged all to join * Schools of the Gray Nuns * Beautiful-Voice-at-the-Water * Turtle Mountain * Held a Council * Mr. Faribault * Winchester Rifle * Farming * Brave Bear * Wood Lake * Strangers * Renewed the promise * Near Pembina * Murdered a family * “The Only One” * Orders to arrest them * Quick to see * Camp near the water * Troops stationed near * Lt. Slocum * Point out the men * Instantly seized * A ball struck him * Like a tiger at bay * Shot through the heart * In jail * Red Cloud Agency * $1000 * Doherty’s description * Wife of a policeman * Swim the Missouri * Fifty-seven years * Twelve rifles * Going to die with them * Early days * St. Antoine * St. Paul * Indian traders * Mother’s whole soul * Christmas * Sixteen years * Eleven widows at Fort Totten * Doctor De Wolf * The Terrible News * From the Day a bride * Untiring devotion * Shadows lengthen * Among the Indians * At Standing Rock * For years

CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN: Carrying life through the system * Monopoly * Minnesota * Reached her high estate * Twenty-five years ago * Montana * Gold and Silver * Helena * James J. Hill * Superb Line * Montana Central * Great Falls’ First Railroad * Fargo * South Dakota * 2,400 Complete * 1890 * Palace Luxury * Lake Superior * Puget Sound * 1837 * Doctor Carver * President Perham * Thaddeus Stevens * Charter * Abraham Lincoln * Melodeon Hall * Confidence * T.F. Oakes * Bly Mine * Mr. Villard tenders resignation * From the Great Store-house * Shrieking engine * Brought to the management * Largely perfected * Gratifying victory * Obstacles

CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT: Capt. Burnham * Fort Ridgely * To join General Sibley * Camp Pope * Standing Buffalo’s Camp * Sisseton Village * Lisbon Liberty Pole * Stars and Stripes * Goose Lake * Thousands of Frogs * Grasshoppers * Elk * Dangerous Pet * Hunters from Pembina * General Sibley’s Camp * U.S. Brand * James and Pipestone * First day to ride * Indians ahead * Dr. Weiser * Cut off by the Indians * Mortally wounded * Died in a short time * Buried with those * Col. Steele * Push the campaign * Hidden in the rushes * Thunder Storm * Col. Marshall * Col. McPhail * Company C * Near where Bismarck Stands * General Randolph Marcy * Good looks * County of Cass * Ten Miles ahead * Mirage * Suffered more * Maple River * The Discomforts * Heroic Trooper

CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE: Badges of Honor * Worn with pride * Circlet * Loyal Legion * Throat was cut * Adopted by the Indian * White Brave * Marched and fought * Native land * Marshals and generals * The same spirit * Pretty feathers * Hero’s fame * Sorrowful memories * Scalp of the enemy * Cannon to blow his head off * Savage fiend * Gallant hero * Vast cities * Boasted civilization * Unwritten Pages * Little Study * Red Nation * Landing of the Spaniards * Once High Estate * 1517 * Populous Nations * Old World * Shores of Yucatan * Razed lo the Ground * Held. the Lash * When Found by the English * Never Submits * Spanish Conquest * Cortez * Patiently Waited * Ruined Cities * Kindred Relation * Egyptian Sculpture * Remarkable Sign * Red Hand * Wakan Tanka * Mexicans Asserted * A Most Powerful Nation * A-lahuac * Important Cities * Towards Yucatan * Ancient Toltecs * Gulf * Teocalli * Mounds * Banks of the Gila * Stone Edifices * Red Man * Western Plain

CHAPTER THIRTY: Hospital at Jamestown * Superior Location * Valley of the James * Farm of 540 Acres * Healthful Exercise * Built of Brick * Perfect Order * Hapless inmates * Responsible Position * Dr. O. VV. Archibald * Model Asylum * Long Experience * Mes. Archibald * Kind and Gracious God's Creatures * 1874 * Post Surgeon * Secretary Belknap * Fort Keogh * 1876 * Glenwood, Iowa * Seven Years * 500 Patients * 50 per cent * Active Walks * Education * Millions of Acres * School Revenue * South Dakota * 2,000,000 Acres * North Dakota * $3,000,000 for Schools * Ten Dollars per Acre * Common Schools * William Mitchell * First Church * S. W. Ingham * 1860 * Little Log House * Vermillion * Fargo * O H. Elmer * I. O Sloan * Love one Another * Bismarck * Rough Buildings * Steadfast Friend * Catholics * Bishops * "Bread of Life" * J. G. Miller * Sunday Schools * Rev. D. P Ward * Lifelong Work * Dakota for Christ * Historical Societies * From Time to Time * Silently Telling * Long Ago

