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Details about  Hollywood Global Anti Piracy Tax Regulating Copyright Patent Saves Our Economy

Hollywood Global Anti Piracy Tax Regulating Copyright Patent Saves Our Economy See original listing
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Jun 03, 2013 05:53:32 PDT
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                          This Is Not Available For Tax Collection Use In Any State That Has Aria Health Services Operating
                    I'm Tired Of The Beating You Win, Good Luck.
     One Bad Apple Spoils The Bunch! 
 It's Not A Far Fall From The Silicon Tree
  A House Built On Sand Will Not Stand
    A $100 Billion I.T. Company's Value Is Based On 2 Years Of Piracy Claims
                         Don't Look Now Their Stock Is Worth Zero
      See This Chip? You Stole 50 Billion Dollars From It Last Year                             
                                                                       Deus ex machina
            Remove Any Regulator Of Man And Your Country Falls
                     Refused For For 31 Years Have A Nice Death
In Tunisia They Took A Man's Scale This Is America And This Is My Scale
   They Closed The Stores To Stop Me And Starve You Because Their 
   False Piracy Claims Are Deducted From Your Paychecks Each Week
      Only I Can Stop Them, A Mathematical Trap There Is No Escape!
        If You Would Like I Can License This For Use By State Or City
              Sorry Not Available For Use In The State Of California

                           Patented Mathematics Means It Works
   Chip Cartridges Will Be Made To Fit All Devices Cars, Smart Phones, Pads, E-Readers, Laptops, TVs & Players
           The 2 Comments In 4 Years The Second Is At The Ad's End




I see the genius in the design of your product and the

ideals it promotes. Although I have to say the only flaw I

see is the people who have become reliant on the taxes

collected for their piracy claims. It was interesting to see

how all the pieces came together in the complexity of a

scheme made by wolves who cry wolf. I think this is utterly

the downfall engineered by those who benefit by these

safeguards not being in place to keep an industry honest.

Greed has to be one of the most manipulative attributes

that can be part of ones character. I guess it all stems

from greed in the end. I truly can appreciate your cause for

trying to remedy a system that has become financially

cancerous to the people who don't even know it's process.

Thank you for your attempt to make visible that process so

we might understand our part in it.

Finally The Missing Movie Ticket For Video Rentals Is Here (Actually It's Been here For 30 Years)
This Internet Vending Machine Launches The Re-Birth Of Home Media Rentals By
  Wiring Payments 4 Usage, PPV Ads, Sales & Internet Taxes + It Prints Coupons
        That's 5 Functions Being Performed With One Scan, But Who's Counting?
        Unfortunately Once A New Regulator Appears So Does The Crime It Stops
   Hiding Right In Front Of Your Face Is Massive Tax Evasion & Everyone Is A Victim
 Even The Musicians Are Back On The Road Again To Pay Their Own Piracy Claims
  A Viable Patent 4 Sale Only Because The Industry Won't Let Me Go Into Business

