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Details about  160 Acre Mining Claim Mohave County Arizona Gold Silver Platinum Mine Area NW AZ

160 Acre Mining Claim Mohave County Arizona Gold Silver Platinum Mine Area NW AZ See original listing
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Aug 20, 2012 05:09:13 PDT
US $1,400.00
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San Clemente, California, United States


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Item specifics

Seller State of Residence:



Mining Claim




Mineral Extraction Only


Kingman / Dolan Springs


No Reserve !!

$1.00 Starting Bid

(And our guarantee that we will not cancel this auction early for a cash offer outside of eBay, as this Mining Claim is not listed for sale anywhere else - you have our word on that!)

Own your Own Mining Claim!!


160 Acre Placer Mining Claim on Federal Land in the Black Mountain / Weaver / Mockingbird Gold District of Mohave County Arizona

Welcome to the "YELLOW ASTER" Mining Claim!



Note that there are numerous prospects & outcroppings / strata visible on this property!

Historic/Proven Mining Area!




"Why only own a 20 acre claim somewhere else when you can own a 160 acres claim here!! That's 8 times the amount of gold potential."


Come to Hike, Camp or Shoot - or come to pull some colored rock$ out of the ground;-)



All of the below pictures were taken by my wife and I on a recent visit to this property. I tried to show you every direction from all four corners of this 160 acre parcel as well as what is in between!!

Again - all Pictures were taken by me personally on the actual claim for sale. No stock photographs were used

OVER 75 High Resolution Photo's below...

Depending on your internet connection, it could take a couple of minutes for all of the pictures to load.



A lot of people ask me why we prefer Placer Claims over Lode Claims - and there are a few really good reasons;


First, the strongest reason is that you can control an area eight times larger with a Placer Claim than a Lode Claim (160 acres compared to 20 acres) -that means you have 8 times more area to discover gold or to play on. Additionally, a Placer Claim will allow you to prospect on your entire claim to see if there are any lodes worth developing – with a Lode Claim, you are restricted to a small sub-surface area, which in most cases has already be worked over.


But, more importantly, mining laws are so antiquated that there have been so many disputes over the years and Placer Claims have historically provided more security than a Lode Claim. When cases do go to court for civil litigation, often the only information actionable in this day and age is recent legal precedence. My own law firm, which specializes in mining law, has to constantly follow case law on almost a monthly basis, as new cases are always changing the landscape of the mining industry.


Together we have done thousands of hours of research on mining law and claim practices in general, and the evidence is clear that a Placer Claim will protect the owner far better than a Lode Claim owner. As a perfect example, the General Mining Act of 1872 originally granted extra lateral rights to owners of lode claims, which gave the owners of the subsurface outcrop of a vein, even when it penetrated the surface, the right to follow and mine the vein wherever it led, even if its subsurface extension continued beneath other mining claims. This provision, also known as the law of the apex, obviously led to a LOT of lengthy litigation.


Today there are enough rulings against it to sufficiently show that a lode claim placed in an area that has a prior active/valid surface claim sufficiently violates the surface claim as defined by current law due to the fact that in order to discover a sub-surface claim, de facto prospecting on the surface would have had to have taken place, which obviously and correctly has construed by the courts as a direct violation of the placer claim. That’s why I always make sure that when I file a Placer Claim, there are not any prior Lode Claims in the area. Someone could try and come in after you and place a Lode Claim on your Placer Claim, but the records will always indicate that you were there first, so they have no hope of prevailing in a dispute.


Lastly, it is important to note that there are several recent findings where the courts declared that in cases of abandonment of past lode claims for periods of as short as six months, all already uncovered mine surfaces of a previously abandoned adit or shaft can be considered a legitimate part and parcel of any surface claim as long as further digging is not performed without the protection of a new lode claim. So even if you enter a mine that is 100 feet deep and pull rock from the face or walls, that is considered a surface and covered by your Placer Claim. 

So bottom line, if you plan on working the surface by panning, or even doing an open pit mine, you are covered 100% with a Placer Claim. You can even legally pull rock for testing out of an existing lode or mine. Then if you decide to exploit a lode or vein under the surface (which you will notice from the below pictures that there are numerous outcrops that warrant exploring on this property), you will be covered down to a depth of between 8 to 10 feet. So rather than spend money filing a claim on every potential lode, you can check them out first and then only if the vein proves profitable, make the decision about possibly investing another $189 into filing a Lode Claim for double protection.


Legal Description of This Claim;


The general course of this claim is north and south and it is situated in the Weaver Mining District, Mohave County, Arizona.  This claim is approximately 2,640 feet in length and 2,640 feet in width and is in the shape of a parallelogram.

This claim runs from the location monument on which this location notice is posted approximately 2,640 feet in a southerly direction to the south end line and 0 feet in a northerly direction to the north end line.  This claim is marked by four monuments, one at each corner of the claim.

