Unexpected Ways to Display Succulents!

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Succulents are beautiful and easy to take care of. Instead of putting succulents in a pot, consider these ways to display succulents in YOUR home! 


Display succulents in unexpected containers like these patterned bowls.

I planted succulents in brightly colored bowls with pretty patterns. Displayed together they make a pleasing display on a mantel, as a centerpiece or on a window ledge or shelf. When planting succulents in containers that can't drain, be sure to add gravel to the bottom to provide airation.


Plant a succulent in a toothbrush holder

Repurpose an item and use it as a planter. I took this inexpensive toothbrush holder and a planted succulents in it. I keep it in one of my bathrooms to add a natural element to the room. Since it doesn't require much light and water it is a low maintenance plant in a bathroom as long is there is a window for sunlight.


Mason Jar Succulents

Plant succulents in mason jars. Use marbles or decorative rocks on the bottom for drainage.


Put a potted succulent inside a birdhouse

I found a glass birdhouse and loved it. I knew I wanted to display succulents inside. The pop of color really shines in this glass birdhouse.


Show off your succulents by displaying them at different heights.

I used different candlestick holders and put potted succulents on top of them to display them at different heights on my coffee table.


Make a succulent garden

I found these wire plant stands and decided to make a succulent garden. I potted different size succulents in various white pots and put them all inside these wire plant stands.


Display succulents on a cutting board

I have a fun collection of cutting boards. I put one on my coffee table and then displayed succulents on the board. I love the contrast of the white coffee table with the cutting board and succulents.


Make a DIY wood succulent planter

In my little cottage I had a beautiful island. I made a DIY wood succulent planter to go in the middle of it. I painted it a bright fuscia color to contrast with the white kitchen. You can make a wood planter in any size for your home.


Make a grouping of DIY wood succulent planters

If you want to make a statement make three DIY wood succulent planters. You can paint them any color. I stenciled these for summer.


Display succulents on a stepstool

Displaying your succulents all in one place can make a statement. I loved displaying mine on a stepstool at my cottage.


Show off your succulent on a stand

Displaying one succulent alone can be very striking. Display it on something you love like a vintage cake stand.


Hang your succulents on the wall

Succulents are beautiful hung up too. I found some modern white hanging planters and I love displaying my succulents on our covered outdoor porch.


Make a succulent wreath

These succulents are not alive, they are fake. But they still look adorable. You can make a wreath with succulents like this one or you can also make a succulent wreath with real succulents that are planted inside a wire wreath and filled with moss.

There are many more ways to display succulents. Get creative! 

I hope you enjoyed this guide to displaying succulents. I have another guide - 10 Ways to Create a Modern Teen Bedroom which also has a succulent display. Be sure to see those ideas too!!