  Mathematical The Longer You Wait The Deeper The Hole You'll Never Get Out Of
        Filed 5 Years Ago Lost So Far Has Been $24 Trillion In Retail Business
 Please Wait Another 5 Years And Lose $24 Trillion More That Will Solve Everything
   After 30 Years Of Stealing The Country Is Broke The Books Cooked Beyond Human Comprehension Copyright Protection Has Been Extended To 175 Years
  Your Ticket Stub Put Into That Box At The Movie Theater Was The Cash Register
Unlocked Each Night By A Studio Person The Box Office Cash Payment Was Made
 That Cash Register Disappeared 30 Years Ago When Films Came Home On Video
 Now Imagine This Wal-Mart & McDonald's Not Using A Cash Register For 30 years
  Doing Business Without A Governing Meter Like A Scale Means They're Stealing!
Deliberately! That's What Hollywood And The I.T. Companies Have Done To Us By
 Making Up Bogus Numbers & Highly Over Estimating Piracy Losses In Their Favor
                                     Enough To Collapse Our Economy
The Hollywood Penny Brains Know That 25 Cents from Each Person Is $75 Million
Don't Laugh It's A House & Claims Continue To Go Higher So You Pay More Taxes
Fiscal Cliff? You Starve And At The Last Second Hollywood Gets $400 Million More.
 A Record Box Office Year Of $10.8 Billion, Opps We Claimed $60 Billion In Piracy
                             "Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention"
           "Now Is The Time For All Good Men To Come To The Aid Of The Party."
It's A Long Story, But It's The Entire Crime & Solution, I Present To You My Masterpiece
   It's My Pleasure & Yes You're Welcome
  And What Have You Done For America?
All  Machines Will Be Made Here With The World As Our Customers Like Before When We Were Strong & On Top
           This Patent Is The Re-Invention Of (Retail) Media Rentals And Sales
Studios, Own The Stores To Collect On Both Ends & Earn Billions from PPV Ads
You See For 30 Years They Refuse To Take The Money & Here's The Reason Why
Piracy Is Their Business It's A Scam Blaming U 4 Stealing Their Copyrights Then False Numbers Are Made Up And Deducted From Their Taxes
 Unconstitutional It's Taxation Without Representation And It's Being Caused By This Imposed Piracy Tax, Indentured It Means You're A Slave                              
It's A True Hollywood Story With A Mild Blemish Exposing Greed, Theft By Deception, Tax Evasion, Treason & Third Party Interference,  RICO
Hollywood Claims $60,000,000,000 A Year In Piracy Loss Or $200 Per Person Microsoft $50 Billion Or $180 Per And There's A Line Behind Them
Madoff Was $60 Bil In 20 Years, It Was Said He Collapsed The Economy. Repeated Anually Each Company's Theft Is Actually 20 Times Madoff's
 30 Years Ongoing Makes Each Company's Theft 600 Times Madoff's, Can Hollywood Return The $1.8 Trillion Claimed & There's Your Economy
  Giant Mobil/EXXON Only Grossed $66 Billion In 2011 (Not Netted), But At Least They Filled Our Tanks Instead Of Just Syphoning Our Pockets
Hollywood Took My Life, Really My Business (With A Patent In 8 Countries) And They Refuse To Settle, Buy It Or Let Me Get A Lawyer In America
  Proof? Read The Auction Photos And The Christmas Card Sent From Billboard Magazine "Just Go On About Business As If It Never Happened"
 Stopping A United States Patent Harms The Commerce Of Your Country, Tyranny, 2nd Amendment Stuff Yet Your Government Refuses To Step In
    See The Google Pages Below They're Targeting And Removing My Links It's RICO (Racketeering) Third Party Interference Ruined Again
         Focus In On The Top Listing Left Page And See It's Been Removed After The Page Was Re-Loaded I've Months Of These Examples
 Google Doesn't Know Me From Adam, Yet For Months They Removed My Name From History, Even U.S. Gov. Generated Links To My Patents
I'm On The Do Not Call List Google Keeps Asking Do I Want A Top Listing?  They Must Have Forgotten They Already Placed Me In 1939 Germany
                                                              Now You Know Why There's No Business Like Show Business
                                 Because If They Won't Let You Show It There's No Business And That's Why You Can Only See This Here
      And Ask Yourself Why Hasn't Anyone Come To My Aid In 30 Years?  Because No One Is Allowed To Talk To Me 
    You Put Me Out Of ( A U.S. Government Granted ) Business, Took My Rights Away And Then Have The Guts To Make Me Pay Your Taxes.
                      I'll Need A Cash Settlement From The United States Of America. Triple Damages For Thirty Years Should Do It.
 Hey Uncle Sam, You Dirty Tax Sucker Does H & R Block Get Paid For Each Tax Return? I Owe You Nothing, Pay Up, Your Bill Is Way Overdue
       Make Sure To Look Up The Business Software Alliance To See The Members That Participate In This Tax Evasion Scam
  They, The B.S.A. Go Into Schools To Question And Tax Your Children For Their Member Companies. Correct Apple Is A Member
  Every Screen Pixel Is Controlled By The Media & They Made Sure To Put A Counter There To Claim Piracy Simply By U Looking
Before The Gas Pump Had An LCD This LCD Cassette Existed They Could Have Been Paid For Every Rental On The Planet Since 1982 And Refused
                              This Cassette was U.S.Patent 4,475,222 The Patent A Victim Of Interference A Cash Settlement Is Still Due