The location monument on which this notice is posted is situated within Section 3, Township 25N, Range 21W, Gila Salt River Base and Meridian, Arizona and this claim encompasses portions of the following quarter section (s), Township (s) and Range (s) SW 1/4 of Section 3 and SE 1/4 of Section 4, T25N, R21W, Gila Salt River Base and Meridian Arizona.

The locality of this claim with reference to some natural object or permanent monument and additional information (if any) concerning its locality are as follows: NE corner of this claim is 1,320 feet E from the W 1/4 corner of Section 3, T25N, R21W.

In conformance with the public land survey system, the claim is comprised of the following, all situated within T25N, R21W, G&SRB&M, Yavapai County, Arizona, total acreage: 160 acres more or less: W 1/2 SW 1/4 of Section 3 and E 1/2 SE 1/4 of Section 4, T25N, R21W. 




What Do I get if I Win This Bid?


100% ownership of this entire 160 acre mining claim and the rights to any surface or subsurface minerals found on the property.


There are no additional costs or fees – your winning bid is 100% of the purchase price. Within 2 business days of payment in full, we will overnight you maps, information on mining claims from the BLM, GPS Coordinates, a Quit Claim Deed and a Bill of Sale for this claim so you can visit the claim immediately upon full payment.


The Quit Claim Deed can take up to 30 days to be recorded with the Mohave County Recorder’s Office, but is often completed in 10 days or less, and you will received a copy of the recorded deed in the mail direct as soon as it is returned by the Recorder’s Office.


Just to repeat this so there is no confusion - if you win this auction when it closes by having the highest bid, no matter how low the final bid is is since there is no reserve on this auction, you will own this entire claim. This is NOT a auction for the down payment, this is NOT a partnership arrangement where someone else will own part of the claim with you, and there are NO fee or costs for the transfer of this claim into your name.


Your payment of the auction price gives you 100% ownership of this entire claim, all fees and other costs included.





The Black Mountain/Oatman Mining District


The Black Mountains of northwest Arizona are an extensive, mostly linear, north-south 75-mile (121 km) long mountain range. It forms the north-south border of southwest Mohave County as it borders the eastern shore of the south-flowing Colorado River from Hoover Dam.


The northwest and parts of the west of the range are located in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Three wilderness areas are in the range, and the historic mining site of Oatman, Arizona is nestled in the range's south between the Mount Nutt and Warm Springs Wildernesses.


The mountain range is generally 10-15 mi wide, narrower in the north, and west of the Detrital Valley northeast. The southern end of the range with the two wilderness areas is a larger block and the Warm Springs Wilderness is made of a mountain section called Black Mesa (western Arizona), separated from the north section by Sitgreaves Pass, on the route to Oatman, AZ.


The high point of the range is Mount Perkins at 5,456 feet (1,663 m),[1] located west of the water divide of the Detrital Valley northeast, and the Sacramento Valley (Arizona) southeast. The Cerbat Mountains border eastwards. Mount Perkins, in the center-north of the range, is located at 35.56999°N 114.50858°W.


The elevation in the area of this claim ranges from 3,300 to 3,750 feet, and temperatures ranged from a high of 70 degrees (F) to a low of 40 degrees in the winter. The average temperatures in the summer will range from 90 degrees during the day to a low of 55 degrees at night, but can reach temperatures of 100 degrees or more.







This entire area is relatively easily accessible by dirt road. A 2-wheel drive car can get about a third of the way into this claim off of route 93 South, but I would recommend a good high clearance 4-wheel drive or even quads to drive right onto the claim.


The area is full of dirt roads, so a good map and a good GPS unit is a must, but we'll show you exactly where it is, so finding it will not be a problem.


I advise caution whenever driving or hiking on this claim – the entire valley is dotted with abandoned mines – some of them easy to see from a distance, and some of them impossible to see until you are right on top of them. I would estimate that only 10% of them are roped or fenced off – the rest are wide open and you should be extremely careful if entering them.


A couple of spare tires or an air compressor and patch kit or even a couple of cans of tire sealant is strongly recommended for obvious reasons! Also, be sure to bring in whatever water you may need, as there are almost no water sources in the area 10 months out of the year. 





Information on Mining Claims in General;


A mining claim gives the holder the right to mine on mineral-rich land that belongs to the federal government.


A Mining claim is a tangible asset and shows proof of all interests in minerals in the area. It can be bought, sold or used as collateral, just like real estate. A mining claim can be sold, traded, leased, gifted, willed or transferred in part or in its entirety just like any other real property using a quitclaim deed which is a recordable conveyance.


What are you purchasing with this auction?


