selling gift cards safely

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If you've ever thought about selling gift cards on ebay, you've probably seen how much they normally sell for at auction and as a result, you probably know that it's very possible to turn a profit selling gift cards on ebay even if you bought them for face value.  However, if you don't know what you're doing, it can also be a very risky business with con artists floating around pretending to sell you gift cards just to con you out of your money regardless if you plan on using the gift card or reselling it. This guide is an overview of how to sell gift cards safely, not just how to buy them safely even though buying them safely is a key component in selling them safely.

When buying giftcards for resale, always know where your gift cards are coming from.  Never buy them online if you're going to resell them except from the issuing merchant.  Personally, my favorite source for gift cards to resell is my local grocery store and the coinstar machine at my local grocery store.

This brings me the second key ingredient in selling gift cards safely.  Always state clearly where you got the gift card from and any other necessary details about the gift card.  Don't leave anything out even if it seems obvious.

The third ingredient is to sell yourself.  Simply put, always inform the customer thought the item description, of your common customer service protocols in the event that the transaction goes sour and clearly state the things you will do to prevent that situation from happening as well as things you will do in the event that it does happen to mitigate the situation and that brings me to the fourth key ingredient.

Whatever you say your going to do in the item description, do it.  No ands ifs or buts, just do it.  Offer to provide the best customer service you reasonably can even if you have to push yourself to offer that quality of service, but no matter what, if you say you're going to do something in a certain situation and you're in that situation, do it.  Don't ask, don't stammer, don't hesitate.  Just do it.
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