 The Tamper Proof Label On Every Cassette Was Granted Claim 8 Working The Opposite Way Do Not Tear It Created Home Video And That Was`Stolen
                                       Ask About The Book And Film Rights For This Story
                      "No Country Can Stand On Legs Of Crooked Math"
  As An American You're Obligated To Report This To The FBI Piracy Department
                                Good Luck They Don't Even Have One
           This Patent Is The Monopoly To Own The Entertainment Industry
        The Reason Being Producers Supply Programming Free Until Rented
           For Sale Is This $4.8 Trillion A Year Business 
   Perpetual By Design The Money Never Stops Coming In
                                                       Again It's The Re-Invention Of Retail Media Rentals And Sales                       
      This Is My Math And Now Everything Else Is Wrong!
         Shown Is A Media Rental Regulator & Forever It's Connected To Every Person On The Planet
          This Computer Calculates, Regulates & Uses The Internet To Transfer Third Party Payments
                         Company, Title, Copy Number   Liquid Crystal Bar Code & Rental Count
             All Regulators Of Man Are The Law, This One Stops Rental Piracy
Clocks Scales Rulers Gas Pumps & Meters Are The Law Of Weights & Measures
 Picture A World Without A Clock Or Meter To Measure Usage Time & Quantity
    Refused For 50 Years What Could Be Better Than Getting Paid Every Time?
Hence Fraudulent Piracy Claims Are The World's Largest White Collar Crime(source BSA)
                Openly Proclaimed Fraud Our Government Clearly States, "Piracy Is Bogus"  http://t.co/TXOvmWP6
   U Try It 4 Free 4 1 2 3 Months & Then It's Claimed As Piracy Movie Pass, Rental Codes Even Rentals It Isn't Free!
You've Paid For It In Your Income Tax!
       For Each Rental Or Give Away They Claim A $20 Lost Sale Of A DVD
                                                   That's Why The Government Must Step In
                 This Is A Tax Machine And For Thirty Years They Have Their Thumbs On The Scale
                                      It's Pricisely Why The Law Of Weights And Measures Exists
    At This Point It Should Be Clear To Everyone The Lack Of Regulation Has Taken This Country Down
         Actually Piracy Is Their Business Not Our Crime
It's Based On The Warning Before The Film Do Not Exhibit
  They Don't Say Don't Watch It They Say Don't Exhibit Meaning Don't Show Your Family Even Though You Bought It
 Imagine If Everyone Tries It Free For 3  Months That's 25% Of The Years Business, So What's Really Going On Here?  
   Is Hollywood Giving Films Away To Everyone For Free
                 Is This America And Is Anything Free?               
  Doesn't This Behavior Put The TV Networks In Jeopardy
A $2 Bil Election Can You Name The 4 Other People That Ran
   Aren't "We The People" Or Has The Media Taken Over?
 Can There Be A Future For The World
       A Black Hole The Internet Has Sucked Up America's Retail Business
  That's Exactly What's Wrong With The Global Economy Diminished Retail
 50,000 Record/Video Stores Became Free DVD Boxes Or Internet Give Aways
    Each Time You See A Disc Rented Or Given You're The One Paying For It
 How Can They Explain Making Money With No Retail Outlets Or Employees?
The Tons Of Cds VHSs DVDs & Accessories Delivered Each Week Are No More
 Gone, Trucks, Drivers, Gas, Repairs. All Math Is Connected Hurting Everyone!
Smart Phones Annihilated Digital & Video Cameras GPSs Big Screens Laptops
Portable TV & DVD Players, Home Theaters, Software, Hard Drives Everything!
 A 32" LCD Costs $179, But A Smart Phone Is $700 + $2,000 A Year To Use It?
 How Can A Store Compete With "I'll Pay You The Price My Phone Scanned"
 Discs Are Vanishing Record & Book Stores Are Gone, What Happens Next?
They're Painted Into A Corner The Writing Is On The Wall & It's Over America
Now They're Claiming You're Stealing Their Apps "You Wouldn't Steal A Car"
The Re-Invention Of Home Media Distribution Is The Only Answer Remaining 
    Now A Quantum Leap Is A Regulator That Returns Retail Via The Internet
So Let Me Take You Back To The Future
  Because I've Balanced Global Trade On A Beam Of Light
                                                                                          The Only Person Ever
                  Invented Using Applied Mathematics, Patented Because It's Unique To The Internet

