stamp terms for the beginner

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stamp terms for the beginner
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I am back with some terms this time I will start with basic s. What does MNH MLH MH mean? These abbreviations stand mint never hinged,mint light hinged mint hinged.What does this mean you ask,MNH is a stamp that has not been violated ,it is like day it left P.O. post office. MLH is when a stamp has been hinged lightly with very little sign of hinge,MH can be mint with hinge attached,and or show signs of hinge still on stamp.

I am also going to show you examples of MNH,MLH,MH as well as pre-cancel and regular cancel.Pre cancels are used to raise money for charity ect... and regular cancels are P.O. cancelled

Here are pics of the above mentioned terms,top row MH toMLH ,middle row are MNH and bottem show pre cancel as well as P.O. cancel

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