vintage world war military posters for the frugal buyer

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vintage world war military posters for the frugal buyer
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want world war military posters but cant find or cant afford the original? reproductions are an affordable alternative but there are some things you need to know before buying.

first and foremost, be sure to read every item's description. finding an original vintage item can be a daunting experience. if youre looking for an original, be careful and ask your seller questions. ask for more pictures or a certificate of authenticity (if there is one for the particular item). its your money! originals can be expensive - so dont be fooled and dont be afraid to ask as many questions as you need. it's what your seller is there for! be very wary of sellers who do not include this information in their listing or who do not promptly answer these very important questions or avoid them completely.

many original posters can be very hard to find. and if youre lucky enough to find the one you want, it can cost a bundle. if you cant find the original at the price you want to pay, reproductions can be an affordable alternative. BUT NOT ALL REPROS ARE THE SAME!

We at Art's Not Dead have spent years bringing vintage military and political items back to life. Finding and nurturing the originals to create reproductions of the highest quality. You cannot tell the difference between an original and one of our reproductions (except that our repros are of higher quality, on better paper, and meant to last a lifetime!) Most originals were never meant to be collectors items. Most were not even expected to last through the war!

Art's Not Dead presents an affordable alternative to militaria buffs who know quality and value.

WW1 Military Poster WW2 German Military Poster WW2 German Military Poster
WW2 USA Military Poster Spanish Civil War Poster Russian WW2 Poster

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