  awelcomewelcome.gif image by apoe2    TO  HOME RUN Earth-20.gif image by apoe2The GLOBAL Media NETWORK   

                                         This Ticket Machine Tracks Rentals & Then Instantly Pays 4 Usage, Sales & Internet Taxes MVC-119F.jpg image by apoe2                                                                

    Internet Taxes Fund The Postal Service, Social Security, Medicare & The V.A.

 Universities, Rent And Educate With InterActive Discs

       Teach Better Than Ever @ A Price They Can Afford 
                    Register Students On The Computer & Then Mids And Finals Are Taken At The School


             WAKE UP!
  thnewtonappletreehgclrxi9.gifBecause You're Looking @  $1.6 TRILLION A YEAR    
            Naturally The Ancillary Market Triples That
                                                              YOU CAN RENT OUR FILMS AROUND THE WORLD AND RENT FOREIGN FILMS HERE
                     Home      Run                     
             THE              amultimedia.gif              CYBER               TICKET    
Customers Will Enjoy Unlimited Use While Seated In The Deck Plus It Earns Billions In Pay Per View Ads 
      If You Can't Police Rentals, Copyrights Are Worthless          
 Home Run Changes That Tune                
  Because Now!        
All Software Earns $BOX OFFICE$ @ The HOME THEATER
homean2.gif image by apoe2                                                                                                                                                       admitoneTicket.jpgadmitoneTicket.jpg
RUN Keeps Tabs On Rentals With The Counting Cartridge That's The Ticket!
               This Vending Machine Has A Bar Label And A Usage Counter
  Scanning Transfers satellites-06.gif image by apoe2 Earnings  To Your Bank
   Rentals Are Tamed By Linking You To Every Cartridgeachainlink2.gif image by apoe2acd.gif image by apoe2
                                   A Store Placement Fee Is Used To Cover All Costs And Copyrights Are Secure
 Cartridges Made With Chips Fit Smart Phones, Pads, E-Readers, Etc. All Cartridges Are Available For Rental Or Purchase
Sales Take Place By "AutoPayLoad" Scan A Code To Transfer Blanks Into Records. All Titles Are In Stock With No Stock
    A 2nd Rental Caused By Lending The Program To A Neighbor Adds 50% To The Overnight Charge + Ads Pay Twice
      The Method Is The Store Is Paid Once Even Though The Program Was Rented Twice That Night Is How It Works
      Basically It's The Same As Downloads Cable Phone Or Pump
      Everyone Is Your Customer, But Gone Are The Monthly Fees  
Factually Renting Is About To Begin movieticketmove.gif image by apoe2Ticket Please"   
       Eventually 1st Run Features  acop.gif      cameras-03.gif image by apoe2 
                  WITH THE BUILT IN OVERNIGHT TIMER YOU CAN RENT 1st RUN FILMS RIGHT FROM THE MOVIE THEATER.  ONE aaaadisc2.gif image by apoe2 OR TWO aaaadisc2.gif image by apoe2 aaaadisc2.gif image by apoe2 AT A TIME.        
Online Or Box Try It afree_3.gif image by apoe2Is Piracy & You Guess How Many Watched
    Remember We Pay For The Piracy Even If They Claimed It Happened In Another Country
 Once They Claimed 70% Here And 40% From Canada The Total 110% Its The Truth Look It Up     
                                   peoples_332.gif image by apoe2 "THANKS MATEY"   AAYpirate.gif image by apoe2             
Angry! Admiral Author Copyright Says"You Stinker!"SAYS THE PIRATE "Hey Chump I'll Pay When You Use Home Run"               
    Forget The Past                                                                                                                           Bright Idea                                                                                      
  Home Run Is A New Game With anewbulb.gif image by apoe2 Rules Your Rules  atv.gif image by apoe2
                                   Rent   aMusic_2-1.gif image by apoe2   Or Games agame.gif image by apoe2  
                   And Get Paid Exactly The Same As With Computer Downloads   
   World Rentals Will Reach Ten  Billion A Week With Films Games Music & Programs  
In China One Billion Viewed The Olympics Each Day, Three Times The U.S. Population
THINK OF aeurope-1.gif   ATAJ-1.jpg   adragon.gif image by apoe2arussia.gif image by apoe2  aabduct.gif image by apoe2
                                                                    INDIA                                     CHINA     AND DON'T FORGET  MARS!