This auction is for full/all interest in this 160 acre placer mining claim. This claim covers the entire site, 2,640 ft. by 2,640 ft. and includes full rights to all minerals, gems and just about whatever else you may find on the property. The winner of this auction will receive a quit claim deed to the full claim and all associated documentation showing full ownership of the claim.


Maintenance on all BLM mining claims is $140.00, per 20 acre parcel, annually. This must be paid on or before September 1st, every year unless you do more than $100 per year in improvements to the property, in which case you can file for and receive a waiver of the maintenance fee.


NOTE: As long as you own fewer that 10 claims nationwide, we can assist you in filing the paperwork to waive the maintenance fee every year. That means you can only plan on paying $10 per year for your maintenance fee.


I do thousands of dollars worth of assessment work, brush clearing and road improvements in this area - all of which I pay out of my comapny's pocket for the benefit of the claims that I own. But since I am considered a commercial mining operation, I can not write that off against the Mantenance Fee myself, since I own more than 10 mining claims in 5 states across the Country.


If you would like, I can have our office staff send you a completed Maintenance Fee Waiver Form for your claim(s) purchased from us, along with original receipts for the actual work performed by my crews (and billed to me) which you can file in lieu of paying the maintenance fee. That is perfectly legal, since much of the work is done on your claim to keep the roads to my claims open - and no charge to you for that service - you just pay the $10 per year to the BLM instead of the full fee you would normally pay!!


And let me just re-state once more the answer to the one question that I get asked the most often; you are bidding for full claim ownership, not just a down payment or a part of this 160 acre claim. Auction end price is the final price for the entire site – there are no phony transfer fees or handling costs of any kind!!






Transfers of Ownership in Mining Claims;


Interest in a properly recorded mining claim or site may be transferred in part or its entirety. A quitclaim deed or recordable conveyance document is needed. Transfer documents should be filed within 60 days after the transfer. There is a charge of $10 per claim, per transfer document. We pay this fee on your behalf for this transfer - not charge you for it. And should you desire to transfer your claim into a different name, it will only cost you $10.


Can you camp on your mining claim?


Yes, as owner of an unpatented mining claim you are allowed to camp on your claim pursuant to the rules of the surface management agency.


In a nutshell, the rules are pretty simple on this; if you are not doing any mining, you are permitted to camp on your claim 14 days every month maximum. However, if you are mining (even by the standards they designate as "recreational" mining - which can mean a day or two a week you get your shovel out and move some dirt), you can camp indefinitely on your property.


You can store whatever equipment you need to support your mining efforts, and you can make infrastructure improvements to your property to help your operation.


Can you build on your claim?


You are allowed to build on a claim with restrictions if the structures are in direct support of mining activities. Contact the surface management agency for details.


Again, this covers everything from building a storage shed to shelter your equipment and tools to building a gate at a mine entrance for security. As long as you are at least doing some recreational mining, you can build on this property if you submit a plan and get a permit.






We do not make any claims with regard to quantities of any minerals on this site, concentrations of any minerals on this site or how much profit can be made mining for minerals. There are too many outrageous or inflated claims out there – mining is hard work and can be dangerous. Please do your research prior to doing any mining so you educate yourself on how to minimize risk. and don't let anyone tell you that you can make thousands of dollars a week without first doing your own analysis of the area and it's potential.


Although past success/history should not be confused with a guarantee of future success, it can at least show that an area is still economically viable as a mining area, so again - feel free to do your own research and even an onsite survey/Assay if you would like. We'll give you our permission in writing and we'll give you exact coordinates to the location if you e-mail us, as there is no reason to hide the location or scare anyone into thinking that by others having the location they can clean out every last rock on the property in less than a week. The reality is, all claims are on public lands, so access is never denied, even by the Government!


We cannot provide legal advice; however feel free to ask any and all questions, as we can point you in the right direction for quick answers if we can't answer them for you ourselves.

This auction is not for any natural cave formations of any sort or ownership of a cave or any sort of cave related items. This auction is for a mining claim which provides for the control of any locatable minerals on the mining claim described above.


This Auction does not constitute any sale of stocks or other security interests that represent a current investment ownership interest in an entity or entities.




Bid with CONFIDENCE - we are a very reputable eBay seller, with a 100% POSITIVE feedback rating, eBay I.D. Verified AND PayPal Verified with over 18,000 payments received, and not a single PayPal complaint or dispute




We'll take care of all of the paperwork and arrangements so you can enjoy your claim immediately after payment AND we keep you informed through the entire process with confirmations when payment is received, when your paperwork has been overnighted to you with UPS and we'll make sure you have the tracking number the day it ships. 



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PAYMENT:  Payment by PayPal (preferred and PayPal eChecks just as welcome!), Money Order, Cashier's Check, Personal Check (allow 5 to 7+ business days to clear), American Express, Visa, Master Card & Discover Card (credit cards through PayPal even if you don't have an account with them - it is easy and safe.


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