CHAPTER THIRTY-ONE: 1,500 Square Miles of Water Surface * Gates of the Rocky Mountains * Red River of the North * Numerous Cascades * Vermillion * James River * Mingles With the Missouri * Merely Taken a Little Run of 450 Miles * The Cannon Ball River * Parkin's Residence * Fed by the Melted Snows of the Rocky Mountains * The Head of Navigation * Monopoly Cannot Bar the Wide Portals * Charming Lakes * Devil's or Spirit Like, 1,200 Feet Above the Sea * Fur Company Port * H. C. Hansbrough * Big Stone and Lake Traverse * Andes Lake * Great Abundance of Game * Pipestone Quarry * Lake Kampeska * May be Classed as Attractions * Trumpeter * Resembles the French Horn * The Laughing Goose * The Happy Hunting Grounds * Tenting by the Lakes * Morning Carol * 'Ihousands of Birds * Li lie a Benediction

CHAPTER THIRTY-TWO: Not a Mountainous Countrv * 800 Feet in the Red River Valley * Black Hills * 6,000 Square Miles * Harney's Peak * Pine Forest * Turde Mountains * Bear Butte * Timber * Ree Hills * Geologists * Drift Material * In the Valley * Infant Continent * Mississippi Valley * Climate * Crisp Air * Blizzards * Cold in Winter * Bad Lands * Marquis De Mores * Mauvaise Terres * Level Plateau * Strange Shapes * Wierd Magician * Still in the Hands * Hugh Ribbon Cake Eaten Out * Petrified Trees * Buried Forests * The Home of the Marchioness * Medora * Tall Pines * Took its Name * Elms * Not a Treeless Desert * Arbor Day * Ex-Governor Church * Artesian Wells * Soil * Fuel * Coal * First 'Premium * Wheat

CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE: The Last Legislature that Assembled * 1883 * The First Legislature at Bismarck * The Capital * 1885 * Eighteen Legislatures * Constitutional Conventions * Sioux Falls * Bismarck * Judge Edgerton * Officers * First Legislature of the State of North Dakota * First State Officers * Ex-Gov. Pierce * Lyman H. Casey * H. C. Hansbrough * Judge A. D. Thomis * Public Institutions * Private Schools * Assessed Value * South Dakota Shall Pay $46,500 * Shall Discharge * Prohibition * Majority * A Final Adjustment * Boundary of North Dakota * Commencing at a Point * The Great Seal * Neetmok * Preamble to the Constitution of North Dakota * Proclamation for Admission * Benjamin Harrison * James G. Blaine. Secretary of State * First Legislature of South Dakota * Met at Pierre * Oct, 15, 1889 * R. F. Pettisrew * Gideon C. Moody * First Representative to Congress * Oscar S. Gifford * John H. Pickler * State Officers * Supreme Court * Boundary of South Dakota * Public Institutions * Temporary Capital * Private Schools * Assessed Value * Preamble to. the Constitution of South Dakota * Officers of Constitutional Convention * Seal and Coat of Arms * The End is Near

ILLUSTRATIONS INCLUDE:. Group of Governors of Dakota Territory and States * Falls of the Sioux at Sioux Falls, South Dakota * Chief Spotted Tail and his Broken-hearted Daughter * Chiefs Struck-by-the-Ree, C.F. Picotte and Smutty Bear * General H.H. Sibley of Indian War fame * Steamer Rosebud on the Missouri River * Court House, Mandan, North Dakota * Col. F.W. Benteen, Seventh Cavalry * Dr. H.R. Porter, Surgeon in the Little Horn Battles * Chief Gall, the Majestic * Mrs. Picotte-Galpin, the Noble Dahkotah * The horse “Comanche,” all that survived of Custer’s command * Thunder Hawk, the Fearless * St. Paul School, Yankton Agency, South Dakota * George Faribault, and Chief John Grass, Brave Bear, the Plotter * “Comanche” * “Rain-in-the-Face and His Bride * The Famous Red River Cart * Residences, Thompson, Little, Fisher, Whitford * Hope Boarding School, Springfield, South Dakota * Circling Bear, Killed the Officer at abcxs Fort Rice * Residence of Dr. H.R. Porter, Bismarck * General George A. Custer * Sitting Bull and Daughter, Standing Holy * Indian Burial Place * Northern Pacific Bridge at Bismarck * Long Knife, the Boy Hunter * “Union Block,” (John T.M. Pierce), Yankton, South Dakota * Hospital for the Insane, Jamestown, North Dakota * North Dakota Penitentiary, Bismarck * Central School, Yankton, South Dakota * Minnehaha Court House, Sioux Falls, South Dakota * The Capitol at Bismarck, North Dakota


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