                                              Connecting Is A Cinch 
 Pictured Is An Example Of A Player That Works By USB or HDMI     
 Heck, Everyone  Needs   A New Deck, Pad Or Phone, Brilliant!   
My Tamper proof Label Launched Video, Kept It Afloat And Saved An Entire Industry
 See History The Actual First Label In The Photo, It brought You Home Entertainment
      Learn Who Really Invented Pay Per View Advertising In The 1989 Magazine Ad 
I Sold $5 Bil Worth In One Day In 1986 & Said Studios Use The Cassette Free, No Deal
Got Caught Holding The Bag? Try A Pad, Dumb Phone & Playing Idiot Video Games
Nobody Beats The Clock. Your Stand Isn't Against Me, It's Against The Math Of Time!
 I Didn't Have To Do This, I Had To Do This Even Though My Country Let Me Down
       A Medic I Took Care Of Lewis Puller Jr. Semper Fi Bless Lewis And Chesty
                                                       theagle-16.gif image by apoe2                                             
                  This Is U.S.Patent 7,962,383 It Updates The Prior Art
                                                          4,475,222 And 4,553,252  
            Explain How The Counter Works By Automatically Paying From Any Location
                Fascinated Faces Say It All           "Home Run Sells Itself."
          REMEMBER SELL THROUGH              ahomerun.gif image by apoe2           STILL EXISTS
                             BECAUSE HOME RUN PROMOTES THE SALE
                                                    ablinkingman.gif image by apoe2
                                                         Blah Blah Blah
   1. Global Control Of Media Rentals By Using Player & Cartridge.   
   2. Low Cost Distribution By Marketing Films For Free.
   3. Regulating Makes It Illegal To Rent Without A Cartridge.
   4. Ads Earn One Dollar Per Rental Based On 4 Per Program.
   5. As Partners Rental Outlets Will Sprout. 
   6. A Cost Per Usage Establishes A Real Copyright Value. 
   7. Your Bid Is Applied To The Final Deal Agreement.
   8. The Legwork Is Completed And Films & Ads Are Available.
   9. Receive Payment For Every Air Flight Viewing.
          a. Protect Your Film Until The Release.
          b. Programs Are Guarded Because Of A Usage Charge.
          c. Flight Ads Are Priced Higher.
          d. Eliminates Airport Theft Piracy.
          e. Airline Cartridges Won't Fit Home Decks.
  10. Prints Manufactures Coupons @ Return.
  11. Everyone Needs A New Machine To Rent The New Format.
  12. Several Million Jobs Are Created Globally.
  13. Instant Global Wire Transfer Payment For Copyright Usage.
  14. Rent Either Discs, Chips, Or Drives.
  15. Regulated Like A Clock Or Scale It's Math An Exact Science.
  16. Creates The Opportunity For The Mass Reproduction Of All Media.
  17. Offers The Opportunity For A College Education To All.
  18. Safety Features Prevent Accidental Counts At Home.
         1.Safely Move A Cartridge From One Deck To Another.
          a.If Wrongly Inserted Simply Change It.
  19. Single Decks 1st Followed By Dual Format & Portables.
  20. Sounding The Rebirth Of Surround Home Theater By Launching 3D.
  21. Program Purchases By Auto-Pay-Load Scan Codes For The Download.
  22. Duty Streaming Direct Deposits To The IRS For Internet Taxes.
  23. Duty Streaming State Sales Tax Payments By The Return Scan.
  24. Seated In The Deck Patrons Enjoy Unlimited Overnight Usage.
  25. Receive Instant Payment For Pay Per View Ads.
  26. This Patent Has Been Granted By The U.S.Patent Dept.
    Home Run Is The Only Way To Introduce A New Format In This Ailing Economy     
 astock.gif image by apoe2                         Auctioned                         auctionman.gif image by apoe2
 Is The Chance To Negotiate For This Patent, Not The Purchase  
 Offered Is A Global Opportunity For A Fortune 500  Company        
  adounutkick-1.gif image by apoe2     satellites-05.gif image by apoe2                moondance.gif image by apoe2      thLionhunt.gif
  Ask Questions It's The Final Frontier PROTOTYPES WERE MADE FROM AN EXISTING FORMAT               
          This Patent Is The Property of Harris H Egendorf "END OF THE ROAD" IS A FILM BY WILLIAM SELESNICK
      A Special Thanks To Little Shirlie Egendorf For Her Dedication And Emotional Support Of My Intellectual Work
                                                          I Have Made Sure Your Words Are Not Lost, Thank You
                                             Piracy Is A Con.....Conspiracy.....Cons-Piracy

