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If you read this, please read to the end.

I did have some problems with this seller's off-ebay website, and it seemed to me that the problem I had was one intentionally setup by the seller. They offered a coupon code for a discount, but neither I, my friends, nor their own customer service agent could tell me the right information on how to use that code to get a discount. None of us could find a place to enter the code before verifying the total amount to be billed to the credit card, and once you verify an amount and authorize the sale, that is the price you pay. I wrote them several times, I got identical answers that didn't answer my question, until I put something in the subject line encouraging customer service to actually read my question, try their own website out, then get back to me.

Someone finally did, and politely told me I would see the discount after I approved the total, and that didn't sound right. I suspected it was a ploy - offer the discount, get people to go to their website and see the deals - and they have some good prices - then hope they will not worry about the coupon. It is nothing new - many people put out coupons to get your attention and many buyers forget the coupon, don't use the coupon, but buy anyway. Within 1 day after I posted a negative review, the code was easily found before amount verification and it was definitely not where it was before: I checked it against a screen capture of the two pages. Now they tell me it was all my error because I couldn't find the place to enter the code, it was there all along, and that their customer service person also messed up a little bit by not telling me the right thing. I'll just say if it was on that page, anywhere, several people missed it, including their customer service guy, and it sure seems like it moved to an easier to find place after I wrote a negative review threatening to contact the internet BBB and other watchdog groups and warning people to stay away.

I can't prove whether the code entry point was not in the same place intentionally or whether they inadvertently made a mistake but it wouldn't surprise me for anyone to do something like that, hoping most people would go to the site and order anyway. I almost did. 

Last week someone wrote me asking me to retract my review, and snicely said it was my human error that was the problem, then threw the word slander around. I wrote them back and told them if they had just been a bit nicer and not tried to threaten me (anytime you use the word slander to a lawyer talking about one's business, it is a threat, as slander is a legal cause of action in every state), I would have gladly pulled the whole review, as everything ended well, the coupon code was out there now, and my deals went well. I am changing how I wrote this the first time but leaving the review up and the story about the code entry blank up in hopes that, if this was an intentional thing, this review will keep them honest and they'll not pull the place to enter the coupon code.

***IMPORTANT: All that said, I have to say, that, in the end, EVERY ebay deal I finished with them went very, very well. I always got what I paid for, I always got it quickly, and I never had any trouble. Had I not tried to use that coupon they sent me after an e-bay deal on their direct site, I wouldn't have seen anything fishy other than low prices that make you wonder how they do it. This is not high end equipment and you shouldn't expect it to be. But they take their ebay reputation seriously and handle their auctions well. I did a bunch of business with them, buying multiple speakers, an amp, etc. Each of 4-5 transactions went perfectly. I left them positive feedback.  I absolutely would not hesitate to deal with them on e-bay again. In fact, I'd recommend them. And now I would deal with them on their direct site, too. You may even find you save money doing it that way sometimes, if the bidding goes high on the items you want. 

Just remember - don't let anyone promise you something and then not deliver. In this case, when push came to shove, thedeepdiscount on e-bay and delivered. ***

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