slabs of FAKE TRADE DOLLARS from china

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slabs of FAKE TRADE DOLLARS from china
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chinese crooks have a new way to sell their counterfeit trade dollars: FAKE SLABS! look out for so-called certified coins from china that have a meaningless bar code, and no attribution. the counterfeit trade dollars, other US silver dollars, and foreign crowns have IDENTICAL false patinas, and are in meaningless stabs. a typical illegal listing would be entitled “1876 S silver trade dollar *0101006-013” and have an opening bid of 24.99. also- "User ID kept private." and a few gullible souls have been bidding on this junk. also on the subject of so called certified coins- avoid GALLERY GRADING COMPANY “slabbed” coins. the primary seller of this material also slabbed the coins himself! when he first started doing it he wasn’t very clever and you could tell from his feedback that he was getting the holders off ebay, and buying rolls of BU coins to put into them. dude’s a power seller now! his auctions are also "User ID kept private." so some of the crooks are from china, and some are from southern illinois!
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