I see the genius in the design of your product and the ideals it promotes. Although I have to say the only flaw I see is the people who have become reliant on the taxes collected for their piracy claims. It was interesting to see how all the pieces came together in the complexity of a scheme made by wolves who cry wolf. I think this is utterly the downfall engineered by those who benefit by these safeguards not being in place to keep an industry honest. Greed has to be one of the most manipulative attributes that can be part of ones character. I guess it all stems from greed in the end. I truly can appreciate your cause for trying to remedy a system that has become financially cancerous to the people who don't even know it's process. Thank you for your attempt to make visible that process so we might understand our part in it.




Four years and you are the only person to respond. Is it them or us? They would have sued except they're caught with their hands in the till. That's the problem here. Everyone knows once a regulator appears it must be used or mathematical collapse follows. Remove the clock circuit and even the phones and computers won't work. If they don't stop stealing we fall, If they do stop they fall. It's math and all connected. No one knew about this tax evasion scam until I was able to clearly point it out. Suddenly,  because of the regulator, the loss appears all at once. The math is on the table and now everything else is wrong. They put me out of business refusing to get paid and why wouldn't they want to get paid each time a film was rented was the question. Until the government or our government steps in, we're lost. And since they haven't done so for 30 years we must honestly ask ourselves, does America still exist? There is nothing more that I can do on my own. I've climbed the mountain twice, the World on my back getting beat up all the way every day by every wise guy jerk. Lawyers would laugh and say, next time spill a cup of coffee, now that's a good case. The choice is up to you. Sink or swim. Thank you again.



Dear Mr. Harris H Egendorf, I just read your information on your patent. You Sir are a genius! Your invention could save the economy. More so it may be the birth of what is to come and that's a cashless society. In the future there will be no cash. Only and simply electronic credits and barcodes.Banks will be nonexistent as a computer only needs to save the numbers. When there is a purchase the item price will be deducted from the customers account. The item will have a code which registeres to the new owner of the item. Thus stealing will become impossible because of tracking of ownership. Then people will begin using scanners of their thumb print or finger to identify the purchaser. Thieves figure past it to duplicate the imprint pattern so will we use the eye to scan and purchase things. Taxes will be collected automatically from scanned item. You are on to something huge! Expand your patent! Think it!




Thanks Jim, For sure you've hit the nail on the head. You're bright a real thinker a Chess player and I am happy I've gained your respect. Obviously I'm hacked and this is the only place you'll be able to see my work. Have your friends pass it on, thanks, Harris


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