top 10 things every new mom needs - but never gets

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Here is my list of the top things that every new mommy needs - but for some reason she never gets at a baby shower. Sure there is clothing, and everyone loves shopping for baby clothes, (even my husband is guilty of that for our child) However, babies need more then clothes. Babies need just about everything, so if you are shopping for a useful present -or looking to fill up a  diaper basket then here is the list that every new mom must have. Sure they may not be the gifts that makes everyone at the baby shower coo and awe but they sure are the gifts that the new mom will be thanking you for...later.

10. Diapers -in all sorts of shapes sizes and colors. Not all diapers are made the same, and some children react differently to different diapers. There are some diapers that some children just cannot handle. However, don't always go for the newborn diapers, make sure you have purchased diapers of all sizes. My favorite diaper that I received with my first daughter was a huge bag of size 3 diapers. At first I thought to sister is crazy...and soon I realized she really knew how to plan ahead. Don't forget to add the wipe warmer too!

9nose aspirators , or in my house....snot suckers. Those little things are a dime a dozen and it seem like mom goes through more then that. It is always useful to keep one in the diaper bag, the baby's room, the bathroom, in mom's purse, in the car - wherever you can think to keep one - while they are not the most attractive thing in the world, they sure are handy.

8laundry sock bag - so as theory would have it, the washer or the dryer is bound to eat your socks, however, little baby booties seem to disappear much quicker then any other socks on the planet. Buying mom a laundry sock bag is the one of the best investments you will ever need to make. She may not even notice how wonderful it has made her life until she looses the sock bag.

7.  Bottle Brushes - this is on Mom's must have list. They are defiantly unattractive, but I would love to see any mom get through her day without one.

6Baby mittens - with every newborn comes the problem of finger nails. My two children seem to always get themselves right after I trim their nails. So to prevent little battle wounds on their faces, mittens - every color to match every outfit.

5Receiving blankets - these small seemingly insignificant blankets are so useful. They are perfect for snuggling, blocking the sun while riding in the stroller, throwing down in the backseat of the car for those side of the road emergencies of poopy pants. Covering mom while breast feeding. These things have 100 uses . They are awesome.

4.  Baby blankets - They are now recommending that you put nothing between the baby and the car seat straps including coats. So these wonderful baby blankets will help do the trick to keep baby warm in the cold.

3Cordless phone with room monitor - ahhhh how to make a mom's life simple. Sure the regular baby monitors are nice, but the idea of listening to the neighbors kids isn't as nice. These unique phones have a built in room monitor that allows you to listen the same as a baby monitor without all having to worry that you are actually listening to someone else's house. These wonderfully inexpensive phones are a must have - no longer have to worry about unplugging the monitor base, or all of the other hassles with the baby monitor now it's portable.

2Health kit - These wonderful gifts often come as a package with some of the items mentioned above, however we strongly recommend buying a  baby gum cleaner if your kit does not come with  one.

and our number one pick for the gift mom needs but never gets is...

1. A gift for mom - while the baby may need a lot of things, mom has given up the last few months of her life suffering though mood swings, cravings, swollen feet, cramping, bloating all to be switched into the next few months of sleepless nights, poopy pants, colic, teething, shots and all the fun things that come with having a new baby.
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